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What does the cause that causes difference of woman skin qualitative change have? What bad habit can bring about consenescence to quicken?

Duplicate the reason that becomes poor and a lot of, many life have in work not the habits and customs of billow is in, this meeting brings about skin skin to appear character very big question, because this needs to restore through recuperation of a few methods, so what does the cause that causes difference of woman skin qualitative change have? What bad habit can bring about consenescence to quicken? The cause that causes difference of woman skin qualitative change has a lot of, these bad habits understand in detail below.

What does the cause that causes difference of woman skin qualitative change have? What bad habit can bring about consenescence to quicken? (1)

1, the reason with skin poor qualitative change

1, drink water not actively

Water does the wife, how is a woman that lacks water likely Where is fresh and juicy? The body is short of water body systematic circulation not free, nurture is carried character and skin cell metabolization is met suffocate suffocate, the skin sends Huang Fagan is explicit expression only just.

2, maize food has orange color too much

The orange yellow food such as orange, pumpkin, carrot, mango contains a lot ofcarotene, if eat,get excessive, short-term perhaps inside absorb too much, liver cannot be decomposed completely, chroma of the carotene in bringing about blood is exorbitant, in skin cutin with respect to meeting deposit the layer is mixed mucous membrane place, cause skin hair to fizzle out thereby. Nevertheless, this kind fizzles out won't bring dim sense, also do not affect cutaneous character.

3, reject to eat the flesh especially red meat

Have not only in the flesh adipose, still have the egg white that we need, there still is rich iron in red meat, do not eat the flesh for a long time not to pay attention to collocation of other alimental nutrition again, cause anemia of the sex that be short of iron very easily, inanition won't have good color of course.

4, reject grease

To reduce weight, wish every draft boils green vegetables, this is the error reducing weight of a lot of people. Actually, one of main source that our body props up grease, they are maintaining normal metabolization of the cell, was short of the inanition of their skin cell, trash also goes out not to go, yellow face mother-in-law was formed so.

5, devoid motion

Sports need not say more to the advantage of the body, also be wonderful to the skin, always be red on the feminine face that just takes exercise attack those who attack, even if be slight only,take exercise, attractive pink also can appear on the face, because haemal circulation was promoted in athletic process, facial cutaneous blood capillary also can get sufficient alimentary, won't become naturally yellow.

6, discharge makeup not complete

A lot of women go out to be changed everyday very thick makeup, and maintain for a long time, the skin cannot get carefree breath, harm to the skin so very big. Or else uses discharge makeup oil to be cleaned carefully, wash ungodliness at all, very easy pore jams.

7, excessive nurse

Beauty parlour always gives a person a kind of illusion: Skin position is exceptionally good when just finishing. Can be take out essentially cutaneous cutin layer, plus massage, a series of programs such as film of evaporate face, face, take off cutaneous covering layer, the skin exposes li of layer often come out, as good as at kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, consequence is the skin on the face does thinner more, do yellower more.

8, prandial fine peace keeping refuses oxidation class status too little

Prandial fiber is too little in food, alvine path is connected with respect to not easy free, all sorts of harmful material eliminate ability to drop. Refuse oxidation class status too little, hepatic and alexipharmic function is affected, haemal circulation ability drops, also can affect cutaneous health.

2, the habit that quickens consenescence

1, smoke drink

Nicotine has contractive effect to skin blood-vessel, occurrence furrow of skin of the person that smoke so should compare the person that do not smoke to come 10 years ahead of schedule, so, if you are a nicotian, look to be the same as age person consenescence 10 years old with respect to meeting comparing. And amount of the grease in drinking bender to reduce the skin, make skin dehydrate, it is normal to affect cutaneous secondhand function.

2, stay up late

Staying up late is the archenemy of skin health care, morpheus is insufficient, can make all sorts of adjustment of skin cell the activity is wrong, affect the vigor of cuticular cell. Should sleep at least everyday so 8 hours, if under this level, can want reappraisal of healthy to oneself index. Whether enough meeting behaves Morpheus easily to go up in the skin, especially delicate eye ministry skin. And sweet good become aware, can eliminate cutaneous exhaustion, make the adjustment of skin cell it is normal that the activity is in, defer cutaneous ageing.

3, do not prevent bask in

The ultraviolet harm that absorbs excessive is great, make gently the skin blackens coarsen, can cause skin cancer again, and it also is one of culprits of ageing of skin in advance of course. The stretch fiber of depth of skin of because sunshine is point-blank can immediate loss and collagen albumen, cause facial skin to become flabby lacklustre, occurrence furrow. So, want nurturance to use high grade prevent bask in tasted good convention.

4, countenance too exaggerative

Although we often say " laugh 10 junior " , but often eye of narrow one's eyes, frown, guffaw, twitch one's mouth, these movements and expression can make furrow of facial grow in quantity, so, had better reduce facial movement and expression of beyond the mark exaggerated as far as possible.

3, the method that protects skin daily

, clean face

1, thoroughly wet, this wet be homonymous

Want already its thoroughly drenched, make a product completely wet even bubble, can chafe with the skin directly only otherwise, cannot have clean effect not only, and it is a kind of burden, to the skin.

2, must hit a circle to massage

The skill that remembers cleanness and daub protect skin to taste is apropos and contrary, want to be criterion with falling to extroversion, come out bilge belt, watchful massage time does not want too short, should strengthen in the place such as T area massage.

3, must rinse at high speed with running water

I suggest when to washing a face, rush a little while more to faucet, be helpful for bilge be being taken by pressure, also can massage skin at the same time, but notice water is warm scarcely can be tall, can make skin otherwise ageing.

Protect skin method daily 2, filling water

1, apply makes up water film. Use as far as possible make up the paper film Shi Fu after leach bubble after 3 minutes, the skin instantly molten is sufficient. You can apply for to lock up water elite again, can maintain moist effect.

2, this method comes from face of wet towel apply dermatologist, very wet towel apply face is used directly after washing a face. The hot and dry skin after basking in uses cool towel apply 2 minutes to get off, with respect to the effect that can achieve delay of filling Shi Shu.

3, after breath loosens cleanness, with contain lavender olfactory to heat up towel apply face, do deep breathing a few times, the skin also can be loosened thoroughly come down, smear goes protect wet product to also can be absorbed more easily.

4, water treaty, a lot of people know day of water the advantage of 8 cups of water, plain boiled water is optimal, boiled water and fruit juice had better be drunk less, in addition, a cup of tepid honey water is drunk before sleeping, dry to the skin your meeting is particularly helpful.

The daily method that protect skin 3, beautiful white

1, the report that notes index of daily ultraviolet ray, before offerring preventive measure.

2, before going out 20 minutes, want very careful ground to prevent those who bask in an index to maintain to skin smear contains SPF one layer article.

3, use can resist ultraviolet cosmetic, should notice the ultraviolet descent to skin, because this appropriate is chosen,contain defend powdery bottom of the function or beautiful white product.

4, eat the food that contains vitaminic C more, wait like small cucumber, strawberry, tomato, orange, also perhaps can take vitaminic C additionally, all conduce to by Neimeibai.

Protect skin method daily 4, prevent bask in

1, besides prevent bask in frost, had better use segregation frostlike powder even, because of it not only can isolate effect to arriving since ultraviolet ray, still can keep apart colour makeup, dirty air, protect the skin.

2, every time insolate falls at sunshine, should use in time prevent bask in a product, and hour of every other 2-3 fills put on the skin.

3, when sunshine is intense, had better wear brunet garment unlined upper garment, is not white, white dress reflexes heat only, cannot cut off however ultraviolet ray, and black, gules, purple cotton pledges the dress is right choice.