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How does the woman maintain facial ministry skin? Does the woman choose protect skin to taste what should notice?

A lot of females are in at ordinary times protecting make great efforts all the more on skin, because do not have which female,be not to hope oneself can have light bright beautiful outside, protected skin to also become one of issues that myriad female takes seriously most so, so how should the woman maintain has been facial ministry skin just compared? Does the woman choose protect skin to taste need what to thing notice?

How does the woman maintain facial ministry skin? Does the woman choose protect skin to taste what should notice? (1)

1, how does the woman maintain facial ministry skin

Does 1. wash facial: correctly?

Does 2. maintain correctly: ? ?2-25 of Pen of word destroy Gui year old be about to begin to maintain afterwards. . The skin that is too busy normally, do one week maintain can. But after problem skin should be judged through professional beautician, get nursing correctly.

Be sure to keep in mind! There is blain blain not to want mob on the face! Squashy ability is crowded. Appliance should pass disinfection. And cannot squash excessive lest leave sunken hole or scar.

Be worth adolescent men and women, on the face if have blain blain, do not want oneself to squeeze. Had better be the beautician processing that asks major. If not be very serious word,should have done only at ordinary times clean (wash a face) slowly him meeting is improved.

Does the use with correct 3. maintain taste: ? Carry Wu to say? of sneer of ∠ of tan1huan4 of assorted of sodium し San is not all maintain article suit everybody. So correct use maintains tasting is the first requirement that makes the skin beautiful.

(1) . Oily skin: ? Nao of bone of Mei of A Chinese-style unlined garment of moisture in the soil uses weak acidity to make up along? of the  that seek Q water (convergence makes up water) relaxed model. Cannot use oily maintain article increase cutaneous burden.

(: of 2) drying skin? ? of  of Q of disclose of Ze of in case of rice of A Chinese-style unlined garment of moisture in the soil is used alkalescent make up water (softness makes up water) frost of nutrition of recuperation skin reoccupy. Protect Shi Shuang to increase moist.

Is 4. chosen correctly maintain taste: ? Hamper of  of Q of Xin daughter-in-law aing concubine of an emperor bursts? is afraid of  avoids to buy fake to be able to notice when choose below:

(1) . Pack complete.

(Whether does 2) have name of the name of an article, factory, address, norms / capacity, component... . . Wait for designation.

(3) has the sign that prevent bogus like manufacturer. Be about to affirm identical.

(4) checks period of efficacy to whether already passed.

(5) chooses those who suit his to maintain article.

Underlying factor should notice the following:

1. often maintains happy state of mind.

2. does not smoke. Not harbour wine.

The core making system with nonsked 3. is protected.

4. Morpheus wants enough.

3 eat of 5. want to time.

6. food wants balanced.

7. often complements basic provision comes in combine acid. For example: ? ú ? green vegetables. Fruit... . Etc. Because absorb acidity food overmuch, can add haemal acidity, and cause acerbity toxic disease.

: of 8. normal defecate? ? of  of to bring up of excusing mother's brother of eulogy of cereal of Yao of leech  osmund Qian is OK and great absorb fiber to pledge. Be like green vegetables, pachyrhizus, orange... . . Etc.

Does the solution with timely 9. press: ? ? of divide evenly of cane of Ge of You of ⒆ of Suan of  of Jie of zincic million You does silvan bath to absorb fragrance much energy.

10. rises every morning drink 1-2 cup water.

Passing the recuperation of above to believe is to be on the body or skin without giving thought to will more healthy more beautiful!

With respect to what form in one's childhood we call fleck. Congenital genetic factor + acquired melanin precipitates can desalt, cannot dispel.

Fleck and heredity are concerned, plus the daily life when drink, pressure, cause, bring about pigment to deepen, proposal: ? Does  of fall forward of collect of Zou level ground putting in order irrigate  ?

(: of the cure inside 1) ? Know farring away oh? suggests to drink perfume lotus tea.

The vegetable that absorbs vitamin C more usually and fruit for example: ?

The food: of vitamin E? Door lowing ⒛ of  of ㄉ of lowing ⒒ of a short wooden stake of ヂ of ⒅ of treasure of   ú escapes Φ of lowing ⒓ of Wo of Qiao of lowing ⒂ of cadmium of lowing ⒅ ginseng ⒂ of  of earnest of ⒙ of ⒙ Gou Jun scrupulously and respectfully ⑿ ∶ lives ⒋ Zhu lives Shi of ⒑ of Suan of the sliding weight of a steelyard of ⒅ of Suan of Ling of ⒀ of ⑴ H Suan exemplaries

(The cure outside 2) : 1. Wash a face first (use do not contain black, wash grandma without bubble)

2. is massaged with massage frost, quicken cutaneous metabolism. (Make melanin rapid metabolize. The skin of damage undertakes repairing protecting letting new rejuvenesce) when massaging, can use turn the means of a circle.

3. should prevent ultraviolet ray by day.

4. shortbread + pearl powder (a few) + film of face of water make it. Apply makes an appointment with 15-20 on the face cent is abluent.

If the skin is drier,can add a few olive oil.

1-3 can do every day. The 4th 3 days 1 times a month gets effective. (Can apparent desalt)

Feminine skin can show feminine age fully, this is a woman most the place that care, so female people must maintain cutaneous water tender Bai Xi with scientific and reasonable method.

2, the principle that protect skin

(1) maintains skin moist

The simple sense of water embellish is the key that keeps skin health, to 20 years old of males of this age, had done protect wet can let skin basically do not give an issue. This age uses protect wet product not to need to contain too much oily component, frivolous latex or it is Li OK, write down what texture differs so that change according to the change of season and environment to protect skin to taste even additionally, give skin custom-built level defend wet plan.

(2) prevents blain

The sebaceous glands of young skin is very active, simple for give oil very easily namely, once grease jams,be in pore, the bacterium invades corneous perhaps accumulation, that blain blain can be raided in a large-scale. If itself skin gives oil very easily, pore is bulky, that is about to remember doing complete cleanness, can use at the same time a few the component that contains chamfer of salicylic and so on to pledge, wipe skin everyday, improve and prevent blain.

(3) accuses oil

The schoolboy is in accuse oil the ten million on this thing cannot is opposite oneself too firm, necessary grease not only can moist skin, still can maintain the good position that water oil balances. Optimal charges oily means is not the clean face that uses alkali sex the product washs a face often, use however a few contain part accusing oil the latex with for instance pulverous oil absorption, make skin relaxed but not dry.

(4) chamfer is qualitative

Cutin is healthy, skin ability is healthy, if redundant old useless cutin cannot metabolize in time to be able to cause skin dry and coarse, bit still can have when weather is cold. When use chamfer simple product, perhaps can be used to according to oneself be fond of will choose, but had better be to contain acid kind shine the makeup of skin composition water or it is Facial mask, this age avoids to use as far as possible grind arenaceous cream, lest command bad force, allow skin cutin layer by cut.

Loving the United States is feminine nature, the woman can know inherently to want the skin in oneself and facial fluctuation time, so male people also should learn to feminine study, must not let oneself still do not have the old man that old skin declines first into humanness.