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How to contain beautiful flour film? What does common beautiful flour film have?

In vain everybody does the United States in effort everyday, especially the summer when, temperature is very high, people suntans exceedingly easily, black skin, no matter be facial features much more good-looking, also won't good-looking where to go to, how do you know to contain the United States' white Facial mask then? Reckon a lot of people still do not know, below, introduce beautiful flour film to old furniture body.

How to contain beautiful flour film? What does common beautiful flour film have? (1)

1, contain beautiful flour film

1, apply banana Facial mask

Save the skin that after basking in, is suntanned, beautiful eyebrow people can use banana Facial mask. Banana makes Facial mask, have bate skin cutin and effect of clean white cutaneous, after be being used at basking in, be opposite cutaneous rehabilitate is very helpful. flay banana molar, next even daub is on the face, the bright milk that adds a few water is used after 20 minutes abluent, this kind of method adds up to skin of seed coat of eligibility He Yi, after the skin is suntanned, but a week is done, while bate is corneous clean white skin, the skin did not let be basked in again during the attention.

2, film of towel gourd surface apply face

Because towel gourd contains a lot ofa variety of vitamins and nutrient element, move pole blanchs the effect by force, tenability cutaneous is delicate and ruddy, after be being suntanned not carefully by ultraviolet ray when the skin, beautiful eyebrow people can come with towel gourd water repair skin, make the skin new rise in vain. Extract fresh towel gourd juice, add water dilute, add spoonful flour, tu Yu is facial 15 minutes arrive 20 minutes, wash clean with Wen Shuiqing next can. Towel gourd water is gentler, won't stimulate the skin that after basking in, is damaged, weekly apply two, hold to a few weeks, the skin is met come back in vain gradually, the skin still does not let continue to suntan again during.

3, film of lemon juice face apply face

Citric sex is acerbity, it is a kind of fruit that contains a lot ofvitamin C, to the stain of surface of beautiful white skin, purify skin, in the light of oily skin, pore bulky skin, splash skin is having wonderful beautiful white effect. Beautiful eyebrow people still can use lemon juice to come the skin that after repair is basked in, is damaged, can make the skin chases gradual change to come back in vain. Prepare a lemon, extract lemon juice, undertake dilute with right amount water, daub at facial skin, hold 15 minutes of time that arrive 20 minutes, after that reoccupy warm water is cleaned clean, weekly apply two, hold to period of time, even if is the skin that basks in very blackly also can come back in vain gradually, will try.

4, watermelon mud Facial mask

We like the summer eat watermelon to solve heat to drop in temperature, however, do you know? Watermelon drops in temperature besides solution heat besides, still can be used at the damage after repair is basked in and blackening skin! Prepare right amount watermelon, after extracting watermelon juice, join dilute of a few water, join a few flour after that, mix even hind daub is in skin surface, 20 minutes or so, reoccupy warm water is cleaned clean, arrive twice every week can. Face of apply of film of face of use watermelon mud, to basking in hind the skin after be being basked in and the skin that bask in some are redly, repair effect is first-rate.

5, milk film of pearl powder face

Pearl powder is beautiful Bai Sheng is tasted, this nature need not say more, milk is one of raw material with beautiful white indispensable skin more. If the skin was suntanned, you can try apply milk pearl powder Facial mask comes moist rehabilitate skin, let the skin come back in vain as soon as possible. The defatted milk that uses one spoon joins right amount pearl powder, harmonic and even hind, the place that daub is suntanned in the skin, or daub is whole and facial, clean clean after 15 minutes. Hold to a few times, the skin is white come back.

2, the summer is prevented bask in skill

1, clean skin is a foundation

Wash a face seriously everyday, not only thoroughly can clean skin, still can undertake special recuperation to skin, the part of beautiful white product that allows sequel is absorbed better, achieve the result of get twice the result with half the effort then.

2, cannot eat sensitization vegetable

If be the skin that grows spot more easily, midsummer season had better not eat " sensitive " vegetable. Celery, caraway, Bai Luobo belong to " sensitive " vegetable, the skin that these vegetable let love to grow spot grows outstanding spot more easily. This season should eat more instead a few restrain the pigment precipitation, vegetables and fruits that makes the skin whiten fair-skinned, for example yangtao, strawberry, tomato, orange, cabbage.

3, sunshade cannot little

Everybody likes sorching summer wear short sleeve knickers to wait other exposed dress, the skin that exposes illuminate of outer course ultraviolet ray for long is met probably canceration, sunshade has the function that prevents ultraviolet ray, and the cover area of sunshade is compared big, can obscure whole person. The summer goes out a sunshade very be necessary.

4, prevent in the round bask in it is a key

MM people not only one bottle defends the case that basks in the whole body to use, appear possibly still " besmear bout goes one day only " wrong way. Be like before going out, besmear only prevent bask in, one the world comes is actually cannot defend in the round of skin. Bask in because of preventing article can be absorbed as skin and the effect is abate, only timely and right amount complement is prevented bask in frost, ability can provide best protection for skin.

5, indoor prevent bask in cannot oversight

Meeting reflection enters the UVA that contains in ultraviolet ray indoor, its can be thorough dermal layer, to fiber of collagen, bounce even fiber mother cell undertakes destructive, not only can arouse pigment to synthesize and make color of skin " blacken " , it is to cause the skin more " ageing " the main chief culprit that reachs microgroove generation, cause skin canceration even. Even if stay for a long time indoors, also want right amount daub to prevent bask in a product, but dosage is OK little at outdoor, prevent it is OK also to bask in coefficient inferior.

6, hot bath face cannot be used after basking in

If one day is basked in outside, reoccupy hot water washs a face, as by hot water burnable. Only cold water ability makes pore contractive, make skin refrigeration comes down, achieve disappear heat to remove red effect. And used hot water, can let blood capillary dilate, hyperaemia, appear every piece tide is red grow to bask in spot even, swim especially or after outdoors motion.

7, bask in hind repair

If insolate hind the skin is aglow, the person that can use the after basking in rehabilitate of iced layer of thick Tu Yi puts apply on the ice, or other fills blandly of water person the thing of quality of a material, be helpful for drop in temperature to the skin and filling water, this meantime does not want chamfer to pledge, also do not get on the thing with multifarious other toward the face accost, cause allergy very easily.

3, the attention is prevented bask in an error

1, prevent bask in cream (frost) multiple is jumped over greatly more very

Prevent because producing area is different,bask in a product, each country provision is different, careful inquiry salesperson answers when be being bought so, the quality that knows a product and prevent bask in a principle, wait according to individual skin and working property will buy those who suit oneself to prevent bask in a product, prevent the cent before basking in a product to look to be two kinds, one kind is physical sex prevent bask in a product, another kind is chemical sex is prevented bask in a product, the skin that him foundation wants when buying is bought character.

2, slow-witted in the home need not prevent bask in

UVA of long wave ultraviolet ray can penetrate glass is shot indoor, daub also wants to prevent when occupying the home so bask in a product, driving friend should notice to prevent those who bask in a product to use likewise.

3, after preventing the daub that bask in frost, can maintain one day

After preventing the daub that bask in frost, can rise to be prevented certainly bask in action, often sit the person of the office, toward 9 evening the National People's Congress of 5 does not need again daub. But some often the person that outdoors works, or time goes out midday, or the summer perspires much person, should consider to be alled over in filling Tu Yi when go out prevent bask in frost, and had better be besmear fills again after washing a face, or daub keeps apart frost.

4, pay attention to facial prevent bask in

Prevent bask in the thing that be not is face only, use prevent the place that the consideration wants when basking in a product to have facial, cervical, auditive, the back of hand, arm, leg, foot, especially summer, these place want to pay close attention to, place basks in a product to have in case suit facial those who use, still comfortable formfitting system is used, can choose according to need.