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What vegetable hairdressing does the female eat? Can what does the vegetable of hairdressing have?

Dietotherapy is to raise colour best means, the method that uses dietotherapy not only healthy and safe, such means more and more get of a lot of youths love, vegetable is a kind of commonner method in dietotherapy, take the issue that vegetable itself is a preserve one's health more appropriately, so what vegetable hairdressing does the female eat? Can what does the vegetable of hairdressing have? Follow please now small make up anticipate will look.

What vegetable hairdressing does the female eat? Can what does the vegetable of hairdressing have? (1)

1, the female takes hairdressing course surely

1. spinach

Spinach it may be said is be " the most all-round vegetable " one of. Not only the method because of cooking is very much, because nutrient value is rich,be more. It contains many vitamin K, vitamin C, Potassium, lutein and a lot of powerful antioxidant, while the help enhances function of heart, muscle, rich fiber can help peristalsis of stimulative intestines and stomach more, let digestion maintain youthful energy. The iron element in spinach also is the important helper of female pregnancy.

2. wild cabbage dish

The plant that place of wild cabbage dish contains changes element to be able to serve as important antioxidant and the precaution that fight phlogistic relevant and chronic disease, include cancer and coronary artery illness. Its refuse oxidation class status richly, can enhance the alexipharmic ability of system of the ferment inside body, counteract the harm that toxin produces to DNA, also can prevent cancer cell move.

On the west orchid

3. on the west orchid

Orchid is on the west a kind special " complex " vegetable, because its itself is dull, can be become to do the dressing that a lot of dish taste again however, for instance Italian face, chicken is mixed cruelly oppress. The advantage of orchid depends on it containing many vegetable protein on the west. Protein is contained in ball-flower of every 100 grams 4.5 grams of 3.5 grams ~ , it is 3 times of beautiful dish whiter, 4 times of tomato. It still contains a variety of vitamins, the emperor that among them vitamin C and vitamin A are beautiful white skin is tasted, can prevent the generation of shading, fleck effectively.

Above recommended 3 females preserve one's health to raise the food that Yan Bi eats, eat these 3 kinds of food more, let you become more healthy and beautiful.

2, the vegetable that can carry a figure

(1) the mixture that garlic is the compound that contain sulfur, the cholesterol in can reducing blood and prevent thrombosis, conduce to increase high density lipoprotein to pledge.

(2) leek besides containing A of calcic, phosphor, iron, candy and albumen, vitamin, C, still contain carotene and many fiber to wait, can enhance gastric bowel peristalsis, have very good aperient effect, can eliminate the overmuch nutrition in alvine path, include redundant adipose.

(3) onion contains prostate element A, this kind of composition has the diastole blood-vessel, function that reduces blood pressure. It still contains rare propyl 3 sulfur compound reachs a few sulfur amino acid, besides fall outside hematic fat, still can prevent arteriosclerosis.

(4) Xianggu mushroom can reduce serum cholesterol, glycerine apparently 3 fat and level of low density lipoprotein, often edible can make high density lipoprotein has character inside the body increase a current relatively.

(5) often edible wax gourd, can purify body is redundant adipose with moisture, decompose superfluous adipose, aperient action rises to reduce weight action.

(6) carrot contains a lot ofpectic acid calcium, after it and biliary acid are adjusted from the eduction in defecate. The body should produce biliary acid to will naturally employ the cholesterol in blood, the level of the cholesterol in making blood thereby is reduced.

(7) kelp contains a lot ofacid of bezoar acid, food fiber alga, can reduce the cholesterol in hematic fat and bile.

(8) bean products contains rich not saturated fatty acid, can decompose the cholesterol inside body, promote adipose metabolization, make hypodermic and adipose not easy accumulation.

(9) cucumber conduces to the carbohydrate in restraining all sorts of food be inside body translate into is adipose.

(10) Bai Luobo can promote metabolism, avoid adipose in hypodermic accumulation.

(11) gram bud produces heat little, form adipose accumulation not easily hypodermic.