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Does the woman protect skin what to error there is? What does the woman protect skin to want to eat?

Have smooth face, exquisite skin is the dream of each personage love the United States, not be every woman however so lucky, can maintain the skin all the time Bai Xi is smooth. Because some people are scanty at ordinary times the error that protects skin at maintain or was immersed in, can make the skin becomes coarse dark yellow. So does the woman protect skin what to error there is? What does the woman protect skin to want to eat?

Does the woman protect skin what to error there is? What does the woman protect skin to want to eat? (1)


One woman protects skin to have what error

 1: Feculent face, do not use make up water

Make in the evening lazy when tumble into bed normally, after casting clean face job early to the head is there wood? Clean face and use make up water, it is purify by dirty air " pollute " facial the most effective method. And want to remember, two measure cannot little!

Right way: The face is washed well before insisting to sleep everyday, choose a clean papula foam that suits oneself, after complete cleanness is facial, reoccupy makes up cotton is touched take make up water, wipe facial, have clean effect.

   2: Choice SPF is prevented exorbitantly bask in frost

Well-known, SPF index is higher, prevent it is better to bask in the effect, can you be SPF " infinite tall " really? Not be of course, of exorbitant SPF prevent bask in frost to cause pore easily to jam, bring other skin issue.

Right way: To common skin, the comparison that facial use SPF30 controls is appropriate, about every 2 hours fill to prevent bask in frost. To familial have the skin for the person of cancerous history, can choose taller SPF prevent bask in frost.

   3: Ego diagnoses skin problem

Everybody feels to oneself he just knows his skin state most, because this often protects skin product according to choose and buy of individual be fond of. But you do not have discovery, don't products of those so called public praise suit him? Because professional physiotherapy division had better be asked to do to evaluate to skin before use,that is, otherwise those look be like high name tag to protect skin to taste, do not have the effect instead.

Right way: To the hospital or beauty parlour searchs an authentic dermatologist or physiotherapy division, help you undertake comprehensive skin is evaluated, next the choice of again liable sex protects skin product, is the United States white? Defend water? Compensatory still vitaminic?

   4: Forget cervical nurse

It is to facial skin " show loving care for to the utmost " , forgot cervical skin to nurse however? Actually, as the growth of the age, most first " anile " often is cervical skin, as a result of,be on one hand cervical often activity, and cause neck grain to grow, if be in,cannot get nurse daily, with respect to the process that can accelerate ageing.

Right way: Very simple, treat cervical skin like treating facial skin everyday. Same need cleanness, use make up element of water, elite and cream (or neck frost) , when doing SPA especially, did not forget cervical oh!

   5: Excessive protect skin

Mix those forgetting to wash a face, forget use make up the sister of water is different, some people are really too care about oneself skin. Overspend protects skin product, can create overweight burden to skin instead. Use the most commonly namely too moist or use for many times, cause facial skin " nutrition is superfluous " , skin it seems that " dripping with oil " .

Right way: Very simple, if discover this kind of problem, decrease or change it is OK to protect skin product

  6: Bathe everyday

What? Is love also wrong completely? To a lot of people, daily before sleeping, bathed to had formed a habit, washed a hot bath to have clean cutaneous effect namely, can remove again a suit is fatigue. But Qiu Dong is seasonal, especially dry north, do not suit to bathe everyday absolutely, such skin can become drier and drier, meeting occurrence crackle is corneous layer thickening really.

Right way: Can 2-3 bathes too hard, also can choose " French bathes " , it is the position with clean significant body, for instance sufficient ministry, alar, cervical etc. After remembering taking bath every time, use protect wet skin breast, help dry skin restore vitality.


2, the woman protects skin to want what to eat

1, fish -- tighten cause the skin

It is good to mean the skin, having a fish is cannot little, because there is a kind of magical material in cruelly oppress,this is, this kind of material belongs to not saturated fatty acid, it is body health care little not, can keep life activity effectively, complementing to body nutrition is helpful.

There is a kind of phosphatide in cruelly oppress, this kind of phosphatide can promote cutaneous synthesis effectively, the dry, microgroove that appears to the skin, allergy has very good settlement. Generally speaking, holding the fish that absorbs 200g everyday is to be able to make the skin more send closely, skin surface layer also is met more rich flexibility.

2, kelp -- prevent the skin secretes grease too much

It is one kind contains rich vitamin and mineral food alkalescent, often eat can adjust the acid-base value in blood, reduce blood fat and adjust cholesterol, prevent the skin to secrete grease too much. Edible method: When buying kelp, those color bright-coloured, quality of a material is fragile hard, it is chemistry has been machined commonly, cannot enough edible.

3, tomato -- go furrow, prevent bask in

Contain red element of carotene and tomato, conduce to extend smooth wrinkle, make the skin delicate and smooth. Often eat tomato to appear not easily still black rim of the eye, and be basked in not easily. Edible method: Tomato red element and carotene are fat dissolve sex, eat absorptivity raw low, be fried with the egg or do soup absorptivity taller.

4, yangtao -- eliminate fleck

Contain a lot ofvitamin C, can disturb melanin to generate, precautionary pigment precipitates, maintain the skin to fair-skinned in vain, conduce to the fleck that eliminates the skin to go up. Edible method: Because yangtao sex is cold, reason taste empty is cold person Ying Shen is fed, regular diarrhoea and frequent micturition person unfavorable edible, menstruation crosses the many patient with threatened abortion to also answer diet.

5, strawberry -- prevent the skin dry many furrow

130% place of a cup of strawberry contains vitamin C is day of intake. Vitamin C can promote collagen fibrous to generate, make the skin smooth bouncy, vitamin C is more, lines is less. Conversely, can cause the skin dry much furrow.

6, apple -- help platoon is poisonous

The apple is contained a lot ofpectic, conduce to alvine path peristalsis, accelerate the process that discharge poison. The many apple acid that contains among them helps system already inside adipose decompose conduce to hairdressing again. The element of skin of antioxidant Mongolian oak in malic skin can protect the skin to avoid suffer shortwave ultraviolet ray (UVB) harm, prevent the happening of skin cancer then.

7, lemon -- the United States is white

Lemon is the hairdressing fruit that contains a lot ofcitric acid and vitamin C, have prevent and eliminate skin pigment ad cool-headed, the action that makes skin Bai Xi tender. When making drink, if be in fresh lemon juice add some water, add white sugar, rock candy or honey, hold to everyday drinkable, can make face becomes white tender.

8, pea -- go black An

" detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " account, pea is had " go burnish of black An, your face " effect. Modern research is discovery more, pea contains rich vitamin A former, vitamin A can be formerly inside body A of translate into vitamin, have moist cutaneous effect.

9, Bai Luobo -- fight oxidize

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, bo Ke of white trailing plants " benefit the five internal organs, your person is fair and clear muscle " . Rich vitamin C is contained in Bai Luobo. And vitamin C is very good antioxidant, can restrain melanin synthesis, prevent adipose combustion, prevent fat brown qualitative deposit. Accordingly, often eat Bai Luobo to be able to make the skin fair and clear and exquisite.

10, celery -- defend wet lock water

Stimulative blood circulates, increase maintain the wet ability that lock up water. Celery contains rich nutrition, the metabolization that the composition such as C of protein, carotene, vitamin can help stimulative airframe circulates, maintain normal cell to replace rate, make corneous layer cell richer thereby vigor, enhance the ability that maintains wet lock water, still can fight oxidation effectively, defer skin consenescence.