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Is facial skin coarse how to do? Is woman skin coarse what to eat?

A lot of people compare those who pay attention to facial skin to nurse, want facial skin is better, want to notice a few methods that protect skin at ordinary times, because skin gives oil to perspire can become pore is bulky, facial and coarse dark heavy, need gets seasonable improvement, a few food can help recuperation skin, is so facial skin coarse how to do? Is woman skin coarse what to eat?

Is facial skin coarse how to do? Is woman skin coarse what to eat? (1)

1, facial skin is coarse how to do

1, the food with fast content of vitamin of sex of the much dissolve that eat fat: Dietary method is absolutely very the method that relies on chart, this can from inside to the improvement outside its skin problem, from inside outside arriving send out a woman's individual glamour, and the female skins to maintain, kongfu of the dot below dietary method is worth to recommend absolutely. And maintain to skin very good food has a lot of, and had better absorb more more contain a lot ofthe food with fast vitamin, and most common food if, fresh vegetable and fruit are most appropriate.

2, put an end to stay up late assure Morpheus: Morpheus is to raise one of methods with best skin, because this enough sleep can make our human body OK,eduction accumulation is in the toxin inside body, let skin depth burnish thereby. So, nurturance wants in living at ordinary times little the undesirable habit that stay up late oh.

3, the recuperation that takes endocrine seriously: Endocrine is to bring about one of main source with skin constant problem, the individual ought to be paid attention to to be adjusted endocrinely in daily life, serious person can go looking take a fancy to cure, slight person in suggesting the life food from the individual is used to, recuperate individual endocrine to balance slowly.

4, put an end to smoke wine to love vegetables and fruits more: Smoke wine can let skin only more suffer destroy, mean polish of deep-seated coruscate skin, and coarse, pore says NO, must be far from smoke wine, with vegetable fruit, a variety of vitamins and the small element that skin place needs are contained in vegetables and fruits, can promote metabolism more.

5, always maintain first-rate state of mind: The person's mood and mood affect human body endocrine easily, in the life skin problem loves beautiful personage badly, must put an end to the influence of bad mood, always maintain a kind of hopeful state of mind, do not let mood mood affect skin, believe oneself have oneself beauty forever.

6, hold to daily and clean skin: Want to cast off skin coarse, insist to skin cleanness is very important. Because this skin is coarse,cause greatly.

7, conserve skin must hold to: Skin is coarse dark heavy without light these skin problem, it is reminding problem of our skin existence momently, must from go up at all the germ place that finds out skin problem, insist to make good skin cleanness and protect wet nurse the job, good skin, begin from conserve.

2, woman skin is coarse it what eat is good to what eat

(1) sweet potato

Can activation skin cell, antagonism is coarse and dry. Sweet potato has the effect that moist skins, make coarse skin becomes smooth. Sweet potato and other and icy vegetable are same, the sticky protein that contains an alimentary, strong result reachs all sorts of ferment part. These composition can make cellular function active is changed, promotional metabolism. And these function but aggrandizement stomach bowel, promote digest, the skin that improves constipation to cause is coarse. Sweet potato mixes Xian Mei is dry, can promote metabolic beautification skin more.

(2) yam

The skin of yam coarsen grain becomes smooth. The vegetable that yam has effect liquid with other area is same, the ripe protein that contains an alimentary, strong result reachs all sorts of ferment part. These composition can make cellular function active is changed, stimulative metabolism. And these function but aggrandizement stomach bowel, promote digest, the skin group leg that improves constipation to cause.

(3) agaric

Fight skin coarse, recuperate in-house loop. Agaric is contained those who abound is vitaminic and mineral, have the effect that purifies blood, it is very good to skin food. China inspects namely from of old for long life the not old, alimentary, emperor that reachs hairdressing lustily is tasted. Agaric still has a lot of food thread, suit to cause the skin because of constipation usually very much coarse person edible. It is OK to fry or make Shang Dou, can eat more a few, agaric adds the decoct juice of jujube, the effect is double.

(4) sesame seed

Mother of an emperor of fabulous kind happiness is the skin that keeps beautiful, and love eat sesame seed. Even if now, females also like drinkable sesame seed to add water and honey. In fact, the viewpoint of contemporary dietetics, sesame seed contains rich linoleic acid and vitaminic E, obstacle of ameliorable end blood-vessel, make skin soft. It is skin dry person the food that must eat. The person that for skin coarse place suffers from drinks sesame seed tea everyday, skin can ameliorate, luster. The skin can become smooth gradually, the skin that changes to dry cutin especially is more effective.

(5) lotus lotus root

Let skin be full of glamorous sheen. Lotus lotus root contains rich vitaminic C to reach mineral, have medical effect, its are hemostatic action more person place is hep. Recently more card understands lotus lotus root to be beneficial to a heart, controallable have stimulative metabolism, avoid the effect with coarse skin.

(6) plum

Have the effect with qualitative chamfer. Plum is the good food that has a variety of effectiveness. Eat or Tu Dou has the effect, be regarded as baby namely since ancient times. Be like those who use besmear, treat skin disease not merely, ameliorable still skin is coarse. Especially wine of bubble salty prune, the effect is better. 2-3 salty prune bubble a cup of clear wine, need bubble only a week. When bathing, the wine with take bubble good brushs skin edge to massage by the side of careful ground, skin can become smooth gradually. The skin that changes to dry cutin especially is more effective.

3, the skin is coarse how to recuperate

, maintain food balanced

Eat and drink too much can create taste burden overweight, cause nutrition at the same time superfluous, the metabolism with make the skin irretentive normal, cause the skin by excessive maintain lose original flexibility and flabby; And be on a diet meeting reducing weight causes the skin to nutrition spends fast prediction of a person's luck in a given year and cannot get effective complement, in hypodermic hollow, make the skin caves flabby. Because this maintains normal food nutrition effectively,also be precaution the skin is flabby very important segment.

2, proper chamfer pledges

Cutin of excessive purify cutaneous can be the skin attenuate and lose effective natural protection protective screen, suffer the enroach on of undesirable environment, at the same time the skin is met desiccate becomes sensitive, easy generation skin is flabby. Chamfer is qualitative best a month is slight and measurable do.

3, maintain the skin clean

Facial and smeary, dirt is too heavy, move makeup time is too long or discharge makeup is not complete, can cause skin pore to jam, breathe naturally hard, cause inflammation or skin nutrition unbalance, if things go on like this, can cause skin tension to be short of break, without flexibility, form the skin flabby. Should notice daily everyday thoroughly clean skin, use material to pledge natural, downy without excitant defend wet nutrition water, in keep clean while for the skin filling water complements nutrition, enhance skin vigor, precautionary skin is flabby.

4, assure amply Morpheus

Morpheus inadequacy can make cutaneous metabolism burden aggravating, cannot get effective rest, long exhaustion fights to also can make the skin is lost stretch and flabby.

5, the skin is flabby and coarse need vegetable of many draft fruit

The vegetable of melon and fruit with high content of a lot of vitamins is helpful the action that skin maintains, and enough moisture content is contained in fresh melon and fruit, can add the natural moisture content inside body, of vitamin C fight oxidation function very strong, can defer skin ageing, make skin more delicate, remove the trouble with flabby and coarse skin.

6, the skin is flabby and coarse need complement ferment

Inside human body if lack ferment to be able to make,cellular active drops, decompose ability proteinly abate, bring about the inadequacy that enrage blood, cause the skin flabby and coarse wait for a series of problems. Can products of a few natural and compound ferment comes edible the ferment that compensatory body place needs, maintain a healthy surroundings even, because environmental pollution also can affect the function of ferment.

The person with rude skin besides wanting to notice the knowledge of above, even as far as possible little smoking, little drink, smoke wine is bad to cutaneous health, should have maintained oneself good humor at ordinary times, be opposite like be worried the skin is bad, the lady should try to notice when choosing cosmetic, must choose to suit that one oneself cosmetic most.