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How does electric energy flesh nurse? How to face computer for long to protect skin?

Very much now company is modern office, often can use computer so, and some females friend can face computer all the day almost, face computer for long, skin can appear dry symptom, so, how does electric energy flesh nurse? How to face computer for long to protect skin? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up those who will read an article to solve.

How does electric energy flesh nurse? How to face computer for long to protect skin? (1)

1, the pathogeny of computer flesh

Computer can arise when switch on the mobile phone electrostatic, and electrostatic action has harm to the skin, electrostatic meeting makes fluorescent screen adsorptive dirt, corrupt grain, and the distance of computer a group of things with common features and computer often too stand by, much dirt can fall on the skin, make pore jams, pigment is ad cool-headed, bring about stain generation.

The electrostatic action of computer makes our skin dehydrate, produce drying skin thereby the vicious circle with drier and drier, oily oilier and oilier skin;

Computer radiate makes our eye dry and aching, the skin sends Huang Fagan, black rim of the eye is generated and accentuate.

2, of computer flesh nurse


What before going to work everyday above all, do surely is a segregation, segregation frost besides can help the skin keep out a few radiate besides, still can keep apart the dirt in air, it is dirt adsorption to go up to also won't cause harm further to the skin to the face.

Complete clean

The electrostatic meeting of computer makes the skin adsorptive dirt, oily skin also can send skin to be short of water to risk oil desperately because of computer static conductance, after to computer so the job ends must complete clean face, can use the bilge that washs grandma to get on the face blandly to keep clear of clean. Oily cutaneous but ministry of face of cleanness of at noon breathing space, the electrostatic purify that gets on the face is dropped. With protect breast of wet clean face to wash a face, it is OK that after be being washed, frost of a segregation goes up again.

Necessary protect wet sparge

Computer radiate lets you can feel the skin slowly dehydration, the sense is consequently drier and drier, at this moment you can prepare a bottle to protect wet sparge to be put in bag bag, when feeling the skin stretchs tight closely it is skin filling water in time, have on makeup MM also can be used protect wet sparge gush face, use next make up cotton is wiped gently, also can rise to reduce the effect with facial electrostatic ministry.

Chamfer pledges

The electrostatic meeting of computer brings about the dirty stuff of adsorptive dirt and so on on the face, give oil overmuch, accumulation of the grease on the face is on the face, bilge and grease are sticky go up in the face, bring about useless old corneous accumulation easily to jam on the face pore, the MM a week that works to computer so had better want chamfer to arrive twice character, make pore breath expedite, also won't affect what skin tastes to protecting skin to absorb at the same time.

Evening concentrated rehabilitate

Evening is the gold period of time of skin rehabilitate, work one day to computer, computer radiate brings about the skin to lack water very serious, can choose film of a deep-seated filling surface before sleep at this moment, let skin big mouth is big ground absorbs full moisture, let skin more water embellish. Also can be aimed at the skin problem of itself, choose fluid of tall function elite, make deep-seated repair for skin.

Immanent take good care of sb

Sedentary before the computer, a variety of nurture in the body are qualitative, especially vitamin C will be many prediction of a person's luck in a given year, serious word can cause gum haemorrhage, cut cicatrization the disease such as decline of fiber of slow, muscle. So computer a group of things with common features wants C of much more compensatory vitamin and collagen egg white, eat more fight oxidation food, be like green tea, grape.

3, vegetable beautiful white method

1, tomato is beautiful white

Material: Tomato

Method: tomato pound, ministry of face of filter juice Tu Yu, after 20 minutes abluent, daily number second, can make the skin whiten, still hold concurrently treat fleck.

2, the potato is beautiful white

Material: Potato 1/3, flour perhaps milk powder is right amount

Method: Potato flay, abrade pound is become mushy, filter goes moisture, transfer into classy flour, as Facial mask besmear is on the face, with Qing Dynasty bath goes after 25 minutes. Blanch to getting melanin to have hypodermically action, especially black to eliminating rim of the eye is very effective, if join superior milk powder effect more.

3, Chinese cabbage is beautiful white

Material: Fresh Chinese cabbage right amount

Practice: Chinese cabbage side cuts an account, stick at facial, nigrify lubricious skin turns white function.