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What bilge is washing what the face washs? It is good that is the hand moved or clean face appearance washs a face?

Washing a face is us everyday the business that morning and evening can do, wash a face everyday, can let skin maintain clean, but wash a face to the what bilge on our face you can wash everyday? A lot of people do not know actually, we wash a face after all everyday is what to washing, so, what is washing what the face washs? What bilge is washing what the face washs? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up will look.

What bilge is washing what the face washs? It is good that is the hand moved or clean face appearance washs a face? (1)

1, those who wash a face to be washed is

We are facial and main have 3 kinds of dirt:

It is water-solubility bilge, basically include skin metabolization result, the toxin that is like skin eduction, protect skin to taste dust of fluid of remain, sweat, air to wait. This kind of bilge can be rinsed clean with clear water.

2 kinds are grease sex bilge, include remains of lotion of skin of leather fat, embellish, and waterproof cosmetic remain. This kind of bilge needs to use the organic dissolvent such as discharge makeup oil to dissolve.

3 kinds are to accumulate sexual bilge, black first class of trash of the old useless cutin of the accumulation in basically pointing to skin surface and pore, oxidation and grease. They need to use film of deep-seated and clean face or chamfer to clear character.

Make clear facial bilge, we just can have specific aim ground take clean face step.

2, the hand changes clean face analytic

The hand uses analysis of clean side dominant position: Operate expediently, neatly, easily

Using a hand to wash a face is everybody the most commonly used the clean face kind that reach, show joint can make all sorts of motions neatly, every almost facial place can accomplish effective cleanness. Grain of hand ministry cutaneous is OK and perfect at the same time joint is facial skin grain, the attrition between grain is OK still purify a few ageing are corneous. The pressure with finger additionally modest abdomen can bring to bear on to massage strength differently to different area, achieve different clean result. Of course, premise is to wash facial gimmick and strength to be not haunt, and the clean face of the choice is tasted should have enough clean power.

The hand uses analysis of clean side inferior position:

The hand uses clean side inferior position one: Clean force crosses an easy generation furrow

"Enchanter of Japanese beautiful flesh " ferry Great Master has said Zun Baiqian, we skin most the skin outside has 0.2 millimeter only, this ply imagines than us in much thinner. When washing a face, besides want skin of gentle clean eye week, other position also cannot have exerted oneself to do sth. fierce. If clean face is medium,the hand flaps or the strength of knead is too great, cause very easily thin thin cuticular accumulation, flabby, give birth to a furrow finally.

The hand uses clean side inferior position 2: Finger is excessive attrition brings a burden to skin

When a lot of people are washing a face, can chafe in spite of oneself back and forth skin, think what such washing is cleaner. But actually, clean face product just is cleanness gets a key, the beyond the mark attrition of finger can bring very great burden to skin, especially coarse finger. In Korea, the hand when many female stars wash a face does not meet a face, because their skin is special smooth, by this token is excessive attrition is adverse to skin.

The hand uses clean side inferior position 3: When washing a face ignore T region easily

When washing a face with the hand, the centre of the palm can be put in cheek place cleanness mainly, actually, more fat T area just is clean key place, and we are washed chronically two buccal, often ignore place of first class of nose ala, chin, forehead, if things go on like this, t area can become dark heavy without light.

3, the person that fits a hand to wash clean face

Analysed a hand to wash the actor bad of clean face, we do not go out inaccessibly, the strength that the hand washs and gimmick are undeserved, can make clean scale not sheer, this to oily pledging with mixture sex skin is very bad. If you are the drying skin with a less oil, and often do not make up and osculatory outside is smeary, using a hand to wash a face still is possible. But the method that wash a face must notice, had better be according to T area, nostril, chin, of forehead and cheek clean by order, nose week makes a group with circle of hand point at. Laying a massage principle is from inside outside arriving, from the bottom up, bulky to pore part should go against pore to undertake cleanness.

Mention above, drying skin can be washed with the hand, but if you are oily or mixture sex skin is qualitative, and can encounter below these circumstances, appearance of the face that use clean will be better.

4, the person of appearance of face of comfortable operable clean

1, always feel the face washs sordid skin;2, piece oil is old, the skin;3 with water lopsided oil, black head, acne, blain imprints, dark heavy skin;4, skin is compared character coarse and insufficient exquisite skin;5, use at ordinary times protect skin to taste the skin with be absorbed not quite good the;6, crowd;7 that often uses colour makeup, long-term, all day long what often cook is the office worker;8 to computer, housewife.

Clean face appearance is to use the means of high frequency vibration to achieve clean goal, it has it is OK to brush head and frequency differently switch, main support batteries will satisfy electric power requirement. Why do this kind of afore-mentioned people suit to use clean face instrument more? See clean face appearance have what actor of low quality together!

Advantage of clean face appearance one: Rotate speed is even can accuse

Product of dynamoelectric clean face can accuse equably as a result of rotate speed, can avoid a hand to as a result of,be moved every time clean strength is unwarrantable identical and excessive and clean or those who bring about is clean do not reach the designated position. Appearance of face of a lot of clean still has different rotate speed to be able to offer an alternative, ensure different skin pledges Dou Qingjie reachs the designated position.

Advantage of clean face appearance 2: . But thorough pore cleanness

Of product of dynamoelectric clean face brush wool to choose fiber material to pledge mostly, tenacity is taller, its diameter should be less than the size of average pore, the bilge grease inside because this can be thorough clean pore, also won't harm the skin meanwhile. At this o'clock pattern of common clean range is accomplished hard, pore is exquisite nevertheless, the girl that does not have any skin problems is done not have necessary appearance of use clean face.

Advantage of clean face appearance 3: Can be aimed at T giving oil effectively area

The handle of clean face appearance and the collocation that brush a head, can more effective be aimed at area of T giving oil, and beardless concern uses hand clean face and put clean face emphasis to delicate cheek place. Wait for corner place to nose ala chin, clean face appearance also can well cleanness arrives, avoid to be washed sordidly thereby and your color of skin not all.

Editor proposal, summertime skin gives oil much, very easy cleanness is not complete, clean face appearance is a good choice, but appearance of use clean face also has skill, accurate clean face instrument introduces to use measure for you below:

Step1: The clear water that uses clean strokes Facial mask gently, let facial and wet.

Step2: Face of will right amount clean of defence of clean face product is brushed on, face of try out clean brushs cleanness.

Step3: Begin cleanness from forehead, gently, slowly mobile brush turns with little scope a means.

Step4: Arrive down T word area next cheek place.

5, beer hairdressing small doohickey

1. beer washs a face

Join a few beer in Wen Shui directly, ego of both hands of the reoccupy after be being washed is massaged, till facial badge is small aglow till.

Effect: Make skin burnish glorious bouncy. After thinking beer washs a face, can touch flavour of a suit wine, be thought by accident mouth wine. Need not worry actually, after beer washs a face, with generalization makeup water or bright skin water pat a face. The cream of be used to is used when Tu Shangping again, light beer flavour also can be done not have.

Bath of 2. beer bubble

Method: Beer and water with 1: The scale mix into of 2 enters bath crock, bubble bath 20 minutes.

Effect: Conciliatory mood and raise Yan Meirong. Below the action of beer steam, we can feel pressure whole pass the time in a leisurely way, fluctuate all over inarticulate is relaxed.

Tips: Those who use Europe is full-bodied model beer, the effect is best. Because carbonate is not contained inside it.

Film of 3. beer face

Method: 3 minutes will be made an appointment with in beer of immerge of the one gauze that use cotton, twist gauze gently next, spread out apply to 30 minutes are in on the face.

Effect: Alimentary skin, stimulative metabolism. The snake in beer is pitted it is a kind of refrigerant, have the effect that prevents whelk, still can cause skin closely, contractible pore. Hold to weekly 1-2 second apply to use beer Facial mask, the pore that can let our face go up is contractible, skin compares a day one day smoother bouncy.

Tips: Can immerse gauze in beer repeatedly, those who maintain gauze is wet. Irritability skin wants careful use this.