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Can hormone face use Facial mask? What does hormone face protect skin to notice?

Hormone face is a kind of common skin disease, because blind was used,have friend of a lot of females in recent years a few contain hormone protect skin to taste, brought about skin to become hormone face, the constituent harm with hormone normal to skin face is very great, the patient needs to be treated with medicine, also cannot use protect skin to taste, so, can hormone face use Facial mask? What does hormone face protect skin to notice? Will look.

Can hormone face use Facial mask? What does hormone face protect skin to notice? (1)

1, do not suggest to use Facial mask

To healthy skin, weekly periodic apply Facial mask, can promote hypodermic small loop, accelerate metabolic, powerful effect compensatory skin moisture and nutrient, have to skin nurse well the effect. we know the skin protective screen of hormone face patient is attaint

At this moment apply Facial mask is about some more careful, because skin is too flimsy, resistance is extremely low, the certain part in Facial mask can stimulate the skin that has been damaged originally, aggravating symptom. Did not add the more the more the elite inside natural Facial mask not only absorb repair not the skin, can repel instead, phenomenon of allergy of occurrence holiday sex. A lot of darling can feel Facial mask is bad, the skin that is you actually is in the condition of damage all the time! If use the Facial mask that contains hormone carelessly, can cause the skin stronger to the dependence of hormone, treat hard; If use the Facial mask that contains heavy metal carelessly, besides original hormone face symptom, can appear the symptom with a few ad cool-headed pigment.

Do not suggest so film of face of apply of hormone face patient. After the skin treats stability again apply Facial mask is the safest.

2, hormone face notices with Facial mask

The Facial mask of white, rehabilitate, dispel blain cannot use beauty of 1 quick result

Majority contains hormone or heavy metal is added, much wool, acne, pore can appear to greaten after be being used for a long time wait for a symptom! Cause the skin sensitive and flimsy cost off a skin is aglow, cause hormone to depend on accentuation.

The 2 import side film that do not have Chinese label cannot be used

National cosmetic label administers a regulation, the cosmetic of the entrance kind, in the product bag mount makes clear all part that add in indicative product and Chinese standard name. Those do not have the Facial mask of Chinese designation, it is homebred more very 3 without the product, it is to do not go up 3 card can be sold only, cater to consumer to buy what import the psychology of the product and arise.

The Facial mask proposal of 3 petty gain should be not used

The personage inside course of study explodes makings say, in the manufacturing process of normal Facial mask, choose what cheap raw material makes protect wet noodle film to be about even work area makings 5 yuan or so, actual retail price is in to make sure accrual is met the 10 times above of raw material cost! Can calculate so what know those manufacture in a rough way is cheap cost of true raw material is less than Facial mask 1 piece at all. So these Facial mask cannot be used more.

4 do not abuse film

The skin of everybody differs character, those who have drying, oily, of mix up sex, of sensitivity etc. Filling water foundation chooses as far as possible when choosing Facial mask model, use those who have safe label as far as possible, film of face of pure plant type, without what add. The Facial mask that not makes these multifarious got chance, must seek the hairdressing guidance that has major!

3, prevent bask in a note

1, Spf cost is higher, prevent bask in time to grow more. Spf value, i.e. is prevented bask in coefficient, such computation come out: Skin of person of average the yellow race can keep out sunshine on average 15 minutes and not by burnable, so of use Spf15 defend ultraviolet smooth articles for use, have about 225 minutes (Spf15 of 15 minutes of × ) prevent bask in time. Nurse daily, go out shop, shop can choose Spf5-8 prevent bask in things, spf10-15 can choose when go on a journey plays outside prevent bask in things. The water proofing property that Spf20-30 uses when swim or doing sunbathe is prevented bask in things.

2, Spf is worth cannot cumulative. Besmear of two Spf10 prevent bask in frost, have the protective effect of a Spf10 only.

3, cannot face go out ability Tu Fang basks in frost. Prevent like basking in frost to follow the general articles for use that protect skin, need proper time ability to be skinned absorb. So, the 10-20 before going out minute should Tu Fang basks in frost, and it is good to go 30 minutes should besmearing before beach.

4, prevent bask in frost cannot going up makeup before use.

5, prevent on besmear bask in frost not to make clear everything is just fine. Prevent normally bask in frost to be every square in quantity of the daub on the skin centimeter when 2 milligram, ability is achieved prevent duely bask in the effect.

6, the things of bubble clean face with more powerful force of oily clean of skin appropriate choice and permeate the ability in swimming with more powerful force to prevent bask in things; Of the clean face things that drying skins appropriate chooses lacteal sex and frost shape prevent bask in things; Neuter skin does not have strict regulation commonly.