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What bad habit can destroy skin? How does the woman protect skin to want to do?

Protecting skin is feminine lifework, hairdressing is raised colour the topic that is feminine eternity, it is exceeding that friend of a lot of females handles the issue that protect skin in all seriousness, so the friend can buy a lot of females to protect skin costlily to taste will maintain oneself. But protecting skin is the problem that daub protects skin to taste not just, a lot of bad habits in the life also can damage your skin, protect skin to have good habits and customs even so. So what bad habit can destroy skin? How does the woman protect skin to want to do?

What bad habit can destroy skin? How does the woman protect skin to want to do? (1)


One, what bad habit can destroy skin

1, make eyes

Produce frequency: When talk or making expression, hyperbole a bit is met such. The staff on long-term effect forehead appears stealthily. Any drag cutaneous movements repeat metropolis unripe furrow for many times, even if eyeball blinks when conversation or raise eyebrow. Not bad, exaggerated of Chinese female expression the person is not much, this also should be middleaged the Euramerican female furrow after compares one of Asian female's much reasons.

2, narrow one's eyes of narrow one's eyes

Produce frequency: When looking to not be clear about, when sunshine dazzling, meet when outfit of make a face is lovely eye of narrow one's eyes. Grain of end of long-term effect fish mounts canthus. Ply of eye week skin has the body to skin only the 1/4 of average ply, because undesirable expression causes furrow,generate very easily. To reduce the eye week wrinkle after 10 years, myopic belle must adorn the glasses with appropriate degree, and sunglasses must be worn when going out, not be for beautiful, become not self-consciously below sunshine to prevent you however " eye of narrow one's eyes of narrow one's eyes " .

3, wrinkle nose

Produce frequency: Appear when smile or laughing more. Affect young girl for a long time also wrinkle furrow. On the face appear the earliest the place of furrow, often accept the position that expressional flesh affects namely, end resembling an eye, at present, between the eyebrows, forehead. Skin is affected from time to tome grain appears, but want expressional reply grain to disappear only, that still need not worry. If need longer expressional grain just disappears, you are about to began to notice.

4, use a hand to maintain a face

Produce frequency: When attending a meeting, when reading a book, when the head is a little dizzy... this movement is very common. Long-term effect can generate permanent furrow. When holding cheek in the palm, the skin that the palm can cause a face to go up to the extruding of facial ministry by drag, appear very easily furrow. The most terrible is, once this movement causes furrow, can be permanent, unlike the microgroove that dry place causes the skin, young grain. That is to say, it this kind of furrow protects skin expensively to taste with how is very difficult also that this kind of furrow protects skin expensively to taste with how eliminate easily.

5, favore some side tooth

Produce frequency: If someone has this habit, so daily 3 eat can maintain. The size face that affects or so asymmetry for a long time is born at this point. Because of toothache of period of time or the bad convention that held odd side mastication for a long time because of some kind of individual hobby, can let often chew food the facial muscle there is stronger and stronger, and across is facial muscle criterion because often need not and degrade. As time passes, can cause or so facial size to differ, form " size " face.

6, with one's own hands battle " blain "

Produce frequency: Almost each person that has grown blain blain, have the experience of crowded blain blain. Infection of long-term effect skin leaves blain scar. Oneself squeeze blain blain to cause red inflammation easily, leave blain scar. Face blain blain to must run his hand. Want to know, an abhorrent blain blain does not pass 3 days two from the time that appears to disappear, but if squeeze,defeat it to cause infection, the time that blain scar disappears is a month longer even.

7, overtime apply Facial mask

Produce frequency: Somebody thinks apply becomes direct ratio with time and effect, somebody is constant regular meeting forgot time. Long-term effect is skin desiccate, allergic, still can age. Apply must see a manual before Facial mask, general area film shoulds not be in the retention period on the face more than 15 minutes. After apply Facial mask is overtime, Facial mask can come over from the imbibe in skin, still can wear to pore " guaze mask " , influence skin is absorbed nutrition and secrete grease, cause allergy.

8, too superstitious DIY

Produce frequency: Have secret recipe of DIY Facial mask everywhere, everywhere somebody is used. Affect skin allergy and loss for a long time. What wait for natural ingredient to fruit, yoghurt, honey is excessive believed to cause unrest of DIY Facial mask, actually such oppose have not little risk for the skin, the raw material because of DIY Facial mask and tool did not imagine medium clean in that way safety, and the weight that some raw material add and chroma master very hard also. Taiwan has a lady, because apply uses within an inch of of DIY Facial mask to destroy a look! If not be,have experience very much so, still do not want a Feng Weimei of DIY secret recipe to hold a magic weapon, what get on apply of one caboodle food in the face casually is good.


2, the woman protects skin to want how to be done

1, than eating more now the fruit of one times is mixed vegetable

If say the skin is mix colors dish, vegetables and fruits is color. The fruit that contains a lot ofcarotene and vegetable (wait like carrot, pumpkin, chili) yellow of can exciting cutaneous, red and orange are tonal, make your complexion ruddy. And the person that absorbs vitamin C in great quantities, appear on the face furrow, dry the machine rate with scale bits is lower. According to statistic, the vegetables and fruits that every wife has on average everyday is equivalent to two cups of capacities of half only, and ideal intake is everyday 4 cups half.

2, wash two second faces at most everyday

A few people fear grease is accumulated, one day is washed 3 to 4 faces. However, you are washed more frequently, the crude oil that loses on the skin is more. A few those who contain chamfer qualitative grain grind arenaceous cream (for instance fruit nucleus fragment) can bring tiny nick to the skin even. Skin expert proposal washs a face with the gentle grandma that wash a face, wash twice at most everyday.

3, eye week also wants to prevent bask in

We can notice prevent the besmear that bask in frost to get easily on the face of illumination zygomatic, but often the part of the eyelid below oversight. Eye periderm skin is very fragile tender, bask in easily not only, be prevented the stimulation of the composition that bask in frost easily also. So, the safest method is to wear a pair of big sunglasses, and be have the sunglass that 99% above UV defends.

4, clothes of not beyond the mark support comes prevent bask in

We like summer the dress that wears light color. However, the capacity that light color shirt holds back sunshine is very small. If this dress oh material is the cotton make it that did not blanch character, so its prevent bask in the effect poorer, because be contained in fabrics,absorb the dye of ultraviolet composition. So, or is changed thick a bit closer dress, or basks in frost to go out again with respect to darling Tu Fang.

5, the skin of protective bosom

The most serious share basking in an injury that a lot of dermatologists say to they see on feminine body is to be on wind. Pectoral neck skin also is to prevent bask in cushy uncared-for position. The simplest way is, maintain what you use on the face every time taste and prevent before basking in frost to be used in the bosom.

6, admire sleep avoid furrow

Only the person of 14% has admire sleep habit, and admire the optimal way that sleeping is generation of precautionary Morpheus furrow. The pose that side sleeps or Fu sleeps brings about our face to be pressed on the pillow, produce furrow because of attrition easily.