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Wash a face to still wash a face to had been brushed with clean face appearance? Wash a face how to wash safety wholesome?

Where is the skin that how cleans us? If skin was not washed clean, so skin problem is met following one by one, the cleanness of skin is the fundamental job that protects skin, there still is clean face tool to be able to be used on market now, say clean face appearance for example, clean face is brushed, so, wash a face to still wash a face to had been brushed with clean face appearance? Wash a face how to wash safety wholesome? Will look.

Wash a face to still wash a face to had been brushed with clean face appearance? Wash a face how to wash safety wholesome? (1)

1, wash a face to brush conduce chamfer to pledge

Wash a face hotly to brush greatly at present, be amounted to by many hairdressing person is " the god that wash a face implement " , said to use wash a face to brush can go not only corneous, still can let complexion look " ruddy luster " . Is the fact really such?

The reporter discovers in the search that clean out treasure, one washs a face to brush so-called " brush wool to be able to contact the skin and pore deep more than finger, purify bilge while can purify cutin layer " . Additional, "Brush hair measurable to cutaneous stimulation resembles doing facial SPA every day, stimulative blood circulates, help lymphatic platoon poison, as time passes can change complexion is ruddy luster. " in addition, a few it is so-called still and OK to wash a face to brush yield skin water profit, become young. And these prices that wash a face to brush differ to hundreds of yuan from a few yuan of money.

To this, li Anrui of director of dermatological department of hospital visitting capital points out, from theoretic tell, it is OK to wash a face to brush to going cutin and decontamination have certain effect. But the other effect as to conduct propaganda, li Anrui expresses, do not have exact evidence to make clear, wash a face to brush have protect so-calledly wet, combat the effect such as consenescence.

He still reminds, wash a face to brush also should choose according to oneself skin character. Carry out a proof, harder brush Mao Kuo to add up to grease to secrete exuberant oily with mixture sex skin, drying skin does not need to the requirement of clean force too tall, can choose to brush the brush with softer wool.

2, face-lifting of pattern of the tool that wash a face

Besides wash a face to brush, have the numerous tool that wash a face early actually in the market sale, what demon taro is washed Yan Mian, dynamoelectric towel of rice of the appearance of face of the clean that wash a face, sponge that wash a face, accept... many products claim besides can wash the face neatlier, still have fight knit, protect wet etc " divine effect " .

Yan Mian is washed in taro of a demon in product introduction, the reporter sees, sell the home to say " use fiber of plant of San of pure natural San , do not contain antiseptic, chemical additive, composition causes stimulation not easily to the skin blandly; Use everyday wash a face to massage can balance value of skin soda acid, strengthen chamfer qualitative, fight knit the effect, glossiness of promotion face ministry " .

Another dynamoelectric the utter a word selling the home of appearance of face of the clean that wash a face says, use effect 4 times at common and clean means, outside the action that pledges besides chamfer, still can make skin " smooth and exquisite, carry bright color of skin " , say can " the professional composition that protect skin permeates stimulative follow-up, effective enlarge protects skin product effect " .

To these products " effect claims " , li Anrui points out, a lot of so called " effect " it is advertisement conduct propaganda only just. He emphasizes, all sorts of products that wash a face, its main effect namely " wash a face " just, the action of common towel also is " wash a face " .

Common towel is washed the face is the safest

The traditional towel that wash a face is in all sorts of gods washing a face of tide implement before it seems that be outnumbered, so, does traditional towel want to discard really?

The skin of a lot of people is sensitive nowadays, also have higher demand to all sorts of tools that wash a face, so many so called " the god that wash a face implement " so-called safer, suit sensitive skin more.

Li Anrui points out, choose which kinds of tool that wash a face, still get the requirement according to each one. Economic condition good, pursuit is fashionable and comfortable person, can choose the price to wash new product high according to his circumstance, and the person that economic condition is differred, with common towel can. Tell from safe angle, common towel is opposite the safest.

3, the knowledge that the United States protects skin in vain

The beautiful white knowledge that protect skin

Want to learn to massage facial ministry. What we should make massage face department above all is the olive oil that chooses to suit his or oil of essence of life protects skin to taste, gently each point that massage him face ministry. Follow actually wash a face about the same, what differ exclusively is the gimmick when massaging should be upgrade, gently with show the abdomen is pushed, in order to achieve the result of promotion face ministry.

The United States protects skin knowledge in vain 2

Can choose some of chrysanthemum, rose, citric, green tea, one bubbly water is drunk when tea drink. Moisten the respiratory tract of chrysanthemum clear fire, rose beautiful Bai Yangyan, citric beautiful Bai Qingshuang, green tea is radiation-proof, cleared body endotoxin.

The United States protects skin knowledge in vain 3

Attribute the rightest kind that wash a face with the lukewarm bath face that is close to temperature. What the attention needs when clean skin is not only the dirty thing that wants purify face to go up, think method opens pore even, only such ability are helpful for what nurture pledges absorbing. Want purify of every period of time the skin is corneous.

The United States protects skin knowledge in vain 4

Self-restrained go to yellow beauty flour film. After choosing pink of pink of the seed of Job's tears, gram pink, the root of Dahurian angelica, honey, milk to mediate, tu Yu is facial, make an appointment with the scour off after 20 minutes. Summertime cucumber is more, OK still will thin thin cucumber piece, stick at facial, have the effect very much to stain especially. Can use everyday.

The United States protects skin knowledge in vain 5

Summertime tomato is very much, tomato contains Vc to abound, and it is to go spot ace, everyday as far as possible have tomato, eat raw for instance, fry, perhaps making soup edible is pretty good, have profit in vain to preventing ultraviolet beauty absolutely. Additional, the summer should the vegetable fruit of season is not little also, can eat some of aubergine, wax gourd, balsam pear, watermelon, grape, pear to wait more. Have some of high fever less tall adipose thing, after all this kind of thing takes to go against the body to discharge poison more.