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What to always grow blain to should eat to recuperate? How to avoid a face to go up long blain?

If say adolescent long blain is the change because of hormone, but I already more than 20, return on the face unexpectedly appear ceaselessly blain, this blain blain just disappear goes down, that blain grows again, it is this disappear those grows simply, and should eat a little only hot, a few new blain can appear on the horse, be not common effect, so after all how should be food of blain blain flesh recuperated?

What to always grow blain to should eat to recuperate? How to avoid a face to go up long blain? (1)

1, how should old love long blain eat

1. give up is dropped all candy, sweetmeat, biscuit, cake, sweet the food adding candy such as beverage, lian Tianshang, sweet the food of soup of congee, fruit the daily life of a family that adds candy also does not eat.

2. reduces proportion of alimental of rice, flour, that is to say, eat meal of white steamed bread, white bread, rice, noodle less to wait. Change half above staple food help sb to fulfill his wishes cereal food grains other than wheat and rice, congee of the oatmeal that did not add candy for instance, ormosia, eight treasures congee, can reduce reaction of alimental blood sugar effectively.

3. red meat kind lift inflammation reacts not only, blain letting blain is sent more violently, and go against reduce androgen level, because this wants to eat bovine hotpot less to wait for red meat, jerk, dried meat floss also do not eat. Can change the miscellaneous legume such as bean products and ormosia, gram to supply protein. Bean products contains yellow ketone of sterol of prandial fiber, beans and soja different, they are helpful for balancing higher androgen level.

4. eats greenery dish and other vegetable more, they contain a variety of fighting oxide is qualitative, advantageous reduce inflammation reaction. It is good that the amount that takes vegetable everyday should exceed a jin of ability.

5. avoids those who have undesirable reaction to feed capable person. Partial person is for instance right egg respond, partial person is right milk respond, ate to grow blain easily.

6. has hot food and alcoholic drink kind should abstemious, eat salt even less, reduce alimental salty degree. They are the food that elevatory inflammation reacts, blain of meeting stimulative blain grows.

When 7. is dyspeptic, food macromolecule cannot is by sufficient degradation young member, easy happening food is chronic and allergic, often meet aggravate blain, because this should have protected this digestive function.

8. does not have glue of royal jelly, bee, donkey-hide gelatin, firm in disorder yuan cream wait for cordial, grow blain easily possibly also otherwise.

2, long blain blain has what inducement

1, parents has blain blain history

Parents has the history of long blain, general child grows blain more easily also.

2, oily skin

The skin often gives oil to make easily pore of metabolic content block, form blain.

3, grumpy

Get angry easily can make the hormone inside body secretes a level maladjusted, grow blain easily.

4, the life, family, job, study pressure is great

The person with common older pressure grows blain easily also blain

5, often stay up late

The person that long-term Morpheus is not worth grows blain blain extremely easily also

6, often constipation

Long constipation also can cause a face to go up long blain.

7, long-term food not the rule

Often eat the food with a few hot stimulating areas usually, can cause blain easily.