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How should long blain blain do on the face? What does the recuperation method that blain blain grows on the face have?

To female friend, everybody hopes he can have Bai Xi's smooth skin, if some people grow blain blain on the face affirmative meeting is influential to Yan Zhi, and all over the face when blain blain is chatting with others, can appear exceedingly awkward, what do you know the recuperation method of long blain blain has after all then? Below, introduce the recuperation method that blain blain grows on the face to old furniture body.

How should long blain blain do on the face? What does the recuperation method that blain blain grows on the face have? (1)

1, the recuperation method of long blain blain

1, lobar heat causes blain, appropriate heats up a law with lung of Qing Dynasty discharge

Lung heats up acne, have old heat by lung more, evil of answer feeling wind, the discharge outside making lobar heat is not gotten then is caused. Its disease face grows papule, shape is like Su Mi, can squeeze an other people of white pink oily account, rash with be all round bazoo much, yi Ke sees at forehead, occasional has blackhead, and the bazoo that accompany a mouth is dry, defecate dry and hard, liver mosses is yellow, the tongue is red, number of arteries and veins. Should use a method. Appropriate comes loose in vain with have diarrhoea () of Sang Pi, the root bark of Chinese wolfberry, rice, licorice. Current, clinical undertake improvement on the on many foundation in it, make its treat the effect to increase greatly, at present much by ginseng of former square take out, add Huang Qin and gardenia. Completely square operable, produce the effect of the heat of stomach of clear discharge lung jointly. Lobar stomach is heated up clear, internal organs of the body knows interest, phlegmy wet medicinal powder knot, criterion acne is able to eliminate.

2, hematic heat causes blain, appropriate uses cool blood antipyretic method

Blood heats up acne, much by affection annals internal injury, gas divides gloomy sluggish, with the passing of time turns heat, heat up be caused by of hide seek blood. Papula of its disease face is reached with buccal bazoo it is between two eyebrow much, facial hectic fever is apparent, woman grow in quantity of papula of around of Shang Youyue classics, the tongue is red, fine number of arteries and veins.

3, gastric heat causes green blain, appropriate uses bowel of stomach of clear have diarrhoea law

The stomach heats up acne, this most is brought about, the content of surfeit fat pleasant, make dry of intestines and stomach writtens guarantee, the part of the body cavity between the diaphragm and the umbilicus housing the spleen accumulates heat, gloomy is sent at facial skin. Its disease is facial papule, shape is like Su Mi, can squeeze an other people of whitening shape oily form, there is blackhead between, it is with buccal week much, yi Ke sees at back and prothorax, and constant companion has a dry bad breath, food is more, glossal dry, happy cold drink, defecate constipate, heavy fact of arteries and veins is strong wait. Most the law on appropriate.

2, how to prevent blain

1, do not touch a face with the hand uncontrollably. This often causes a bacterium to be caused in the skin on the face, produce blain thereby. Of the hair stimulate facial ministry skin easily also sometimes filthily, grow aggravating blain.

2, should keep the quilt, sheet, pillow, towel that wash a face clean constantly. The insolate of sunshine is best disinfection, ultraviolet ray has the effect that kills a bacterium.

3, like to eat sweet food and cannot be being abstained is the main factor that causes long blain blain. The mug-up with the cake that candy divides and much carbohydrate causes whelk the most easily. Additional, the nutlet such as earthnut kind also should eat less as far as possible. The little male girls that love the United States had better are opposite these food stay at a respectful distance from sb.

4, moderate campaign can promote metabolism, have favorable effect to the body and skin, everyday gymnastics of 3 minutes, be the very secret of success that maintains beautiful skin!

5, the rubbish food such as snack, snacks, cause costive; easily to love to eat a late food to be opposite not only the stomach is bad, and can cause constipation, can draw blain.

6, eat more a few natural the provision that does not contain artificial accretion, fruit of plant fibrous vegetable and yoghurt; eat vegetable more, because eat red turnip, spinach, green pepper, broccoli,can enhance the strength to the bacterium the flower, balanced of course diet is very important also.

7, the pressure on spirit can cause leather fat to secrete exuberant, also be the cause of formation of blain blain, buoyant meeting lets blain blain be far from.

8, no matter much busier, went to bed the latest please at 11 o'clock. The metabolism of skin normally by arrived at 11 o'clock in the evening undertake when 2 o'clock in the middle of the night, the physiology clock you moves pair of time, ability won't embrace blain self-pity.

9, the first pace that washing a face is beautiful skin, but a day of morning and evening two or it is perspiration, flyblown when wash again enough. If excessive clean, the protective grease that can get on the skin is complete scour off, cause the skin too too dry, have very great harm to skin, can affect a bacterium probably, cannot carelessly.

10, make appliance has those who prevent ultraviolet ray to defend the rough draft that bask in pink, before and be written down sleeping be sure to complete discharge makeup, otherwise grease is met plug pore, grow a blain, also cannot wash with water haste only in the morning the following day wash a face to calculate, return chamfer of OK and moderate land to pledge of course, massage for skin massage!

3, what cannot long blain blain eat

1, excitant food

On the face, on the long blain blain is very suddenly old rate on the body, bring about, excitant in the life food has everywhere, think green, ginger, garlic, chili is divided inside these light exciting human body etc maladjusted, the personage love the United States that grows blain blain easily for this does not want edible as far as possible.

2, smoke wine kind food

Smoke wine contains the element of human body of a lot of harm not just, and long-term smoking drinks, the capacity discharging poison that builds apparatus of interior of grown human body easily drops, bring about the toxin inside body to pile up for a long time, easy cause blain, the skin disease that stain waits a moment, the personage love the United States that suggests to smoking drinks as far as possible Buddhist monastic discipline!

3, tall grease food

A lot of people like tall grease food, food of this kind of tall grease contains extremely high quantity of heat, especially for beautiful to growing the love of blain blain easily personage, this kind of food is big fear, this kind of food gives human body easily to bring a burden, because oil capacity is exorbitant, stodgy, form blain extremely easily!

4, tall saccharide food

Ice-cream, desert, candy waits the food with these high volumes that contain sugar a moment, be a lot of MMGG love most, but the food internal heat with these sugar high volumes is very big, edible meets those who cause blain blain to grow too much! Suggest little edible contains candy to measure fast food!

5, careful food

Present industry more and more develop, various food become more and more careful, a lot of people do not like to eat the food of crude fibre, and the food that chooses to use a course to be machined subtly, these careful food although mouthfeel is good, but clear the function is weak, eupeptic ability is weak, the proposal uses some of coarse food grain more, stimulative intestines and stomach wriggles, stimulative human body discharges poison!