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How does hairdressing raise the woman colour? Recommend 4 hairdressing to raise Yan Bi square

Of the cheek that present female friend does not have which him ignored, apply for a job need cheek, look for a partner in marriage also needs beautiful cheek, the port that beautiful cheek lives to us is too principal, be in so at ordinary times drum nurses in the process, hairdressing is raised colour it is first class important matter, so how does hairdressing raise the woman colour? Here small make up recommend a few effective methods, recommend 4 hairdressing to raise Yan Bi just

How does hairdressing raise the woman colour? Recommend 4 hairdressing to raise Yan Bi square (1)

1, how does hairdressing raise the woman colour

1, do everyday facial and life-giving gem gal

The female often is done facial gem gal, if rouse cheek, glare to wait, it is to exercise countenance sarcous sport actually. And " life-giving gem gal " it is to pass skin of the ministry opposite side to be massaged gently, stimulate point of facial main and collateral channels, make facial nerve excitement rises thereby, there is life-giving effect in early in the morning, and massage acupuncture point gently to be able to quicken facial blood to flow, improve skin skin to pledge, of slow down grain generate, prevent skin consenescence greatly. Specific means is, after rising in the morning everyday, with both hands of warm water bedew, undertake massage on the face next, concrete massage move is as follows:

(1) , push the ala that press bazoo with two tactics middle finger two side, get on next pushing to press continuously.

(Cent of big toe of 2) , two tactics presses both sides temporal, other 4 point to and approach, valuable assistant is blown by turns on forehead by.

(3) , health care resembling an eye holds the 3rd same, by temporal, annulus blow orbit.

(4) , two tactics is ordinal push cheek skin by turns, it is orderly from fall to be pushed up.

(5) , two tactics is ordinal by turns from skins of next the neck before be being pushed up.

(6) , two tactics is put in bottom of two hair on the temples, with around of root of ear of middle finger rub, it is around orderly alternant.

(Movement of 7) , end, after heating up both hands rub, put in facial.

Every movement does 8~15 second, everyday 5 minutes can let a person benefit a lot. What should remind at the same time is when be being massaged movement must light, it is OK that light kiss arrives, meet otherwise pull out pulls delicate facial skin, cause relax of facial flesh dried meat floss.

2, a large number of complement vitamin

Be helpful for enhancing system of human body immunity not only, the growth that still can promote hair and fingernail and cutaneous are repaired protect.

3, increase Morpheus

This is most cheap and most light hairdressing therapy. Research shows now: Assure every night time of 8 hours of Morpheus is beneficial to hair, fingernail and skin rejuvenesce not only, still conduce to loosen muscle. Awake the following day so, no matter you are in on appearance still be like on the feeling young a few years old. Say so, sleeping to become aware is hairdressing is raised colour one of methods.

4, hairdressing of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is raised colour

(1) , except spot of Chloasma, butterfly -- wax gourd juice + white vinegar

The quantity such as wax gourd juice, white vinegar, smooth put on the skin is facial, a day of 2~3 second, hind of put on the skin crosses scour off 10 minutes, use consecutively half moon can be divided clean.

(2) , except acne (wine thorn, green beans, acne) -- cucumber juice + white vinegar

The quantity such as bright cucumber juice, white vinegar is smooth, after washing a face with hot water first again face of put on the skin, a day 3, hind of put on the skin passes 10 minutes to use warm water scour off, use consecutively half moon can heal.

(3) , except facial pigment spot -- tomato juice + honey

Juice of Xian Xigong persimmon and honey are pressed 2 than 1 mix, besmear is facial, after passing 10 minutes abluent, day of use consecutively 10~15, can decompose melanin, the skin is whiten and ruddy.

(4) , except fleck -- almond + egg white

Almond 5 money, wear fine pink, with egg Qing Dynasty tone becomes paste, the besmear before sleeping every night is facial, morrow early morning goes with lukewarm bath, one day, 10~15 day shows effect, do not send later.

(Desalt is 5) , facial furrow -- cucumber juice + egg white

Bright cucumber juice half, join Qing Dynasty of egg waiting for a quantity (an egg) agitate divide evenly, the face is washed first before sleeping every night, again facial furrow handles paint, morrow morning is washed with Wen Shui clean, use consecutively comes partly in January, in order to make the skin contracts gradually, desalt furrow has specially good effect.

(6) , improvement the skin is thick black -- in vain vinegar + glycerine

Press with white vinegar and glycerine 2: 1 mix, often brush at the skin, a day 2 come 3 times, can make the skin wet, reduce melanin deposit, the skin after January namely exquisite white tender, clean and smooth rich flexibility, be full of aesthetic feeling (this black to transmissibility skin all has curative effect) .

To today, the concept of hairdressing is already thorough popular feeling, not only the material of hairdressing is OK all kinds of strange things, hairdressing method also can be much appearance colorful. Above introduced 4 hairdressing to raise for everybody colour method, love beautiful female friends, might as well have a try.

2, the woman drinks what hairdressing to raise colour

1, snow flesh soup

A bright lily pares piece, 5 gold-rimmed small jujube, 5 do longan. Put into water, join rock candy right amount, slow fire boils 20~30 minute become namely. Comfortable the belle at often staying up late, quick result restores color gold-rimmed jujube recommends Shandong to produce, should have been to a nucleus.

2, afternoon tea with milk

Establish a black tea 1~2 to wrap, put into teacup, irruptive boil to 90 degrees of milk, join two cube sugar, agitate is become namely. Cost is very low, very good still drink, careful addiction.

3, tremella a thick soup

Go to tremella, bubble 40 minutes, add water, add rock candy, 4 gold-rimmed small jujube, slow fire boils 20~40 minute, OK, see you like what mouthfeel.

Go to tremella, bubble 40 minutes, join lily, do not love empty impediment at ordinary times with you, candy portion compares big preserved fruit, slow fire boils 20 minutes, do not need to add candy, flavour is very good.

Buy tremella option, color is yellow, flower form is natural, cannot too orderly the 2nd kind of practice, suit to like draft to boil the friend of dish of fish, Sichuan very much, exceed extremely next fire.

4, pear is sweet sweet

Pear flay, sliver, go nucleus, stripping and slicing, add right amount Wen Shui, add lily, slow fire boils 20~30 minute. Honey is joined when edible. Drink of hot drink aspic all clear lung of appropriate wet one's whistle.

5, female soup

With two spoon brown sugar, a ginger, add right amount water, slow fire boils 10 minutes, from drugstore bubble of redemptive dried tangerine or orange peel is entered can. Alleviate limbs extreme circulates not free alleviates female physiology period aching.

6, ginger juice is suckled

Milk adds juice of a few ginger (with extruding spoon impact) , burn heat to reach 90 degrees can, the judgement method of this standard is, bubble of pearl eye of the circuit since the edge that suckle boiler involves fire, do not want boil, join rock candy to be become namely... calm the nerves warm stomach milk is boiled to reach 90 degrees to be able to conserve completely nutrition.

7, dew of coconut juice sago

Sago uses lukewarm bleb ten minutes, join a few water medium baking temperature to heat ten minutes, put crystal sugar, enter tepid coconut juice can. Jump over south wind flavour, the four seasons is appropriate.

8, papaya grandma

Papaya goes to sliver the nucleus goes flesh, pulp gouge, cent becomes small, squeeze a juice with extruding spoon, add milk, boil 90 degrees. Involve fire, add rock candy. The advantage of papaya did not say more, JMS is clear drop.