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How does Qiu Dong have red blood silk to do on seasonal face? How to reduce silk of facial ministry red blood?

The skin of facial ministry is very frivolous, form red blood silk very easily, red blood silk is the performance with skin cutin poor layer, incorrect skin nurses means can let the skin appear of red blood silk, the if you are OK very clear word that sees red blood silk, so explain the function of skin protective screen that is you is damaged, so, how does Qiu Dong have red blood silk to do on seasonal face? Will look.

How does Qiu Dong have red blood silk to do on seasonal face? How to reduce silk of facial ministry red blood? (1)

1, the method that reduces red blood silk

Red blood silk is the result of dilate of facial blood capillary, be not the skin to attenuate. The facial tide that brief blood capillary dilate causes is red, pass a little while to be able to return to normal. But if appear for long repeatedly,form possibly durative two buccal extensive are red.

Reduce the method of red blood silk daily:

The counteractive ability that ① skins to increase, daily and multi-purpose cold bath face, increase skin be able to bear or endure get power.

② does not use the cosmetic that contains heavy metal as far as possible, avoid lubricious precipitation, toxin remain is on the skin of surface layer.

③ often massages the place that there is red blood silk on the face gently, stimulative blood circulates, enhance the flexibility of blood capillary.

④ avoids from cold arrive to get a place suddenly to heat, perhaps reach cold place suddenly from heat, abruptly the meeting of choppy difference in temperature brings about accentuation of red blood silk.

The methodological ① of red blood silk on face of ★ deep-seated purify:

Want to give skin compensatory vitamin C more daily. And vitaminic C and its ramification, hill mulberry child extract, vitaminic perhaps K is the class status that improves problem of red blood silk effectively, choose those who contain this kind of part to protect skin to taste, silk of red to improvement blood has pretty good effect.

The methodological ② of red blood silk on face of ★ deep-seated purify:

Dye laser is purify face go up redundant one of methods with red blood the most effective silk, fight than using maintain redly taste the effect to want a bit faster. Use dye laser can solve problem of clear red blood silk after 3- take second place. But, choosing this kind of way had better be to go to normal hospital to choose professional skin doctor to treat.

The methodological ③ of red blood silk on face of ★ deep-seated purify:

When daub protects skin to taste, to the sensitive place that red blood silk appears on the face, with dab the method that will replace daub type to perhaps make a type. Even if the winter in chill, also want those who notice skin to prevent bask in. In the choice skin maintains article on, do not choose to contain essence kind, anticorrosive with the product that kills fungus, had better select the product of physical sex, both neither can cause the sensitive problem of skin, also can hold back the ultraviolet harm to skin.

The methodological ④ of red blood silk on face of ★ deep-seated purify:

Want to avoid to contain alkalescent facial and clean product, for example the clean difference of black sex is judged. On the choice that protects skin to taste, want to be the first choice with the product of weak acidity. This product not only clean effect is good, the gender is gentle, won't take away the moisture on skin. Problem of red blood silk has appeared on the skin that becomes you, had better use clear water department only.

2, go the error of red blood silk

Error one: Fast and cleared red blood silk

When there is red blood silk on thin face, eliminate its what we think most as soon as possible namely, change skin a clean environment. Although, the cause of formation of red blood silk has a lot of kinds, but investigate because corneous layer is caused injury, blood capillary by unusually outspread place,its germ is. So, the red blood silk is the most effective method on remedial face has treatment from germ namely, ability gets elimination the effect of red blood silk truly. And the buildup of the refreshment of corneous layer and ability of blood capillary dilate is not kick and a few can achieve, need a more lengthy process. So, any trying that keep clear of quickly the method of red blood silk on the face is the bottom that compare thorough, leave sequela easily.

Error 2: Cosmetic is OK purify is red hematic silk

Be aimed at red blood silk technically it is OK to protect skin to taste rise to alleviate the action of red blood silk on the face, but cannot accomplish thoroughly eradicative red blood silk. The external application that we use daily protects skin to taste can have problem of keep out skin only, although some can restrain the generation of red blood silk, but also can give skin bequeath a few harm at the same time, cause the problem such as skin occurrence stain. Accordingly, cosmetic can not keep clear of from germ red blood silk.

3, skin fights anile method

Skin (the skin) the health care that fights consenescence

One respecting skin how health care nurses, everybody often thinks of to prevent only bask in, a lot of people always think that is feminine thing, especially the thing of young female brethren. Actually, want to notice the skin nurses to the child from the old person, otherwise, the skin also can bring endless trouble to people, skin health nots allow to ignore.

Nurturance good habits and customs

Pleasurable, the mood is stable: Skin character gets neurological control, free from worry mood and stable mood can restrain parasympathetic nerve excitement to make pigment is generated decrease, skin blood stream carries oxygen quantity to increase, the skin appears ruddy, Bai Xi; And not stable, pessimistic sadness can affect long-term sentiment gastric bowel function, restrain nutrition absorb, bring about the skin to break nutrition and make the skin dry, countenance is gaunt, because this is in daily life and job,should maintain good mood, reduce thought burden.

Enough sleep: Daily 22:02:0 of 0 ~ morrow0 it is cell of skin base layer updates the most exuberant time, the Morpheus with sufficient reason is right of skin cell normal newer, exercise is normal function, safeguard the skin strong and handsome for crucial; At the same time coriaceous layer is in the cerebra when Morpheus check status, conduce to eliminate exhaustion, regain energy, make the skin appears burnish, ruddy. Adult should maintain at least everyday 6 ~ Morpheus time of 8 hours, excessive overworked or insomnia person because the skin cannot get normal rehabilitate, conserve, often skin colour and lustre is dim.

Insist to exercise: Physical training if the mountain-climbing, absorption that swims to all can enhance the skin to wait for good part to oxygen, anion with measurable physical labor, accelerate what wait for trash to carbon dioxide to excrete, make skin blood stream carries oxygen quantity to increase, be beneficial to skin health.