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It what precautionary female consenescence eats is good that what precautionary female consenescence eats? What to eat to you can prevent feminine consenescence?

Everybody hope oneself are young and beautiful, youth often is in, person of absolutely big logarithm is to maintaining oneself skin, did a lot of businesses to prevent skin consenescence, actually the organic consenescence of the body also can bring about a person to age, be opposite especially with female friend for, also should have protected ovarian, if ovarian consenescence also can let a person age, below, to everybody introduction a few kinds prevent anile food.

It what precautionary female consenescence eats is good that what precautionary female consenescence eats? (1)

1, the food that prevents female consenescence

1, sweet potato

Dietetics considers to discover, sweet potato of right amount edible can prevent the fat qualitative deposit of cardiovascular system, prevent sclerosis of arterial congee appearance, make hypodermic and adipose decrease, avoid to appear excessive and fat.

2, apple

Research makes clear, one day eats an apple, the dangerous sex that can make coronary heart disease dies drops half, kind of yellow ketone that this is attributed to the place in the apple to contain. Kind yellow ketone is a kind of natural antioxidant, through restraining low density lipoprotein oxidizes and play fights the action of sclerosis of arterial congee appearance. In addition, in the apple pectic also can reduce cholesterol level, because this is helpful for sclerosis of appearance of precautionary artery congee.

3, aubergine

Contain a variety of vitamins, more vitamin P is contained in violet eggplant especially, can enhance sex of cellular stick together, increase capillary flexibility. Consider to make clear, aubergine can reduce cholesterol, the blood-vessel that still can prevent tall lipemia to cause is damaged, can assist the disease such as remedial hypertension, tall lipemia, arteriosclerosis.

4, cucumber

Ringing and goluptious, have effect of clear heat, satisfy one's thirst, diuresis. The cellulose that it contains can promote waste residue of food of alvine path eduction, reduce the absorption of cholesterol thereby. One kind still is contained to cry in cucumber " third is mellow 2 acid " material, can restrain the saccharide inside body to transform adipose, have the effect that reduce weight and adjusts fat to metabolize character.

5, gram

Summertime Qing Shujia is tasted, specific the effect that reduces coronary heart disease of heart of hematic fat, protection, prevention and cure. Study a proof, gram can reduce serum cholesterol, triglyceride and low density lipoprotein effectively, reduce pathological changes of sclerosis of appearance of coronary artery congee apparently.

Why does ovarian consenescence have the woman to plant after all affect? Above all, outside meeting produces change, not only the skin is easy and anile, the breast is easy also and flagging, the body is like biscuit same too fat to move. Next, individual constitution can drop, deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it of easy energy of life is deficient. Again, physiology respect gives an issue easily also, for example night sweat, lose one's hair is waited a moment.

2, how to defy furrow

1, look of enlarge of compensatory collagen albumen " reservoir "

The importance of collagen albumen is self-evident, in dermal layer, it is having " bedspring " and " reservoir " analogy, deciding cutaneous to be sent closely degree, be spent glossily and moist feeling.

So, wintry day is repaired protect, compensatory collagen albumen comes it is important to be. Ordinary people absorbs collagen albumen from inside diet more, but their member is very old, absorb; not easily to draw a share, still must decompose afresh, synthesis, ability is body place to use. The provision that contains collagen protein basically has tendons of beef of hoof of skin, pig, ox, fresh fish to wait. Albumen of effective compensatory collagen, ability is repaired effectively protect coarse, Gan Wen, flabby wait for skin ageing problem.

2, fight old cream -- antagonism winter ageing

The metabolism that cold air temperature lets skin slows, all sorts of blow on the face and the stimulation that come is one disaster after another more. As skin oneself the cell is made and the acute of defense ability is decreased, ageing worry appears more complex. Accordingly, one has the cream that combats old effect is 25 years old of flesh age you must. If hope to improve facial and apparent microgroove inside 3 months, suggest you invest a few high quality cream, although their value is relative costly, but the effect also is extraordinary.

Use make up skill conceals furrow:

Reflex of light of have the aid of will produce the illusive result on the vision----1, the defect that use screen creams press 1:1 with the latexMix powdery bottom. The purpose is daub evener, natural. 2, from cervical to clavicle all around, by the pink that has mixed on even daub, the from the top down when daub slips gently. 3, from fall to sweep up: Touch with puff ablaze medicinal powder pink, imprint gently by the place in Tu Youfen bottom. Powdery bottom had better choose fluid shape, in furrow part thin sparsely smear, twist furrow means to dab with the hand next, use transparent honey noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch then, avoid to change too thick Hu , especially powdery base is too large all round eye socket, can make lines looks distinct.