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What fruit does female summer eat to raise colour? Is the female raised daily colour it what food eat is good to what food eat?

? Loving the United States is the nature of all female people, believe each female friends can be caressed well maintain oneself appearance, but because pressure of modern society competition is intense big, the female friends that have a lot of are too busy because of busy job attend to arrives oneself appearance, irrespective, small made up female friends to introduce a few daily can the fruit of United States colour and food, eat everyday, can make female friends relaxed United States colour. So what fruit does female summer eat to raise colour? Is the female raised daily colour it what food eat is good to what food eat?

What fruit does female summer eat to raise colour? Is the female raised daily colour it what food eat is good to what food eat? (1)


One, raise Yan Shui fruit


1, cherry

First what cherry is on a fruit, contain a lot ofa large number of microelement that human body place needs, contain iron especially the volume is extremely high, besides, often eat cherry to still can raise the haemoglobin in blood, can enrich the blood not only raise colour, still can enhance body microelement, it is a kind of people special the fruit that love.

2, banana

The embellish bowel of banana is aperient effect is total place Zhou Zhi, often eat banana to conduce to the toxin inside eduction body, coruscate has inside and the health outside is beautiful, the Facial mask of banana and honey modulation is additionally OK beautiful white skin.

3, carambola

Fruit acid is contained in carambola, can control corneous cell cohesion, prevent melanin precipitation, effective purify or desalt shading. And fruit is acerbity can farther bate is corneous, stimulative skin is metabolic, quicken the skin to replace a process, let the skin look brand-new.

4, lemon

Citrin will say in order to raise Yan Zhu, contain a lot ofall sorts of vitamins, be the vitamin is contained a lot ofin the fruit most, it includes vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 to wait a moment. These vitamins can make the skin becomes smooth, delicate, Bai Xi, the hairdressing that is all female ideal is raised colour food, let a lot of female of the same branch of a family not commentate hand.

5, pineapple

Pineapple juice is much more delicious, contain rich saccharide, adipose, protein, and acid of carotene, Nick, ascorbic acid and prandial fiber. Can complement the element in the place that human body place wants, side aid digestion eliminates body endotoxin, improve the skin weather-shack, remove stain.

6, loquat

The nutriment that a variety of human body such as carbohydrate, iron, calcic, phosphor, magnesium need is contained in loquat, still acid of carotene, fruit, citric acid waits, can prevent cancer, defer consenescence. But lienal empty have loose bowels person should diet, and loquat benevolence cannot eat, because poisonous.

7, apple

The apple has the effect that filling heart beneficial enrages, can improve color, the apple still can eliminate expressional grain, let a female achieve hairdressing to raise colour the effect, make skin more wet beauty. Might as well daily much apple taking a place, cooperate to protect skin to taste maintain, it is better to believe your skin meets tomorrow.


2, the female is raised colour food


1, carrot

Carrot is very helpful to improving constipation, also contain a lot ofβ - carotene, can counteract toxin. Fresh carrot discharges poisonous effect to had been compared.

The proposal has a way: Because it can be clear heat is alexipharmic, embellish bowel is aperient, hit into juice plus honey, lemon juice, already good drink satisfy one's thirst, advantageous also platoon is poisonous.

Raise Yan Ji to want: Carrot is effective alexipharmic food, it contains rich carotene not only, and contain many vitamin A and pectic, after be united in wedlock with the mercuric ion inside body, can reduce the concentration of mercuric ion in blood effectively, quicken the eduction of mercuric ion inside body, fit the person that often stays up late very much.

2, lotus lotus root

The diuresis action of lotus lotus root, can promote the trash inside body fast eduction thereby purifies blood. Edible of cold heat of lotus lotus root all appropriate.

The proposal has a way: Extract lotus lotus root hit into juice, can add a bit honey to flavor direct and drinkable, OK also small fire is added lukewarm, add a bit candy, take the advantage of tepid when drink.

Raise Yan Ji to want: Sex of unripe lotus root is cold, heat having Qing Dynasty eliminates irritated meritorious service, because blood is hot,suit particularly and grow " blain blain " patient edible; After thoroughlying cook by cool become lukewarm, have the method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood that raise a stomach, be good at the effect that lienal beneficial gas raises blood, be a kind feed Bu Jia very well to taste, suit to blood of frail, gas is not worth and be behaved because of taste particularly for skin dry, complexion is not had China person; Lotus root paragraph the lotus root section between is blindly fine medicine, have be good at lienal appetizing, raise blood, hemostatic action, still can improve color.

3, ormosia

Ormosia can increase peristalsis of intestines and stomach, reduce constipation, stimulative micturition.

The proposal has a way: Electric boiler can use ormosia to stew before sleep boil immerse for some time, the ormosia soup water that lies between a day to will not have candy is drunk when boiled water, can promote a poison effectively.

Raise Yan Ji to want: Ormosia has clear heart repose, be good at effect of lienal beneficial kidney, join lotus seed, lily to have the effect such as gas of solid seed profit, hemostatic, able-bodied bones and muscles more, can treat lobar dry, dry cough, promote splanchnic vigor, enhance physical power.

4, pachyrhizus

The fiber that pachyrhizus place contains is qualitative loose easy digest, can promote peristalsis of intestines and stomach, conduce defecate.

The proposal has a way: Having a way best is the pachyrhizus that bake, and gross is baked together, eat off together, flavour tastily melting.

Raise Yan Ji to want: Pachyrhizus, can calls first-rate of the effect that discharge poison one of food, contain abound the vitaminic C that fights oxidation, β carotene, reach exceed unpolished rice fully the vitaminic E of 2 times, have the thread of 40 % above more, can prevent Dai , platoon is old. And the white juice in pachyrhizus (mucus albumen) , have fall cholesterol, fall hematic fat effect.

5, unpolished rice

Unpolished rice is complete rice, withhold rice bran, have rich thread, have bibulous, action suction fat and the satiated feeling that comparative, benefit of can whole bowel, conduce to a poison.

The proposal has a way: Breakfast eats unpolished rice congee one bowl or come everyday soya-bean milk of a cup of unpolished rice is the good method that discharge poison.

Raise Yan Ji to want: Contain in unpolished rice fight acid of active oxygen establish, asafoetida acid richly to wait, can restrain the generation of melanin, make the skin keeps fair and clear, can promote metabolism, obstacle of precautionary arteriosclerosis, splanchnic function and cancer.