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What tea does the female drink to you can raise colour platoon poison? What to raise colour platoon poisonous tea to have?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? The female wants a pair of good figure, good color, but premise is the toxin eduction inside your body goes, if body toxin does not discharge the word that go out, color of good figure become reconciled comes true hard, method of the simplest preserve one's health drinks tea namely, raise Yan Meirong tea to have a lot of, should choose to suit oneself, what tea does that female drink to you can raise colour platoon poison? What to raise colour platoon poisonous tea to have?

What tea does the female drink to you can raise colour platoon poison? What to raise colour platoon poisonous tea to have? (1)


The female drinks what tea to discharge poison to raise colour

1, chrysanthemum scented tea

Bake by white chrysanthemum and classy oolong the chrysanthemum scented tea that make and becomes, it is to contact the office gens that the electron pollutes to answer everyday a kind of necessary tea. Because the Bai Ju in tea is had,go poisonous action, to the harmful chemistry of the stockpile inside body or radioactivity material, have low fight, the effect that exclude.

Chrysanthemum 10, jin Lian spends 5, definitely pine torch 5 grams, medlar 3 grams, boiling water develops bubble 3~5 minute. The computer that often feels the eye is dry a group of things with common features, chrysanthemum is first selection. Chrysanthemum Qing Dynasty heats up detoxify, raise liver bright eye, can make a person binocular and have one's head screwed on the right way, bright, particularly right irascibility flourishing, with the eye excessive the double small hole that bring about is dry have better curative effect.

2, rose scented tea

Many vitamin A, B, C, E, K is contained in the rose, still contain tannic acid, these have certain help to the endocrinopathy, heal that removes exhaustion and cut. Additional, the rose still can move gas blood, stimulative blood circulates, have the effect of regulate the menstrual function, in the meantime, still have nerve of intestines and stomach of diuresis, alleviation, additional, the rose also conduces to dispel spot tender skin, can rise to prevent injury of furrow, prevent frostbite, hairdressing to raise colour effect.

Rose 8, rose eggplant 2, wring blue 2 grams, green tea 2 grams, 90 ℃ water develops bubble 3~5 minute can drinkable. Long-term and drinkable be helpful for the body discharging poison, to going fat reduces weight have certain effect, still can fight radiation.

3, lily scented tea

The chief characteristic of liliaceous tea contains a vitamin namely contrast is much, a variety of vitamins are comparative and all ready, bag pregnant a few mineral, will tell from the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, its property of a medicine is to slant cool, have relieve a cough expectorant action, property of a medicine is comparative also and gently, say summer drinks liliaceous tea to have the functional effect of the moisten the respiratory tract that see hot weather so. Lily is OK still reduce internal heat calms the nerves, clear lung discharges poison, hairdressing is raised again colour.

Recommend method of a strong bubble, careful dosage wants above all when pouring bubble lily scented tea namely, the taste of tea of flowers and plants is common should suffer from than general tea a few, it is OK that so simply wants 2~3 to overcome. Had better be to use boiling water, in the cup first infuse a few water, such doing have two objectives, it is OK recuperate drab flower, the flavor that lets flowers and plants more easily dissolve Yu Shuizhong, can have the effect of clean up flower additionally, the flavor that such bubble come out will be betterer. On bubble 10 minutes OK and drinkable.

4, bodhi tea

Bodhi tea can remove diuresis to discharge poisonous action, to spirit or it is the woman with old actuating pressure has first-rate help, cure has a headache and can alleviate angst, conduce to safeguard digestion and eliminate endotoxin of bloated, cleared body, and return can thin body, the person that suits to reduce weight very much is drinkable.

The bubble law of bodhi leaf and drink a way: The leaf with one dry teaspoon, develop bubble with boiled water of a cup of boiling hot, after stew makes an appointment with ten minutes can, can drink add brown sugar or honey is drinkable.

We can be helped discharge poison to raise among the life colour food has a lot of, poison of the platoon that drink tea is raised colour it is a right choice, tea of 4 preserve one's health can help hope above you.


2. 9 platoons poison raises colour tea

1, Bai Mei rares tea

The white Lian that prepares 6 grams, rose 3. 5 red jujubes. Will all material mixes together to be used fly develop bubble 15 minutes to go. Such tea can help toxin of body purify deposit effectively, make skin beautification, to facial ministry shading of fleck, acne, complexion has wonderful remedial effect.

2, bullion rose tea

Honeysuckle 1 gram, rose 3, mai Mendong 2 grams, hawkthorn 2 grams. Bubble rushs 15 minutes with boiling water after mixing can. But regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it solves gloomy, qing Dynasty of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood is hot. Apply to fire of liver gloomy empty to rise, complexion is withered and yellow,

3, Pu'er tea

Put Pu'er tea leaf into the cup, can join chrysanthemum of a few pleasant to go in, the boiled water that is the same as boiling hot next develops bubble, if do not love to drink strong tea, can the first pour boiled water to fall, drink quadratic boiled water. Can help aid digestion, reduce fat, the help eliminates cutaneous dropsy appearance.

4, oolong

Use lid bowl, iron sea of lid bowl, tea and teacup with boiled water first, make appliance has constant temperature, and but clean and antiseptic. Put the 7 tea to 8 grams lid bowl, add boiled water to need immersion tea only can, sea of tea of teem tea Shang Zhi (need to have funnel) , iron again cup, this is wash tea. Again irruptive boiled water, need the 10 time to 15 seconds only, can teem comes in tea sea (need to have funnel) , the sea that use tea enters tea boiling water on average sweet cup, can taste drink tea soup.

Develop bubble every time later again again much 10 seconds can. But sober up removes cholesterol, can prevent body empty cold, absorb the cholesterol inside alcohol and accumulative body, bring quantity of heat. The effect of oolong hot drink of diuresis detoxify is best.

5, longan rose tea

Each prepare the longan of 5 grams, medlar, two roses. bead of longan purify flesh, medlar together interfuse develops bubble ten minutes with boiled water, put rose flower of preparation next can edible. Such nostrum can enrich the blood effectively raise colour, to adjusting endocrine has admirable effect.

6, Lu Hui tea

Lu Hui abluent, after take out is cortical transparent mesophyll cuts Cheng Ding. After water boil, anger tone becomes medium baking temperature, put into Lu Hui to boil 10 minutes. When mesophyll becomes half deliquescent state but, fill after going out, add a bit honey or rock candy to flavor already but. Can promote defecate to discharge toxin. When wanting to smoke, bubble tea of one crock aloe, of that and cigarette likeness distinctive and acrid, aloe tea conduces to smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline not only, and stimulative defecate and metabolism.

7, a surname of the root of red-rooted salvia rose tea

The root of red-rooted salvia 3 grams, medlar 6, currant 6, rose 2. Bubble rushs 10 minutes with boiling water after mixing can. But beneficial enrages invigorate the circulation of blood, raise shade to calm the nerves, apply to cardiac muscle to be short of blood, insomnia is forgetful, the person that complexion does not have brilliance.

8, medlar tea

Black tea wraps, a surname child a handful. Put stuff already in the cup of warm-up, join boiling water bubble 10 minutes can drinkable. Basically, tea bag immerses can follow individual be fond of and in advance is taken out, do not add tea to wrap even also but. Medlar all has bright eye, raise blood of liver, beneficial, fall blood sugar blood pressure, fight anile, anti-creasing essence of grain, solid is angry wait for sanitarian hairdressing effect.

9, milk rose tea

Rose 6, medlar 6, currant 3 grams, milk 100 milliliter, the rose, medlar, after currant develops bubble 5 minutes with boiling water, take tea juice, add milk smooth can. Can protect liver be good at stomach, raise colour embellish skin, add cutaneous flexibility.


3. How to drink tea the most healthy

1, exquisite drink tea to have an amount, daily drink tea 2 ‐ 6 overcome

Although a variety of vitamins and amino acid are contained in tea, drink tea to solve fat to edible vegetable oil, enhance nerve excitement and disappear to feed diuresis to have certain effect. But not be to be drunk so that had jumped over more more, also not be everybody suits to drink tea. Generally speaking, daily 1-2 second, every time the drink volume that 2-3 restrains suits quite, the person of neurasthenic to sufferring from, stomach trouble and alvine ulcer does not suit to drink tea, lactation woman and be pregnant to also should not be with the infant drink tea.

2, new tea should deposit half moon above

Because new tea deposits time weak point, contain the more much phenol without oxidation kind, aldehyde kind reach alcohol kind wait for material, have more powerful stimulative effect to mucous membrane of intestines and stomach, cause gastric disease easily, so new tea appropriate is drunk less.

3, should not be had drunk strong tea

Great tea party makes person " excitement is spent " excessive heighten, right cardiovascular system, neurological cause adverse effect. The person that has cardiovascular disease is in drinkable the possibility arises a heartbeat to cross the phenomenon such as fast, arrhythmia after strong tea, make the illness relapses.

4, do not drink the head alls over tea

Tea is helping advance somebody's career and can get in treatment process the pollution of the harmful material such as pesticide, the surface of tea always has the remain of certain level. So, the head alls over tea to have catharsis effect, should abandon do not drink.

5, face before sleeping unfavorable drink tea

Want at this o'clock to be being attached most importance to especially to the person that initial stage drinks tea, after before a lot of people sleep, drinking tea, fall asleep become very difficult, affect the psychosis of morrow even, to neurasthenic should notice especially with the person that has insomnious disease.