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How do oneself protect skin skin to you just can ameliorate? How to let a face go up not to grow blain?

Although guard the business that skin is investment of economy of a need, in fact we also have a bit more economic method that protect skin, need pays protect skin, held to only, we just can see the effect, so, how do oneself protect skin skin to you just can ameliorate? How to let a face go up not to grow blain? Below, what does the method that article introduction sees in light of have.

How do oneself protect skin skin to you just can ameliorate? How to let a face go up not to grow blain? (1)

1, the method that DIY protects skin

Dispel blain piece

Perhaps be adolescent girl, perhaps be pressure biggish OL, also may be put upside down day and night curtilage female... do not take care forward " blain " cardamom seed time runs quickly madly this all the way on the road greatly! Cry the day calls the ground to call a woman to kiss, fund fails violently, protect skin to taste violent apply, the result jams instead pore, facial state is more miserable intense! Actually in-house recuperation is to be being solved!

Dispel of vinegar of bubble of black soya bean blain law

Practice: Black soya bean washs direct bubble clean to arrive in rice vinegar, perhaps fry in the stir-fry before stewing in boiler add rice vinegar to immerse again, seal the lid severe, put shady and cool part, after needing a month, take.

Take a method: Everyday the morning is hollow take 10. Take after meal of the person that have stomach trouble. To do not stimulate oral cavity, take around to be able to drink a warm boiled water.

Black soya bean is cereal a kind, the platoon poison to the body is very effective, contain superhigh protein and microelement. The phosphatide that acetic beans place contains reachs a variety of amino acid, what can promote skin cell is metabolic, have reduce cholesterol, send liver function and the action that delay consenescence. It can be made adipose decompose, have effect of diuretic of filling kidney of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, invigorate the circulation of blood.


Sheet eats black soya bean to cause the condition such as body dropsy, fart easily, proposal collocation contains vitamin and protein and calcic qualitative food one case edible, achieve balanced goal. Additional, the proposal drinks water more, make the defecate that discharge poison more smooth.

Chamfer pledges piece

Perhaps many MM have such worry: Face film, protect skin to taste using constantly, it is the effect is like person meaning very much only. Actually, a of skin surface " dead skin " , be block up you are tender the key of skin.

Grind arenaceous cream, chamfer emerges in endlessly on the market such as gel character, just sufferred from the MM with a few sensitive skins, completely natural chamfer is actually qualitative recipe, oneself also can start work finish.

Ormosia chamfer simple way

Practice: ormosia abluent, in putting water, boil to soft sodden, in taking out ormosia to put mixer sufficient agitate, after waiting for ormosia mud to cool, can join yoghurt appropriately even corrupt wipes agitate to go up at the skin, (escape eye and lip) , static wait for 15 minutes or so to be cleaned with warm water.

Well-known, ormosia to be taken orally is had enrich the blood raise colour effect, actually ormosia apply can let the skin maintain Bai Li likewise fully red, contain faint lactic acid in yoghurt additionally, can very good slow new student of union of leather fat cell, stimulative skin, Facial mask apply after the skin, need not pass special processing, sheet is rinsed with Wenshui, with respect to can perfect purify skin cutin.

Beautiful white piece

Common saying says: One white block 3 ugly, do not have a person to be able to resist the temptation that white fair-skinneding skin brings. It is beautiful white product is such on market only, the product that contain lead is heart of Jing letting a person more unceasingly, how can white beautiful, white health, became one of topics that care in feminine circle. Here is small making up those who bring everybody is a completely natural recipe, oneself start work DIY, healthy beautiful Bai Zaiye need not worry suffer be afraid of.

White law of beauty of gram of the root of Dahurian angelica

Practice one: Buy Bai Zhi, mung bean abluent hind, in putting water directly, boil sodden, the pulverize after fish out, apply at the skin outer, 20-30 after minute abluent.

Practice 2: Buy pink of gram pink, the root of Dahurian angelica, use Wen Shui to mediate, (also can convert to increase beautiful white result milk, if have need, can join white of a bit the seed of Job's tears likewise) , apply at the skin, 20-30 after minute abluent.

Gram itself contains the effect of clear hot detoxify, to be taken orally has the effect that discharge poison, apply also has the effect that causes skin systole pore closely, the root of Dahurian angelica is enzymatic depressor of cheese ammonia acid, but spot of whitened, dispel. A week 1-2 second, beautiful white effect can bring you big surprise absolutely.

Need not worry about additive, need not fear the skin is allergic, oneself start work DIY, "Beans " without extra trouble of cardamom seed time catchs live!

2, go black head folk prescription introduces

One, is egg Qing Dynasty useful really? -- divide a case

Egg Qing Dynasty is so natural feeding capable person is beneficial hurtless for certain to our skin, but effective however because of the person different. Apply of gallinaceous egg white is on nose, wait for do the method that after appearing, tears down, go self-restrainedly namely actually black head bazoo is stuck, the person of black to be being spent gently head still has certain effect, but if pore is done not have before apply egg Qing Dynasty,open, can not use cough up. And stubborn black head states such method was not used completely.

2, sodium bicarbonate injures the skin -- stimulate too

In the explanation that black head goes to to sodium bicarbonate on the net, having is " black head itself shows acidity. Sodium bicarbonate is alkalescent, after be being mixed in soda acid, black head is deliquescent, then one rub came out, and do not have any bad influences to the skin. " but personally the sisters that try out crosses can warn you certainly: "Be careful burn skin ah! " actually sodium bicarbonate solution regards a kind of weak base as solution, cannot be counteracted through soda acid or saponification response will dissolve black head, and its are alkalescent have stimulative effect to the skin. To be being used in the thing on him face, sisters still want discreet ah.

3, you still dare be squeezed with acne needle -- disinfection is a key

Washing face or apply to be over after clean Facial mask, we can see black head bleached and rise to the surface, the sisters that get gnash to black head hate first delay one delay the acne needle in your hand, although get effective,hard raw uncultivated land pushs black head the method that go out fast, but rebound fast also, and cause a bacterium easily also to affect. Ask before the pricker that use noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch sincerely summary is disinfected with alcohol, and helper movement wants very gentle, with what blow do not want those who squeeze to use, the product of contractive pore must be used after cleanness is over, prevent black head second birth.

4, rip the bazoo that help style to stick don't have effect slowly? -- injure pore

You had been enjoyed certainly " Shua " the ground tears down stick nasally, look at the pleasure that is added when the black head that sticks nasally, but you also had been troubled certainly why to stick nasally do not have effect more and more, black head grows more more even. Actually this end at 2 o'clock, the first it is to rip the bazoo that help style to stick had injured pore, the 2nd it is the job that did not have contractive pore after gone bazoo is stuck.