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Is skin of red blood silk thin can you wash a face? How to select clean face product?

Bai Li is fully red be the most healthy skin position, the skin of paper of some younger sister is very red, but it is insalubrious, silk of their skin red blood is unusually apparent, generally speaking, this is the expression of sensitive flesh, how should the female friend that skins like this kind nurse the skin? So, is skin of red blood silk thin can you wash a face? How to select clean face product? Will look.

Is skin of red blood silk thin can you wash a face? How to select clean face product? (1)

1, skin of red blood silk washs a face

The purpose of the purpose morning cleanness of Duan Qingjie of 1. different time depends on scour off nightly accumulated skin nature secretion, bilge and leftover late frost. Clean by day purpose reachs the skin to go up except redundant grease in Yu Qing sticky the purpose with the dirt etc clean in the evening soil that leave depends on fat of skin of complete scour off secretion and make up the mark that leave.

2. different time paragraph simultaneous clean face tastes a morning to should choose the side of relaxed, weak acidity clean that contains plant part product, but the skin that must suit oneself is qualitative. Need to spray on the skin only when cleanness by day a few make up water, use make up cotton is wiped can. Oneself suit on the besmear after clean face in the evening cutaneous plant is protected skin is tasted

3. puts an end to cold heat alternant the means protecting skin with cold alternate heat suffers praise highly fully, but also be your skin appears likely an apple of discord of red blood silk! Can skin of red blood silk wash a face with cold water? Wash face of apply of facial reoccupy cold water with hot water first, cold heat brings about blood capillary dilate very easily alternately, form facial phenomenon of red blood silk, serious still can cause facial and sensitive symptom, the person condition that itself is sensitive skin may worse. Because this suggests you wash a face with Wen Shui, the temperature of Wen Shui and skin itself is relatively adjacent, magnify of instant of pore of won't exciting skin is contractible, and can help clean skin product work better.

2, wash a face to want to notice in the winter

Wen Shui washs a face

The water that wash a face does not want too hot or too cool. A lot of people become cold as a result of weather, so the habit washs a face with hot water, but remember wanting too hot oh. The water of overheat can be complete film of shelter of clean up cutaneous, make the skin easily flabby, bring about the skin to become coarse. Too cool water Wen Youhui makes skin pore lock, do not have a law to wash the cosmetic of facial grease, remain clean. So we had better choose and warm water washs a face. Oily cutaneous is additionally beautiful fawn on people had better not use cold water, such more drama of pore jam circumstance.

The grandma that wash a face is used also want to divide period of time

In the winter wash a face in the morning, had better not use the grandma that wash a face or toilet soap, clear water is OK. Can avoid excessive cleanness to take away facial ministry grease so, make the skin drier. But wash a face to must use the grandma that wash a face in the evening again. Want an attention additionally breast of skin of embellish of the daub below wet circumstance should be returned in the skin, lest the skin is dry. Because winter air temperature is low, the absorption that the skin tastes to protecting skin also can be decelerated, we can do facial ministry to massage while daub embellish skin breeds hold, be helpful for absorbing already so, the blood that still can promote facial ministry circulates.

Reduce a number it is kingcraft

Reduce the number that wash a face. Winter weather is drier, make skin generation very easily close stretch tight. We can reduce the number that wash a face appropriately, the grease that will prevent a face to go up is less. Grease can skin to facial ministry form natural diaphragm, this is very good actually.