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How does the skin accuse oilier to do more? Wash a face to go oily effect how?

If skin water oil is lopsided, give oil very easily, flesh of outermost layer of skin is affected exceedingly beautiful, still have be skin health, all over the face the impression that glossy gives a person is bad also, although we know flesh of outermost layer of skin wants to accuse oil, but paper of some younger sister is to accuse to jump over oil more however, so, how does the skin accuse oilier to do more? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up will look.

How does the skin accuse oilier to do more? Wash a face to go oily effect how? (1)

1, accuse oilier how to do more

Error one: Wash the face can go glossy

The key that controls oil actually is filling water, outside the besides oil of strong adjusting control effect when choosing to control oily product, return what must consider product itself to ensure wet result, provide skin only measurable not of oiliness moist protect wet, recuperate skin the groove that balances to water oil, ability true notice sternly fastens glossy. Accordingly, must not again excessive wash a face, because this will make skin gland more big,the quantity secretes grease, this is the skin gives the reason with more serious oil.

Error 2: Drying skin need not fight glossy

Drying skin just as its name implies, lack the skin of moisture and grease namely necessarily, because of this drying cutaneous MM won't be gone out oily worry for certain. Actually, this also is an error, in the domain that makes up in major, appeal to without oil beg cent to be accuse oil and fight glossy. Accuse oil well-known be recuperate skin property from skin depth, achieve water oil to balance, achieve result accusing oil thereby. Apparent drying skin did not control oily demand, but drying skin can get likewise however the worry of glossy.

Be in especially sorching summer, because get the influence of the element such as tail gas of outside air, dirt, car, air conditioning, radiate, our cutaneous pore is met gradually jam, because this is oily without giving thought to or mixture sex or drying skin, can be perplexed almost by glossy. Accordingly, drying cutaneous MM also cannot carelessness, although do not need to accuse oil, but the purify of glossy is necessary still.

Error 3: Oil absorption paper can be effective go glossy

As similar as the result that washs a face often, use often of paper of oil absorption face, same meeting causes the water oily unbalance of skin, bring about an oil to send severe case more thereby. Accordingly, oil absorption paper can serve as lash-up to use only, and cannot become convention to protect skin. Usually one day had better not use more than 2 pieces oil absorption paper.

Error 4: Convergent pore gives oil natural meeting decreases

Grease is pore be endocrine, so pore is small, give oily natural also meeting to decrease. This kind of understanding also is assume sth as a matter of course, below the misdirect of this kind of error, a lot of MM try to use the astringent that contains alcohol part to make up water, the hope achieves the result that dominates oil through contractive pore. But actually, this kind of practice is act in a way that defeats one's purpose. Make up water can rise to contract temporarily really the action of pore, but use for a long time certain the makeup that contains part of powerful effect astringent water is easy however block pore. At this moment, grease still can be secreted likewise, just did not achieve skin appearance, time grew, with respect to assemble collect toxin and bacterium, cambium gives not poor blain blain, black head, it is adipose bead even. Accordingly, give oil to decrease and causing afore-mentioned problems also is very not worth.

Error 5: Late frost too massiness can vacate oily more serious

MM often dare use oily cutaneous not quite late frost, because late frost compares massiness, often give a person with fat feeling. This also is a kind of misunderstanding. Consider to discover, sebaceous glands is more active in night. Accordingly, MM should choose oily cutaneous in the late evening the late frost that has specific aim, so that check oil effectively,secrete. MM must have held oily cutaneous the superexcellent in the evening opportunity that protect skin, in order to reduce diurnal skin surface glossy, alleviate other skin issues.

2, easy long stain skin

Error: No matter composition abuses dispel spot product

Skin of some person day peltry grow spot more easily, inscribe questioningly because of individual body in those days, the heat inside general deficiency of yin with irritability constitution is easier occurrence endocrinopathy grows a spot easily thereby. If be used blindly because of the part that consider fast dispel spot and ignores beautiful white product, can be the skin that achieve a result quickly and gives oneself probably to cause the harm that cannot rescue.

Walk out of an error:

1, adjust the endocrine of oneself is first link, notice to want delicate food at ordinary times, avoid eats hot food.

2, even special note discharge makeup problem, rudimental colour makeup can produce chemical reaction through sun illuminate, form shading easily.

3, ingredient of white product of accurate knowledge beauty, beautiful white effect play arrives best!

4, fruit is acerbity now kind of beautiful white product is very popular, but this kind of product had better be used in evening, in order to avoid the stimulation that days causes because of ultraviolet ray.