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How to contain film of face of gallinaceous egg white? What does the practice of film of face of gallinaceous egg white have?

A lot of people can abstain Facial mask to protect skin at ordinary times, abstain Facial mask to be able to have a lot of with the material that arrive, egg Qing Dynasty is one commonly used kind feeds capable person, egg Qing Dynasty can make skin more exquisite and smooth, with other material collocation, made Facial mask protects skin action very pretty good also, so how to contain film of face of gallinaceous egg white? What does the practice of film of face of gallinaceous egg white have? Everybody introduction is below.

How to contain film of face of gallinaceous egg white? What does the practice of film of face of gallinaceous egg white have? (1)

1, contain film of face of gallinaceous egg white

(Film of face of honey of 1) egg white

Material: Honey 20 grams (better with acacia sweet effect) , egg 1.


1, take a chopstick to knock a hole on the egg, the hole does not want too big, otherwise yoke can run.

2, present egg white Facial mask bowl stand-by.

3, the honey that joins 2 small spoon next its and egg white agitate even.

4, stick Facial mask in putting a bowl, immerse. But direct apply is on the face. Edge of the another after spread is good dips in take hairdressing fluid to brush affix in Facial mask.

5, buy can be cleaned 30 minutes namely.

Effect: Film of face of egg white honey can embellish skin is divided knit, be stationed in Yan Meirong, have nutrition whitened skin effect.

(Film of face of 2) citric egg

Material: New egg, fresh lemon juice 5 grams of 3 ~ , honey 15 grams, olive oil 10 grams.

Practice: Take new egg to infiltrate in household utensils, agitate is smooth; Join fresh lemon, honey 1, olive oil gram, smooth. Abluent face ministry, use spread of the towel that use heat, go up in the face with afore-mentioned mixture thin besmear sparsely on one, 15 ~ after 20 minutes, with clear water scour off.

Effect: The United States is white, tighten skin, enhance skin strength.

Suit skin to pledge: Outside dividing sensitive skin, other skin suits character.

(Film of face of egg white of 3) milk chicken

Material: New egg, milk small spoon

Practice: egg egg white and yoke departure, put egg white and milk Facial mask bowl together, mix is even, after clean face, use brush is in on the face on apply, after 15 minutes, wash clean with Wen Shuiqing. A week of this Facial mask can arrive on apply two times 3 times.

Effect: This Facial mask is gentle, have the beauty the effect of skin of white, embellish, suit drying skin to use particularly.

(Film of face of 4) apple egg

Material: Malic 1/4, egg 1 flour 2 spoon

Practice: Go to malic flay the nucleus is abrade the shape that become mud, egg egg white and yoke depart, later the mix in putting yoke of malic mud, chicken, flour in container is even, later get on the apply with face even film in the face, 10 ~ pour the face with Wen Shui after 20 minutes clean can.

Effect: Film of malic egg face can be protected effectively wet accuse oil, adjust skin grease balance. The skin that suits all sorts of skin to pledge is used.

2, the other action of egg Qing Dynasty

1, treat scald

Not careful by scald of water, fire the skin, if scald condition is not very grave, without the scald of large area, can be in inunction of gallinaceous egg white affected part, can have the acetanilide, antiphlogistic, effect that accelerates cut heal.

2, filter inside candy foreign matter

If brown sugar, white sugar mixed a few impurity, can boil of water of candy be in harmony, rejoin egg is clear, the impurity inside soup can rise to surface as egg white, scoop up with strainer smudgy, reoccupy gauze filters syrup, can get clean syrup namely.

3, carry shine leather shoes

Enter egg Qing Dynasty inkstone inside, grind with solid Chinese ink wear thick prepared Chinese ink, reoccupy pen dips in Chinese ink, besmear fades in leather shoes vamp the place that reachs small crack, put shoe in air of shady and cool place next, besmear again sole a shoe is oily, wipe repeatedly with the brush, vamp can become oily black shines, although by rainwater wringing also won't fade.

The leather leather such as the sofa in the home, portfolio, also can use carry bright burnish.

4, metalware cleaner

Take clean flannelette, dip in on egg Qing Dynasty relapses wipe on metalware, can get brightness is like new containers esp. for use in the house. The rubiginous mark that if add bleaching powder of on 1 spoon,washs metallic article face is smudgy perhaps, the effect will be more apparent.

5, cleared dress the chewing gum that go up

Drop the clothing department that stuck chewing gum, soak with egg white, in a way exerts oneself to do sth. knead a few, will take off take out of one by one of fallen chewing gum loose again, final bubble is in soap fluid, with clear water full can.