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What does the little skill that washs a face have? It with what wash a face at ordinary times is good to with what wash a face at ordinary times?

Washing a face also have a lot of little skill, when washing a face, not certain need uses clean face to breed, wash a face to also can add some of thing in water, can him cleanness facial, it what wash a face to be added in water is good to wash a face to be added in water? The skill that washs a face has a lot of kinds, mean the word that the skin ameliorates, right clean face way must want to master, so, what does the little skill that washs a face have? Will look.

What does the little skill that washs a face have? (1)

1, milk white sugar washs a face

NO.1 milk + beautiful Bai Jinghua dew

Whether do you use be used to film of beautiful flour of big shop sign, discovering however still is a few days of only effect only, next the skin is hit an original shape, and Facial mask can be in only cheek, apply is over can feel very false, but, you try the beautiful flour film that you make, the result is right really still.


1. takes milk right amount, right amount makeup cotton, one bottle suits fluid of his beautiful white cream.

2. is nodded 3 it is to 4 elite fluid in milk, agitate divide evenly.

3. is taken make up cotton is soaked in milk, next apply is on the face, cervical with ear hind.

Everybody knows milk is the United States' white emperor is tasted, but the hairdressing that should let milk is double, be about to rely on fluid of beautiful white cream, and if you are met astute do accounts, with respect to meeting discovery such more expensive than buying face thin coating should save the money of a lot of, the effect also won't be differred a lot of, still can use everyday, so simple the method of be economical, still do not try, waiting to regret.

NO.2 pearl powder + bright skin water

Pearl powder listens the name knows is good thing, beautiful white result also exceeds a shock; As to bright skin water the ground floor that is company skin maintains article, do these two union rise what effect can you have? This can want to try ability to know.


1. takes right amount and exquisite pearl powder and the water of United States Bai Xingshuang skin that suit his.

2. is after clean face, put pearl powder in make up on cotton, drip next water of skin of a few bright is making up on cotton.

3. resembles next ferial water of li of the skin that use bright is same, it is OK to be wiped equably on the face.

How, this very simple, peaceful constant error is not much, it is this one small step can have only very big change. Exquisite pearl powder still has ensure wet result, small but,make up me most fondled admiringly.

NO.3 white sugar washs a face

This dawdler beauty that but numerous hairdressing edits heat,holds in both hands is white, suit to think the United States is white very much very lazy you.


1. choice suits face of his beautiful Bai Jie to breed, right amount soft white sugar.

2. presses as usual to use methodological clean face with clean face breast first.

3. takes right amount white sugar, jiashangyi nods the knead that choose water, put on the face to wash next, a minute or so, rinse clean with clear water.

This is to want long-term importunate, and the method is simple, just be in at ordinary times clean face nurses in add a small step, and because candy is right,the heal of cut is in benignantly, so this small method imprints to blain also have pretty good effect.

Film of NO.4 aspirin face meteoric beauty is white

When hearing this method at the outset, small book the castration room with respect to too impatient to wait, do not pass or cherish distrustful manner, tried personally, still hold out unexpected, the skin is white really still many, speed is really breathtaking! Really knowing is which great mind most invent first, exceed assist!


1. takes 5-6 piece aspirin tablet, clear water.

2. twists pill bastinado very fine powder, add one spoon clear water to mediate next, with cotton piece occupy aspirin solution to brush go up in the face, await 20-30 the rinse out after minute.

Little secret Ji:

1. aspirin tablet should be ground very finely, finer better, brush otherwise can become aware on the face painful.

2. has allergic appearance to prevent, before apply, but it is OK that foretaste sees him at the back of ear root appropriate.

After 3. has made aspirin Facial mask, should protect alertly wet, apply alimentary model protect skin to taste, in an attempt to reachs better beautiful skin result.

2, drying cutaneous nurses

, cleaner is made

Dry skin MM must be chosen contain gentle surface activator (condense protein fatty acid, Hu Zao essence of life of alkaline, plant is oily) of composition downy, fight product of sensitive clean face to wash a face. The face tastes general soap or clean to make the skin easily dry, make drying skin premature occurrence furrow.

2, moist work

After washing a face, do not brush too drily, take the advantage of the skin to return slightly wet when, component of nurturance of grow of the smear on the horse is high fight water of quick embellish skin blandly, with rapid complement fat pledges and balance soda acid to be worth.

3, daily attention job

By day: The rehabilitate that should pay attention to qualitative film of fat of skin surface water particularly by day and strengthen. At this moment, a composition sufficient, quality is good, add keep wet part, defend the day frost with strong sex is very necessary. Additional, need attention: When product of the skin that wipe profit, should let its slowly infiltration skin, draw a circle to massage gently with middle finger, avoid by all means exerts all his strength knead skin.

In the evening: Eye ministry is nightly the key that maintain. Ministry of eye of choice of dry skin MM maintains when tasting, should as far as possible with moist filling water is given priority to. Facial it is advisable to use the late frost that contains part of moist, nutrition.

4, special maintain work

1, use protect a lipstick. Protect a lipstick to contain candle, oil kind, fat pledges and fat qualitative alcohol, the vitamin composition that and added protective skin pledges and prevent ultraviolet ingredient, conduce to chap lip maintain and to sunshine defend.

2, if the skin is very sensitive dry, before Tu Wanshuang, had better wipe go up a height is alimentary the element of vivid cell elite of the effect or rose essence oil, it can prevent skin ageing, fight deep-seated and furrow, alimentary, second birth, suit drying skin to pledge very much.