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Does honey wash a face what to effect there is? What does honey wash a face to should notice?

Honey is in the life a kind very common nourishing model maintain article, friend of a lot of females likes to drink honey water, because drink honey water to have profit to the body, and still can protect skin to raise colour, so honey is very beneficial to female friend. Actually honey besides can drink besides, still can use wash a face. So does honey wash a face what to effect there is? What does honey wash a face to should notice?

Does honey wash a face what to effect there is? What does honey wash a face to should notice? (1)

1, honey washs a face to have what effect

Honey washs a face to be able to discharge poison to raise Yan Yongfeng honey to wash a face to be able to remove a poison to raise colour, the effect that removes facial ministry bacterium.

Honey washs a face but the crowd with moist skin dry skin, when washing a face at ordinary times, 2 ~ drip in the water that wash a face 3 honey, the bedew in the process that wash a face is all and facial flap slightly again, massage facial a few minutes, insist for a long time to be able to make skin becomes bright and clean, delicate.

Honey washs a face OK and exquisite skin washs a face to be able to make the skin exquisite with honey, because the amino acid that can be absorbed by human body in great quantities, enzymatic, hormone, vitamin and saccharide are contained in honey,this is, have nourishing the hairdressing action that protects skin. Add with honey 2, after 3 times water is attenuant, daily apply face, can make skin shining, delicate.

Honey washs a face to be able to knit honey + apple + butterfat. malic boil, dolly, join honey and butterfat, both mix is even, make film of Cheng Runfu face cream, before sleeping, brush with dry soft brush in facial, undertake massage slowly, after about 30 minutes of natural airing, with clear water scour off, every week 2. Make you skin clean is like jade.

Honey washs a face to be able to contract pore honey + yoghurt. Mix a cup of yoghurt and a cup of honey together, next even ground daub is on the face, wash with clear water after 15 minutes clean, can have the effect of apparent contractive pore.

2, honey washs a face what to should notice

Honey washs a face to have moist with antiseptic action, with will wash a face to be able to make the skin becomes exquisite, dispel spot, protect wet wait for effect, and natural material washs a face to won't create a burden to the skin, but the element as a result of honey is extremely fine, be absorbed very easily by the skin. Accordingly, the frequency that washs a face with honey everyday shoulds not be more than 2 times, create the problem that pore jams easily otherwise.

Honey washs a face to need to clean honey to although can prevent the skin,wash a face thoroughly the effect such as spot of dry, dispel, however because honey element is extremely fine, when washing a face with honey so, notice to must be cleaned thoroughly, the redundant element remain that does not let honey remain is on the face.

Honey washs the true measure of facial hairdressing

The first pace is before clean face first abluent oneself both hands. Because be in the process of clean face, both hands is skin of ministry of direct contact face of things of ministry of already clean face. If both hands ungodliness, can make so that the bacterium on the hand enters skin pore directly medium.

The 2nd pace makes wet face department with both hands, make the temperature that facial ministry gets used to water. Paper of a lot of younger sister pays no attention to the importance with warm water of the moment that wash a face, some person graph save trouble, wash person of facial; some to think he is oily skin with cold water directly, the oily dirty that should get on the face with very hot water ability is abluent. Actually these are wrong viewpoints, accurate method is to use Wen Shui.

The 3rd pace takes right amount clean face to breed in control, both hands knead, make the grandma that wash a face bubbles adequately in control. This are paper of a lot of younger sister also often carelessly little detail, if clean face breast removes foam inadequately, not only effect of short of cleanness, return meeting remain to cause whelk inside pore.

The 4th pace wants bubble besmear to hit a circle to massage gently later on the face, not too forcibly, lest produce furrow. Massage the left and right sides 15 times probably, let bubble pervade whole and facial.

After the 5th pace is massaged with clean face breast, can clean. A few females are afraid of wash sordid, swab with towel emphatically, such doing very bad to delicate skin.

The 6th pace is cleaned end, you may think the process that washs a face had been finished entirely, be not actually such. Look in the mirror even the examination allots the clean side that whether there is remain all round border to breed.

The 7th pace derives right amount honey arrives in control, honey of both hands knead, if feel the younger sister paper with too stiff honey, can touch bit of water general honey with finger a little attenuant, next both hands is in facial hit a circle to massage outwards up. Use after 5 minutes after Wen Shui is abluent, make protecting skin follow-uply to taste maintain directly the job is OK.

3, honey has what effect

1, restore exhaustion: In all natural food, cerebrum nerve yuan the energy of place demand is in honey content is highest. The fructose in honey, dextrose can be absorbed very quickly to apply by the body, improve nutrient condition of blood. Usage: Morning and evening water of a cup of honey.

2, promote digest: Study a proof, honey has to gastric bowel function adjust action, it is normal to can make hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is secreted. Animal experiment confirms, honey has the effect that enhances alvine peristalsis, can shorten significantly defecate time. So tipple honey water is promoted effectively digest, have favorable effect to colonitis, chronic constipation.

3, embellish lung: Honey has the lung of antiphlogistic, make expectoration easy, embellish, effect that relieve a cough, loquat relieves a cough sweetly the effect is optimal. Usage: Xue Li, cut chip to mix honey eats, daily number second.

4, see alcoholic drink: The fructose that a kind of most unripe fruit does not have is contained in honey composition, it can advance the become divided of alcohol to absorb, be helpful for meteoric sober up consequently, remove the head keenly feel after drinking. Usage: The biscuit bread that 50 grams honey or honey of a few besmear take before drinking, water of drunken drink honey.

5, the nerve that lets hearten rests: The dextrose in honey, vitamin, magnesian, phosphor, calcium can recuperate neurological function, reduce nerve serious, advance sleep. The depression that and honey does not have other medicaments place has, tired, take the deputy effect such as the god. The sober function of malic honey is most crackajack. Usage: Honey of the spoonful before sleeping every night.

6, cure is abiogenesis and traumatic: The acidity after candy of honey take out is divided is equal at vinegar, can make the bacterium cannot live in traumatic place. Even if does not have a bacteria, below its effect, traumatic strut, painful degree can be reduced greatly, still can eliminate gone muscle, quicken traumatic heal. Usage: With 10% ~ the sweet juice rinse of 15% is traumatic, wrap up with pure sweet alter.

7, comfort skin: It can supply skin nutrient to let skin have flexibility, can be exterminated or restrain adherent the bacterium in skin surface, the pigment that still can eliminate skin is sober, advance epithelial tissue second birth. Honey can nutrient skin, cure pain, still can rise to skin at ordinary times maintain the effect. Usage: Spoonful honey attends in spoonful grape juice, attend face of grape juice honey turns into film after flour is smooth.