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How does winter maintain is the skin best? Does winter maintain what good method does the skin have?

Hiemal skin child cold environment falls to give a lot of issues easily, fall in a such environment so, best the skin oneself well nurse, otherwise skin worse and worse cannot blame anybody, so after all how does winter maintain is the skin best? Does winter maintain what good method does the skin have? Everybody introduction is below, the hope can help great master.

How does winter maintain is the skin best? Does winter maintain what good method does the skin have? (1)

1, how does winter protect skin

Change a filling water to protect skin is tasted

We can use the summer the product protecting skin with relatively relaxed, thinner quality of a material, even still a few go oily product, and autumn, these are not quite applicable. Autumn wind is blown come dry, season of change garments according to the season brings allergy, it is moment changes a filling water to strengthen model product! Want to know, the moist, healthy skin that is full of water is the base that protects skin, beautiful skin, no matter be to prevent allergic, beauty,blain of white, dispel perhaps solves dry problem, filling water is the first pace.

Filling surFacial mask with rise

The advantage of Facial mask need not say more oneself, it can say the first-aid station that is filling water, depth filling water is moist, it is good to fasten Titus use! When change garments according to the season appear easily the skin explodes skin, aglow wait for skin problem, can use Facial mask continuously every night, continuously a week. But premise is, choose comfortable the Facial mask at oneself, the person that sensitive skin pledges mights as well buy without additive drug makeup.

Not evaporate steamed bread evaporate face

Now evaporate face implement popular, brand of a lot of entrances contends for market of photograph race to control, and method of this kind of hairdressing is not evaporate face exotic. It is allegedly in the palace of Chinese ancient time, the wife of a prince as concubine of an emperor people the vapour that is good at using hot water is him hairdressing. Evaporate face does not need evaporate face certainly implement, need a little tub, a few hot water only, everyday ten minutes. Because vapour makes pore expedite, undertake the skin maintains again right now, can get better result. Needing those who remind you is, after evaporate face must use in time protect skin to taste, divide water " lock " live.

Make protect wet small environment

Air quality is very great to cutaneous influence, say southern moisture, girl skin is so good, and of Beijing dry it is famous, pollute again now serious, does Beijing girl do how? We can make protect wet small environment to oneself! In the home, pisciculture is raised in the office, put filling water to protect wet green plant in order to to purify again add moist air and afforest environment, can let a person feel pure and fresh and comfortable more. Like air purifier and humidifier such small electric equipment can equip rise, and go out outer, one bottle protects a wet sparge, guaze mask with respect to enough " exquisite " rise.

Love sails upstream fruit and water of soup soup water

Water fills outside important, inside filling water is more important -- beautiful it is really by inside and the thing outside. Everyday 8 cups of water are the homework that personage love the United States does surely, in addition fruit and beautiful Shang Dou are good choice of autumn filling water. Resembling is the compensation that god gives dry autumn, the autumn has big fruit sumptuous dinner. Be like yangtao, honey peach, pomegranate, apple is moist cutaneous delicate.

2, the error that winter protects skin

Error one: Weather is too dry, the dosage of frost of double latex knead dough

We always think the latex needs summer only thin scumble, and in winter, wish to be enclothed with many cream facial come keep out is cold.

Walk out of an error: The cream of excessive cannot have double effect not only, bring about facial supernutrition possibly still, pore by block. Contain rich vitamin, protein, be the breeding ground that the bacterium causes, can destroy the environment of skin surface, cause infection symptom likely still. The cream of use heavy panel cannot be absorbed effectively by the skin not only, still can cause skin cell cannot smooth breath, your skin looks inanimate, without burnish.

Error 2: Wintry day needs compensatory moisture, film thes more the better

Many beautiful eyebrow think, dry moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year accelerates winter, want film of extent of apply much drop, ability lets the skin drink full water. Make Facial mask 5 times every week, every time be sure to bad news agrees to get off to ability of hair of Facial mask paper.

Walk out of an error: Whatever moment, overmuch Facial mask is harmful to the skin instead, even if dry winter, depth is moist also want stop where it should stop, the pore that cannot digest nutrition otherwise is met by block, cause dark sore and acne. When Facial mask hair did ability to get off, not only cannot complement moisture, meet instead the original water portion on blot face.

Error 3: Use cold hot water strictly to wash a face alternately, seasonable in winter also as always

Many hairdressing experience introduce, cold hot water washs a face to open pore with hot water first alternately, detersive more complete, reoccupy cold water is abluent, conduce to cutaneous pore systole, so very much beautiful eyebrow abided by this one regulation strictly, how to no matter weather is,change.

Walk out of an error: Is washing a face faultlessly such? Feel to the Yi Min when change garments according to the season at least the skin is not such, the change of fresh gale, difference in temperature and air composition, already was heavy burden to the skin, and the strong stimulation with cold alternant heat, reducing minute of effect only right now.