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Does early morning wash a face so is ability cleaner what does the error that suckles about washing a face have?

After the morning awakes, we should wash a face to brush one's teeth everyday, however even special when early morning washs a face attention, be in especially cold winter, the method that should want to notice to wash a face not only and the error that notices to use the grandma that wash a face even, such ability won't freeze what facial aspic hand also can make facial ministry skin clean is more clean and complete, cooperating method of measure of department of correct and clean face, the skin that believes everybody will be better and better.

Does early morning wash a face so is ability cleaner what does the error that suckles about washing a face have? (1)

One, early morning washs a face note

1. avoid with cold water

Hot water of a lot of moment can keep clear of to defend facially thoroughly film, after adding soap in order to use hot water to wash a face accordingly, the person's skin can feel very tight stretch tight afflictive. Actually, even if is in severe winter also not need hot water washs a face, the floating dust scour off that can get on the face with cold water only, still exercised facial blood-vessel and nerve at the same time, regained consciousness cerebrum.

2. avoid with washbasin

Our for the moment does not say whether washbasin is clean, sheet says the among them water that wash a face, after hand face is interactive, more and more muddy, finally with ending filthily. Far be inferior to holding running water in both hands to wash a face with the hand: Wash hand rub clean first, reoccupy hand washs a face, one cleaner than, have more than is needed a few, completely clean.

3. avoid is used do towel

Actually long wet not dry towel is helpful for all sorts of microbial cause, because this washs a face with wet towel,brush facial as good as at going up to the face daub all sorts of bacteria. Towel often should keep clean and dry, after washing a face with the hand, wipe with dry towel, fast wholesome.

2, the error of the grandma that wash a face

It is good that 1. washs the bubble of grandma to be jumped over more more

In fact, the grandma that wash a face protects humidity and clean and bubbly degree to become inverse ratio, bubble is richer more interface activator is contained the more in the grandma that wash a face, clean skin ability ability is strong. But this meeting makes the fat between film of fat of water of skin surface layer and cell qualitative wait to contain fat normally kind composition structure is affected, destroy skin to maintain wet function originally, so cannot pure the grandma washing a face that has jumped over more more with bubble.

2. washs grandma really can beautiful in vain

Should understanding the grandma that wash a face is clean kind product, the left and right sides can stay one minute on the face only when using, although inside have beautiful white factor and nutrient part, also do not have method to stay for a long time on skin, produce beautiful white result very hard so. Want the United States to cannot rely on the grandma that wash a face in vain, follow-up need adds the United States to keep wet job in vain. The grandma washing a face that has beautiful white effect contains acid of different level fruit, can bate often abandons cutin, promote flake, but it is certain to provide excitant, daub wants to have those who keep wet part to protect skin to taste after been use so.

Does 3. change often is the grandma that wash a face good to the skin?

What what say here is frequent change the grandma that wash a face, it is to point to use distinct effect, material everyday even every week the grandma washing a face of qualitative, brand, let skin so easily become flimsy He Min feels, bring about skin desquamate likely still, girls should insist to use product of face of a kind of clean, just go trading product of face of additionally one kind of clean. 4, how to use the grandma that wash a face correctly to use Wen Shui wet and facial, can avoid prediction of a person's luck in a given year of facial ministry moisture, and clean face grandma makes dosage is in dime size can, hit in the hand above all foamy, go up in the face in daub finally, gentle after a minute, cleaning clean with water, sequel should be done keep wet job.

3, measure of clean face department

1, use Wen Shui wet face ministry

The water that washs a face to use is warm very important. Some person graph save trouble, wash a face with cold water directly; Some people think he are oily skin, the oily dirty that should get on the face with very hot water ability is abluent. Actually these are wrong viewpoints, accurate method is to use Wen Shui. Can make sure pore is stretched adequately already so, won't make cutaneous natural again protect wet oily cent to be lost overly.

2, make clean face breeds remove foam adequately

No matter use what kind of clean face milk-like liquid, the quantity is unfavorable and overmuch, the area has coin volume can. Going up to the face before daub, must call clean face milk adequately in control first foamy, the person that forgets this one pace is most, and this one pace also is the most important one step. Because, if clean face breast removes foam inadequately, not only effect of short of cleanness, return meeting remain to cause whelk inside pore. Bubble is more of course better, OK still have the aid of a few tools that let the foam since clean face breast easily.

3, massage gently 15 below

Want bubble besmear to hit a circle to massage gently later on the face, not too forcibly, lest produce furrow. Massage the left and right sides 15 times probably, let bubble pervade whole and facial.

4, clean clean the face breeds

After with clean face breast is massaged, can clean. A few females are afraid of wash sordid, swab with towel emphatically, such doing very bad to delicate skin. Should press on the face gently with moist towel, clean face can keep clear of to breed after relapsing a few times, do not harm the skin again.

5, examination hair border

Clean end, you may think the process that washs a face had been finished entirely, be not actually such. Look in the mirror even the examination allots the clean side that whether there is remain all round border to breed, this measure also often by people neglect. Some females always are to grow blain easily all round hair border, because,be actually oversight this one pace.

6, with cold water hold up is washed 20 times

Finally, hold a cold water hold up in both hands to wash with both hands facial 20 or so, use at the same time dipped in the ministry of face of towel light apply of cold water. Such doing can make pore is tightened up, promote facial blood circulation at the same time. Such ability calculate completed the whole process that washs a face.

The course that taking above washs a face, look in the mirror again, you can discover smooth whiteness of facial ministry skin became tender a lot of. Had washed facial person seriously so for the first time, regular meeting excitement must want to retry immediately, but must not be done so, wash a face often to be able to make the skin becomes dry.

This kind of meticulous method that wash a face has a lot of effect, anti-creasing, beauty is for instance white, but need insists for a long time to just have the effect. If can wash a face seriously according to this kind of method everyday, the skin that can discover you is being improved slowly character.