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How long is the time that wash a face normal? It how long wash a face to wash is good to wash a face?

We everyday the cutaneous that morning and evening is meeting him cleanness, when washing a face, the time of paper of some younger sister expends many a little bit, and the time of paper of some younger sister is expended a few longer, so how long is the time that wash a face normal? Paper of a lot of younger sister can feel time Yue Jiuyue is good, actually this is incorrect notion, so, how long is washing a face to want to wash ability right? Look together.

How long is the time that wash a face normal? It how long wash a face to wash is good to wash a face? (1)

1, wash a face 2 minutes best

The hair does not meet a face. The hair often should be cleaned, otherwise grease of scalp nature excretive can affect facial skin, bring about long blain, stain. Expert proposal, when the home, can plunge into the horsetail plait of a Song Song, make the hair maintains at the back of ear, do not let bang come up against forehead as far as possible at ordinary times.

Wash a face at least 2 minutes. When washing a face, cannot get through hastily, should wash 2 minutes at least every time. Can produce the effect that cleanness of the grandma that wash a face skins truly so.

Clean a pillowcase every week. When sleeping, the can direct flyblown pillow such as fluid of saliva, sweat and dander and sheet, cause bug of bacterium, mite. Accordingly, clean a pillowcase with hot water every week at least, issue insolation in the sun next. Additional, the sheet should be cleaned every week change, the pillow wants inside and outside to often flap up and down, cleanness of these facial to maintaining skin are very important.

Do not touch a face at will. England Beisaisida newest research discovers countrywide healthy institute, people feels common thing on average 3.3 times hourly, feel a face to be as high as 3.6 times however. If the bacterium is contained on the hand, infect a face very easily to go up accordingly, bring about long blain to wait. Batch hair, knead eye, sneeze these actions make a person very easily involuntary come up against a face, because this wants to notice all the more, wash his hands even frequently at ordinary times.

Face of hot water evaporate. When washing a hot bath, vapour can make pore is opened, stimulative skin blood pressure circulates, conduce to skin nature rehabilitate. Cooperate to massage again right now, the effect is better. Besides, still can pour hot water in washbasin at ordinary times, use vapour to fume a face.

2, the food that fights consenescence

1. on the west orchid

Orchid is contained on the west fight oxide vitamin C and carotene richly, had been confirmed to be fight anile food best, its quality of a material is delicious, digest easily, to protecting blood also have profit.

2. earthnut

Pleasant of earthnut sex flavour, smooth, can be good at lienal with the stomach, embellish lung is expectorant, still can beneficial gas is hemostatic, use at lienal empty angular and feed little lack of power, earthnut can prevent a variety of cholesterol kind disease, return endotoxin of can cleared body at the same time, defer anile happening.

3. emperor female if really

Rich vitamin is contained among holy female fruit, can defer consenescence, reduce the generation of furrow, the female friends that say to love the United States so can take holy daughter to use hairdressing if really more, to raising Yan Fei constant helpful.

4. crucian carp fish

Many protein is contained among cruelly oppress, and cruelly oppress is plain boiled pork, won't get fat, person one get fat looks very old mannish, and eat cruelly oppress to be able to have very wonderful figure not only, the skin that still can let us is better and better, and fish eating crucian carp has combat knitted effect.

5. prawn

Shrimp is the food that we often eat, rich shrimp green element is contained inside shrimp, shrimp green element is the nature that is discovered by the mankind up to now is powerful fight one of oxidation element, what what it has is cleared it is OK that the effect of freedom radical does not have other provision of compare.

6. bean curd

Soja is made and bean curd is become, also won't add other things, soja is called to be natural by people all the time fight anile medicaments, because a kind of material that calls different yellow ketone is contained among soja, have fight anile biologic active tremendously, say we eat bean curd at ordinary times so, drinking soya-bean milk is OK of counteractive consenescence.