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What does the hairdressing effect of yoghurt have? How to contain film of yoghurt clean flour?

Yoghurt is at ordinary times a kind of drink that a lot of people love to drink, yoghurt is drunk rise flavour acid is sweet, nutrition also very rich, drink yoghurt to be able to be promoted digest, and still have hairdressing to raise colour action, the result protecting skin that yoghurt makes Facial mask also is very pretty good, so what does the hairdressing effect of yoghurt have? How to contain film of yoghurt clean flour? Everybody introduction is below.

What does the hairdressing effect of yoghurt have? How to contain film of yoghurt clean flour? (1)

1, contain film of yoghurt clean flour

1, orange yoghurt Facial mask can dispel spot

Material: 2-3 orange one cup yoghurt

Method: After paring orange skin first, in putting orange and yoghurt into juicer together, probably agitate 2-3 minute, when both and complete confluence pulpifies, OK apply is on the face. Time is 10-15 probably minute, clean clean can.

Effect: Some vitamin C are contained in orange, the melanin cell of its can very good inhibition and layer of metabolization skin base, and use yoghurt skin of medium lactic acid checkmate is OK soft change dispel, achieve the result of spot of dispel of a skin.

2, yoghurt is citric Facial mask can dispel spot

Material: Yoghurt one cup lemon

Method: We enter ready yoghurt containers esp. for use in the house in the center, cut lemon next two half, squeeze lemon juice slowly with the hand come out to drip in yoghurt, after when lemon medium juice is squeezed clean entirely, can have mix. After agitate is good, after we brush besmear to be on the face with Facial mask, 10-15 minute wash clean can.

Effect: Many vitamin C is contained in lemon, can effective inhibition, of skin base melanin, ad cool-headed with generate. And the effect that the lactic acid in Facial mask can use bate cutin, the melanin cell dispel that comes out vintage corneous cell and metabolization. Obtain a condition that improves the skin to grow spot.

3, papaya yoghurt Facial mask can dispel spot

Material: Half Chinese flowering quince one cup yoghurt

Method: We mix the skin of papaya first seed take out, in cutting papaya small to be put into juicer next, extract papaya mud, cooperate yoghurt one case mix is even. After waiting for both and complete confluence, the film that use a face is brushed brush gently go up in the face, 10-15 is washed clean after minute can.

Effect: Rich protein and amino acid are contained in papaya, when both union is together, they can decompose the cell of ageing, promote new skin cell synthesis. Not only such, it still can have depth filling water to the skin, increase cutaneous metabolism, let melanin from inside the skin, fast metabolization goes out can restrain the melanin cell in the skin metabolization, carry bright cutaneous whole glossiness, and improve the condition of skin long spot.

4, tomato yoghurt Facial mask can dispel spot

Material: A tomato one cup yoghurt

Method: We cut tomato small first, put the tomato that has cut into juicer next, with yoghurt an agitate. Wait for both and complete agitate to become mushy when, can get on its apply in the face, probably 10-15 minute can.

Effect: Rich vitamin C and tomato element are contained in tomato, vitamin C restrains melanin cell effectively to generate, and tomato element can activation the cell that the skin is damaged, increase cutaneous defence capacity, avoid melanin to invade other corneous cells in the center, and pass metabolism metabolize the melanin in the skin quickly eliminate. Achieve the result of spot of dispel of a skin.

2, the main effect of yoghurt

1, precautionary osteoporosis

Yoghurt contains vitamin D as other milk products, can prevent osteoporosis.

2, fall blood pressure

Consider to discover, in those everyday drink 2, the philtrum of portion or 3 more yoghurt, hypertensive hair ill danger compares those not drinker was reduced 50% .

3, raise immunity force

The yoghurt that contains a large number of active bacterium can help improvement lactose is not able to bear or endure, the disease such as infection of bacterium of screw of constipation, diarrhoea, enteritis, pylorus. Yoghurt can improve alvine path environment not only, still can enhance airframe immunity power.

4, infection of precautionary department of gynaecology

Consider to discover, chronic microzyme affects diabetic female patient, as long as everyday drinkable yoghurt of 200 milliliter sweet taste, can make soda acid of female private parts is worth from 6 fall to be 4.0-4.5) to 4.0(normal value, and microzyme is affected also decrease somewhat.

5, control appetite

Washington university ever had had a such research: In letting suffer the person that try to all be the food of 200 kilocalorie from the following quantity of heat optional a kind (juice of the milk that semisolid yoghurt adds flavor of a peach, yoghurt, peach, peach) edible, the result shows, hungrier than someone else feeling reduces the person that had drunk yoghurt, full bilge feeling increase.

But drinking yoghurt is a knowledge, a lot of places need to notice.