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With how to protect skin to taste the skin to return a responsibility smartly? With how to protect skin to taste a face to go up to do aglow smartly?

The skin water that schoolgirls want her is tender, can undertake nursing to facial ministry skin everyday, the mainest nurse means is used namely protect skin to taste will maintain, most of the foundation protect skin to taste fluid of water, breast, elite waits, pledge according to different skin, we meet those who choose different type protect skin to taste, use occasionally protect skin to taste the skin to be able to feel smartly, is this why? .

With how to protect skin to taste the skin to return a responsibility smartly? With how to protect skin to taste a face to go up to do aglow smartly? (1)

1, the certain part belt in protecting skin to taste is stimulating

C of acid of acid of alcohol of tall pH indicator, fruit, salicylic, A, vitamin, the oily product of essence of life that still a few antiseptic, Gao Nong is spent is opposite possibly skin generation is exciting, bring about thorn keenly feel.

How to do: Especially sensitive skin should take care to use. But explain again: Pricking keenly feel is not bad, the skin that the most important is you is able to bear or endure suffer degree how. The person of truly sensitive skin is not much, most person is psychology sensitive or sex is affectedly unconventional is sensitive.

2, the skin is exceeding lack water

Skin too lack water, keep wet noodle film on sudden spread especially when, pore can contract suddenly, affect and appear what cause nerve cause a little while to feel smartly. If be the itself of use a few composition that protects skin to taste,accompany exciting move additionally, there can be perception on next daub.

How to do: It is actually when clean face, avoid to use black radical or bad interfacial activator, undertake lukewarm add up to cleanness, the makeup that pats a dot not to have alcohol next water, besmear the dot protects wet elite again, again apply keeps wet noodle film, won't have apparent thorn keenly feel.

3, skin protective screen is diseased

Skin protective screen has a problem, to the outside be able to bear or endure suffer degree of meeting to fall bottom, a bit some are unwell can cause smartly.

How to do: Actually aggrandizement skin protective screen says simple simple also, first very lukewarm the product that combine, do good foundation to nurse, recuperate very corneous layer, use a few products that contain oil appropriately, let skin regain moist position, can feel thorn keenly feel to decrease apparently.

4, the skin has not suited to protecting skin to taste

When new contact protects skin one kind to taste, skin is likely because be in " suit period " appear easily to feel smartly. For instance, never use salicylic person, when be being used first be overcome probably, if calculate the acid that spends with Gao Nong via commonly used person, also won't have too big feeling.

How to do: To the use of new product, must notice to use quantity and number, increase slowly, when be being prickled apparently can lie between a day of one second instead day.

5, change garments according to the season is used protect skin to taste

When change garments according to the season, especially Xia Qiu is seasonal, if the skin is too dry, skin secreted grease to also decrease, skin lacks moisture and oily cent, should touch on the circumstance of air cooling, be equivalent to the protective screen with good neither one answer the stimulation of the outside, can have of course smartly.

6, the gimmick that protect skin is incorrect

Actually general massage gimmick won't be caused smartly, main likelihood is to make up when cotton is used, the strength when clean face tool is used is too great, caused stimulation. The gimmick that protects skin so is to want gentle gentleness certainly.

7, use tall pH indicator to make up water

Tall pH indicator makes up water or elite may not can be caused smartly, cause e.g. the VC of 15% smartly basic be affirmation. Should keep away from only composition of a few tall pH indicator, need not stimulate too. But still should say. Effect and risk coexist, effect of tall pH indicator is good, the risk also is some, when if can be accepted,be being prickled, still can use.

8, skin PH value appears unusual

PH value also is a cause that causes skin to prickle, if PH cost is too low, or exorbitant, it is to may be caused those who prickle.

If be,use dirt additionally kind the thorn keenly feel that Facial mask causes skin possibly also.

9, makeup true measure

1. clean face: Clean face is all protect skin to maintain the first pace of the program, also be the most important one step, only facial ministry complete cleanness is clean, protect skin follow-uply to maintain product ability is absorbed to use by effective ground.

Water of 2. bright skin: Bright skin water is afterwards clean be opposite after the face of skin again clean, normally this one pace is called " 2 cleanness " , conduce to from the back protect conserve skin to taste more thorough ground to permeate skin, compensatory skin nutrition, still have contractive pore effect at the same time.

Use correctly what protect skin to taste ordinal

Fluid of 3. flesh bottom: This one pace is not necessary, if you do not plan to ask the effect that protect skin is excelsior strictly, this pace can omit. The effect with flesh bottom the mainest fluid helps skin lay good foundation namely, let skin absorb sequel to protect skin to maintain better product.

4. elite fluid: This is one of important step that protect skin to maintain, elite fluid can say is the highest grade in protecting skin to taste, the effect that protect skin is very outstanding, can not save do not omit as far as possible this one pace.

5. eye frost: Eye ministry skin is relatively flimsy, had better want to protect conserve to manage before it is too late, if have the eye department problem of microgroove of black rim of the eye, furrow, microgroove, must brush eye frost.

Use correctly what protect skin to taste ordinal

6. cream: Cream is the main measure that protects skin to maintain, the cream that chooses to fit him skin qualitative requirement can rise to pledge to skin of filling water, lock water, improvement wait for action.

7. prevents bask in: Nowhere is not in ultraviolet ray, when notting have, be absent, having chaos is Chu Xiaqiu outside winter or room ben, should remember daub preventing bask in a product.

8. segregation: Often face computer or the person that punish electronic radiate environment personally, if want to prevent by radiation, that must everyday the radiation-proof product such as daub segregation frost.