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How is the responsibility returned smartly on face of the film that make a range? It is normal that Facial mask has apply to calculate smartly?

Believe a lot of schoolgirls film of metropolis apply face, Facial mask is the indispensable things in the process that protect skin, it can fill in time to be short of the skin of water water, still can send skin, exquisite pore closely. The method of apply Facial mask is very simple, but the issue that everybody still wants to note a lot of respects, lest use undeserved cause skin to damage. How does apply face return a responsibility smartly on velar face? .

How is the responsibility returned smartly on face of the film that make a range? It is normal that Facial mask has apply to calculate smartly? (1)

1, the skin when the film that make a range lacks water badly

When making Facial mask if be itself skin,be in the state that lacks water badly, a few minutes after affixing Facial mask, the skin cannot get used to Facial mask for a short while and appear to feel smartly, disappear by oneself subsequently. This kind of circumstance happens in the autumn winter season with dry climate more.

How to do: Much at ordinary times attention complements in time for skin moisture, use for instance protect wet model latex, cream, can prepare to protect wet sparge to be skin filling water at any time inside air conditioning room.

2, skin surface has cut scar

Apply Facial mask when, if be cut of skin surface existence, inflammation,wait, the word of apply Facial mask, the nutrient material in Facial mask stimulates cut very easily to cause thorn keenly feel.

How to do: This kind of moment does good cutaneous cleanness can, after the complete recovery such as the cut that needs skin surface, inflammation again apply Facial mask.

3, facial ministry skin is too sensitive

Prickle on the face when apply Facial mask and keenly feel of this kind of thorn is durative, skin of ministry of the face after taking next Facial mask has red feeling, because allergy of facial ministry skin is sensitive,be so, so that allergy of skin of apply face membrane causes thorn keenly feel. When this kind of case appears easily also in change garments according to the season.

How to do: Appear when apply Facial mask durative smartly, appropriate takes next Facial mask clear water to rinse facial ministry immediately. Before use Facial mask best can have allergic test first after ear, decide oneself can use this film.

4, Facial mask does not suit oneself skin to pledge

In apply Facial mask when if if be chosen Facial mask,the skin that does not suit oneself pledges, cause bigger stimulation very easily to skin and cause thorn keenly feel. Especially itself skin is more sensitive, exciting to the outside response is more apparent, appear more easily to feel smartly.

How to do: Film of face of choose and buy when should decide Facial mask and oneself skin are qualitative clearly suitable, skin test can make wait before using reduce the skin to feel smartly.

5, exciting material is contained in Facial mask more

If be the Facial mask of the choice,apply Facial mask makes quality poorer, if the excitant material part that contains among them is more, use for long cause the skin easily sensitive, be able to bear or endure to suffer force to become poor and cause the skin to prickle.

How to do: Go the film of purchase card face such as regular store, shop, assure the quality of Facial mask, the Facial mask with simple function can choose as far as possible when choosing Facial mask additionally, the chemical material that contains among them also is met a few less, to the skin stimulation also is met a few less.

6, the note of apply Facial mask

1, the grandma that wash a face must be used before apply Facial mask clean and facial, otherwise the dirt pink bead in pore, radiation hangover, air environment pollutes dust mediumly, grease metabolization thing is easy cause long blain.

2, skin is in excessive and dry below the condition that lacks water, use filling water to exceed fine Facial mask, skin large dose draws water share, sexual excitement of easy occurrence lash-up, grow blain, after wanting out of service a few days only, continue to use again do not have any problems.

3, sensitivity skin, in the four seasons alternant season, perhaps change brand when, because skin gets used to ability weaker, easy appear change model long blain, pause a few days, continue to use again, the proposal in process of out of service can be replaced with aloe glue use.

4, the skin also needs to breathe freely, do not give the skin too heavy burden, excessive nutrition also meets those who cause skin to grow blain cause an element, so the skin must of successive give measurable nutrition, go together with metabolization cell slowly, talent is real repair good skin!