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It how oily skin accuses oil to should make gift is good that oily skin accuses oil to should make gift? Does oily skin accuse oil what to method there is?

The skin of everybody is different, to the person of oily skin, good least of all those who spend is the summer, because of the summer when, skin gives oil exceedingly easily, resemble cropland of a lard simply, then you know to oily skin charges oily means, below, introduce the method accusing oil of oily skin to old furniture body, we look together.

It how oily skin accuses oil to should make gift is good that oily skin accuses oil to should make gift? Does oily skin accuse oil what to method there is?

1, oily skin charges oily means

1, clean of cold hot water

Summer, most person can use cold bath face, and once sensory skin gives oil to be able to use water to clean immediately, if you also use same means clean area, what can let you only is facial fatter and fatter, and the rate that gives oil is rapidder and rapidder. Reason one, the clean power of cold water is insufficient, do not take away facial grease effectively, and use cold water cleanness for many times facial, can be taken away facial more moisture, let grease secrete speed to accelerate at the same time.

When clean face, we had better use cold hot water alternant clean face, wen Shui and clean face product are used in first time, and use cold water the 2nd times to help skin tighten up face, can prevent skin to give oil so.

2, deep-seated cleanness

After washing incompact stretch tight, it is clean first requirement absolutely. The leather fat of skin is by nerve Xi amine is mixed NMF is natural protect wet factor place to form, itself is best natural defence protective screen, accordingly clean product is when scour off bilge, did not destroy fat of this defence skin, ability maintains the corneous and sufficient capacity that defend water, occupy statistic nevertheless, air temperature every rise 1 ℃ , the exudation of leather fat measures facial ministry to be able to increase 15% , be in especially during entering summer, face the glossy of sticky be bored with of irritated the dead, the time of cleanness of hard to avoid passed a head, the skin that lets T word place instead becomes water oil is lopsided, grease secretes an amount more climb upgrade quickly litre. Accuse water gentle and clean strength, it is the beginning that accuses oil.

3, defend wet filling water

Most skin gives the reason with serious oil, because the skin lacks water,be, want to improve the skin to give oily state truly so, must adjust skin water oil is balanced, eradicative skin gives ability oily state. When choosing to protect skin product so, should choose to accuse oil not only, considering a brand even is whether itself contains the result that ensures water of wet, lock. But must notice not to choose moist degree of exorbitant product, such products contain oil commonly, can let facial appear more thick be bored with.

4, corneous clear

Seasonable, fixed get on the skin old old, desquamation skin keeps clear of is alleviate the groovy job that gives oil. If breath is not smooth,can make because of cuticular cell grease secretes aggravate, desquamation cuticular cell can be together with grease confluence, jam thereby pore, oily gland is excreted not unobstructed can cause blain blain or black head, undertake 1-2 every week so second corneous cleanness is weighed particularly should.

5, dispel blain protects skin

After cleanness, the product that can use component of blain of the curb that do not have oil controls blain blain muscle, prevent blain blain aggravation.

6, prevent bask in accuse oily

Although you are oily skin, also need to use prevent bask in will prevent furrow, reduce blain to imprint. If because you are prevented bask in too fat and do not be willing to use, can choose the latex shape with frivolous quality of a material to prevent bask in dew, regular meeting lets you change greatly to preventing the impression that bask in.

Not blindly rely on oil absorption paper, sucking oilpaper after all is " take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure " , can protect what what use at ordinary times skin product, put the iced inside freezer a little while, next reassume be sent on a diplomatic mission is used, oily to skinning love goes out beautiful eyebrow people for, having wonderful effect accusing oil.

7, iced protects wet sparge

Beautiful eyebrow people skin summer loves to give oil, also be the cause with skin water lopsided oil likely, of course, beautiful eyebrow people it is to be able to use oil absorption paper, but, oil absorption paper can suck the grease of skin surface only, cannot bring nutrition for skin quite, still be inferior to using protect wet sparge more moist skin. Will protect wet sparge to be carried in including a package, take spray at any time and place one gush, can be the moisture with skin not little complement, additional, after next coming home, OK also in will protecting wet sparge to put freezer a little while, next reassume comes out to use, the skin that repair is basked in, and be skin compensatory moisture effect is first-rate.

2, honey hairdressing small doohickey

Honey hairdressing small doohickey uses one: Can make the skin bright and clean and delicate, reduce wrinkle

Practice: It is into right amount honey in container, add 2~3 after the water of times is attenuant, daily Tu Fu is facial, undertake massage.

Honey hairdressing small doohickey uses 2: Honey Facial mask

Practice: One spoon honey and plant are oily, a yoke, will 3 person mix even adequately reserve. Go up in the face with the daub of honey Facial mask of mix up, on the neck, form even besmear 3 times film, Facial mask is taken after 25 minutes, use 2 times every week.

Honey hairdressing small doohickey uses 3: Moist hairdressing, the effect apparently

Practice: An an one spoon honey, milk powder, egg is clear, will 3 person mix to make Facial mask equably, the autograph that use cotton is honey Facial mask on the face Tu Shangbao is thin, go with lukewarm bath after 20 minutes, use a month continuously.

Honey hairdressing small doohickey uses 4: Reduce wrinkle, constrictive and facial skin

Practice: malic boil, dolly, join honey and butterfat, make film of Cheng Runfu face cream, apply face makes you skin clean is like jade.

Honey hairdressing small doohickey uses 5: Shading of cleared face ministry reachs dark sore

Practice: An one spoon honey and bright royal jelly, egg is clear, join right amount pollen and water air to become mushy, tu Yu is facial, go with lukewarm bath after 30 minutes, 1 gram adds reoccupy bright royal jelly a few glycerine is smooth Tu Yu is facial, once a week.