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Can clean face black let skin dehydrate? Where is the skin after all dirty?

Clean face black is the articles for use of cleanness of a kind of skin that daily life middling sees, black of use clean face is to let our skin be washed some cleaner, some females friend likes to use product of clean face black namely, so, can clean face black let skin dehydrate? Where is the skin after all dirty? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up those who will read an article to solve, learn together.

Can clean face black let skin dehydrate? Where is the skin after all dirty? (1)

1, the common sense of clean face

, clean face black may make skin " dehydration "

Have some of effect that clean face black lubricates to increase, added many grease part, acid-base value still is neuter and even alkalescent, although use hind feel those who slip slippery, actually, restrained cutaneous however natural the active that protects wet factor. These problem may not can be in after cleanness can react come out, but the skin that lets you probably is in dehydration condition.

2, the skin after all where dirty

The MM that a lot of drying skin has such doubt, the skin does not give oil, look clean, after all where is dirty? The bilge on the skin, can divide for 3 kinds of types: Oily dissolve sex, water-solubility, not dissolve sex. The bilge of oily dissolve sex basically includes remains of lotion of skin of leather fat, embellish, prevent water cosmetic; Water-solubility bilge originates secretion of skin of flesh of skin of cosmetic, close water embellish, dissolubility; Not dissolve sex bilge includes dead skin cell, hard water medium certain metal ion is sedimentary etc. The MM that does not love to wash a face in the evening took care, there is so much dirty thing everyday on your face, can you take their pass the night really?

3, the face is washed dry stretch tight feeling, be afraid your cleanness is excessive

The meeting after why be being washed feels to work and stretch tight? Because of the protective screen outside the skin by scour off. Clean skin is tasted meet more or less natural to cutaneous protective screen produces an effect, natural repair time wants to be in one hour or so normally. Very much oily cutaneous person, like the sense of the Gan Shuang after cleanness, think even " stretch tight " compare " oily " good. Little imagine, because,leather fat is not met by stop to secrete after scour off forcibly, because this is many,moisture is met however prediction of a person's luck in a given year, as time passes, the likelihood appears " outside work inside oil " problem.

4, like to wash a face with bubble careful cleanness is not worth

Many people think to want to sprinkle bit of water toward the face only by accident, develop the white fine end that sees so that see, the face calculates be washed clean. Actually, the remains after having cleanness still stays likely very much on the face at this moment, it is to fail to fill minute of epispastic cleanness to taste itself even. Even if the cleanness of a very easy bleb is tasted, also must put in the hand to be kneaded adequately besmear gently again at facial, pat a face 20 times or so with flowing water finally.

2, protect skin to wash facial method

, sensitivity skins

Pledge in all skin in, sensitive skin is to enrol a person to wait for least of all see. Get very easily because of it the stimulation of the outside, stretch tight occurrence burn, closely thereby, the symptom with urticant Sao. So sensitive skin should choose the gentle grandma that wash a face, when washing cannot too forcibly, after be being washed, rinse clean with Wenshui, reused wool towel is pressed gently pressure, absorb the moisture on the skin.

2, do neuter skin

Dry, neuter skin feels to Chang Min of clean things dispute, especially together alkalescent bigger clean things. It is OK that so such skin condition makes be cleaned with the grandma that wash a face everyday, it is OK that the time of the others can wash a face with clear water. If be the word with facial dirtier ministry,also can continue use cleanness of the grandma that wash a face of course, but had better be as far as possible little use cleanness articles for use.

3, oily skin

Oily skin is a lot of people most the skin that be fed up with is qualitative, feel facial bubble is in oil everyday. But oily skin washs facial ten million to cannot pass diligent, otherwise although you wash oil clean, moisture also prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Oily skin should hold the convention of face of clean of morning and evening, if feel fat, still can wash twice. After be being washed, should choose a few relaxed model make up water, maintain cutaneous relaxed.

4, when clean face with Wen Shui

Wash a face to had better use Wen Shui usually, but want under temperature. The dirty other people with so OK and relaxed facial scour off, still can make facial skin is stretched, strengthen the cleanness of skin pore.

5, after clean face with cold water

Pore is stretched is for cleanness, after that is clean if still let pore dehisce, dirty content can enter pore again, cause pollution 2 times. Cold water uses after clean face so, cold water can enhance haemal circulation, promote cutaneous flexibility.