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How should be film of egg white face done protect skin? Film of face of honey egg white protects skin way

Face film is OK also oneself do, resemble the Facial mask of a few DIY, the result protecting skin that oneself do also very won't poor, of course you must want how to do Facial mask to nurse below understanding the skin, egg white also can make Facial mask, so, how should be film of egg white face done protect skin? Actor actors or actress below small make up solve faces of next honey egg white for everybody what is film protects skin way.

How should be film of egg white face done protect skin? Film of face of honey egg white protects skin way (1)

1, the practice of film of egg white face

1, honey egg white Facial mask

Egg white adds honey, superexcellent natural Facial mask. Modulation when OK and nominal a few stiffer, even apply face while ministry giving a face is done do massage, have the effect of invigorate the circulation of blood. Stick except bilge, tighten solid skin. Before making up, do, can defer makeup. After also can doing the skin to get hurt urgent nurse.

Material: New egg, honey small spoon

Make a way: Take egg white sufficient agitate, to all foamy, join honey, continue agitate divide evenly is become namely.

Usage: Tu Yu is facial, make its natural and dry, reoccupy clear water is abluent, often can use.

2, sweet vinegar egg white Facial mask

The method that make: Will new egg [2] inside an immerge vinegar, 72 hours of fish out, take egg white to reserve. Face every night before sleeping, besmear with egg white face, wash with clear water after film waiting for a face is dry clean, a week two.

Effect: This Facial mask results from " ancon is mothball urgent square " , bright egg makes the acetic egg that often says now inside immerge vinegar. This law is taken go knitting with skin of egg white embellish, vinegar is antiseptic fine skin, and be good at treating facial acne, shading.

3, pearl egg white Facial mask

Material: Pearl powder 10 grams, egg 1.

Practice: Take the egg white of an unripe egg, 10 grams pearl powder and egg white mix are even.

Usage: Facial mask even Tu Yu is facial, escape eye ministry and labial ministry; besmear as far as possible a bit thicker, wait for 15-20 wash after minute, a week is done twice.

4, olive oil egg Facial mask

Material: Egg 1, citric half, olive oil is right amount, saline a few.

Practice: The egg break up, juice that adds half citric capacity, will thick salt, olive oil mixes together divide evenly, on Tu Yu face can.

Effect: This is one fights the film that crease a face. Face of a week apply 1 ~ 2, want to perserve only, not only anti-creasing, still can promote cutaneous smooth.

2, how does the summer protect skin to maintain

Face of apply of 1. watermelon skin

If be slight skin only,bask in, one that when suggest skin of watermelon of big housekeeping money is white comes apply face. Because B of rich vitamin A, vitamin and vitamin C are contained in watermelon skin, and these are the nutrient that maintain skin health and moist place to need entirely. And moisture of watermelon skin itself is enough, can be skin urgent filling water.

2. puts milk apply face on the ice

Apply of the milk that use ice is basking in the place of the injury, can alleviate quickly what after basking in, skin is glowing with ache, next reoccupy cold water rushs, again condensation of the rehabilitate after daub is basked in. Milk iced effect returns beautiful.

3. dandelion apply

Material: Dandelion 30 grams, mother chrysanthemum 20 grams or unripe garden burnet, purslane each 30 grams

Course of action: Above material uses water fry in shallow oil, affected part of the Shi Fu after decoct liquid cooling, daily potion, every time half an hour, daily 3 come 4 times, till the symptom is reduced or till heal.

4. lavender essence is oily Facial mask

First lavender sweet oil aing kind of sweet grass and bottom oil mix together, morning and evening each will besmear is on wounded skin. OK and slow the ache that basks in, quicken cutaneous rehabilitation, OKer and moist dry the skin that lacks water.

5. contains cucumber scale film

fresh cucumber slice, immerge milk, put freezer cold storage next, stick on the face again, can remove antiphlogistic, aplomb, reduce insolation injury.

6. Huangbai is green black mixing batter

Material: Huang Bai, young black

Course of action: Grind the Huang Bai that waits for a portion, Qing Dai delicate last stage, reoccupy balm is moved into mushy besmear affected part, daily two.