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Can egg Facial mask go black head? Can egg Facial mask go black head?

Major person may have the problem of black head, and the problem of black head is to compare scabrous, regular meeting of classics of a lot of people is used go black head bazoo is stuck, still some people can abstain a few film to come purify black head, e.g. egg Facial mask, Facial mask does the egg to also go to the lavatory quite, can film of that egg face go black head? Can egg Facial mask go black head?

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1, egg Facial mask goes black head

Place of nose of apply of gallinaceous egg white, can rise to go really the action of black head, but must notice use egg Qing Dynasty goes black head when, cannot wear Qing Dynasty in order to let had kept long time on the face, because such very possible meetings make the skin lacks moisture content, and going must be being used after black head a few, the thing of contractive pore.

2, go how is film of face of black head egg used

1, the new egg with prepare good, hit in clean container, leave yoke and egg white cent;

2, then reoccupy provides those who have effect of deep-seated clean skin to go breast of face of black head clean, wash the face adequately clean;

3, be in egg white apply the place that has black head, time is average 15 minutes enough;

4, those who need everybody to notice is, egg white goes ten million of film of black woman's head-ornaments cannot be washed with water, waited to be done in vain then in that way, black head pulls out impossibly come, when wanting to taking the advantage of Facial mask to work, gently tear down thoroughly, black head ability follows Facial mask to run.

3, the egg is clear why can hairdressing

1, the vitamin B2 that contains in egg Qing Dynasty, can maintain metabolism exuberant epithelial update normally, can prevent the skin dry Sao itchs

2, egg Qing Dynasty has diminish inflammation to fight bacterium, acetanilide, prevent the cut of fester, heal, action such as heat preservation.

3, the pantothenic acid that contains in egg Qing Dynasty, have stimulative hair second birth, prevent scratchy the action with trichomadesis, have prevent the skin the coarse, effect that removes petty wrinkle.

4, what human body place contains to need in egg Qing Dynasty is all and indispensible amino acid, for complete protein, it is the main composition composition of the organization such as human body skin, muscle, hair, plasma.

5, the nicotinic acid that contains in egg Qing Dynasty, the skin that can prevent be caused by of solar sex dermatitis is coarse, add thick.

6, rich sticky protein is contained inside egg Qing Dynasty, stick together of quality of a material, make Facial mask lotion with its, can make facial skin take up, remove wrinkle, make the skin keeps stretch.

7, the iron that contains in egg Qing Dynasty, can enhance hematopoiesis function. The skin is moist from the nutrition that a need obtains in enough blood, flix also can grow normally accordingly.

8, egg Qing Dynasty can expand layer of moist skin cutin, make pore outspread, promote facial blood circulation, enhance what the skin reachs biology active factor to nutrient material to absorb.

4, go black head note

1, cleared black head is easier, but meeting reappear is returned after black head is cleared, so, using cleanness of the bacterium of high grade curb grandma that wash a face and excretive of use control grease to protect skin to taste everyday is necessary.

2, squeeze with the hand go the method of black head is not recommended commonly. Affect easily, cause scar, make pore can become bigger more.

3, black head derives fluid and bazoo are stuck go the principle of black head is same, come out through sticking the action of glue to get black head. Better to big, strong black head result. Although just was done,a lot of bulky pore stay when black head, won't harm the skin commonly. But small black head often is done do not come out. Cannot reduce black head generate.

4, the form of a kind of expression that black head often is acne, if black head is much and have acne, was about to be handled according to the method that treats acne.

5, if you use cleanness of the curb bacterium grandma that wash a face everyday, but there still are a lot of black heads on the face, the strength of cleanness of the grandma that wash a face that shows you is insufficient, should change the grandma washing a face with gentle and clean good strength. It is OK that we are recommended apothecary of use Bo Wei will cooperate purify of clean face breast this kind of black head

6, cooperate amino pickling face to suckle with lukewarm bath face, go black head is easier. But appear " red blood silk " the skin does not wash a face with hot water.

7, clean while be used at the same time even or other accuse oil and correct the product that unusual corner turns wool bursa, effect a permanent cure of take temporary solution.