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Does allergy of apply Facial mask do how? Is apply Facial mask allergic how to do?

Apply Facial mask is a share that we protect skin measure in daily life, general area film has a lot of kinds, but not be avery kind of fits each person, so everybody can find the face thin coating that suits his between his ceaseless attempt, hypersensitive record also can produce when somebody uses a few film so, how should this moment do? How does allergy of apply Facial mask do?

Does allergy of apply Facial mask do how? Is apply Facial mask allergic how to do? (1)

1, disuse

If be in apply Facial mask when discover facial ministry appeared unwell, should instantly disuse Facial mask, rinse facial ministry clean with clear water next, observe cutaneous change decides how to be done next again. General if be slight, one-time stimulation need not do too big processing, meeting proper motion improves.

2, face of cold water apply

If be apply Facial mask,appeared allergic, red wait unwell, can soak cold boiled water with towel, ministry of face of the cold compress after crowded dry towel can help composed skin, alleviate red and unwell. Want to notice to avoid to use hot water scald additionally, lest aggravating Sao is urticant, red unwell.

3, besmear royal jelly

Apply face gets off Facial mask if film is allergic, after washing skin of clean face ministry with Wen Shuiqing, take right amount royal jelly daub to be able to be helped in place of facial ministry allergy alleviate Sao is allergic and urticant, unwell. It is OK to should notice everyday early in late each daub.

4, fight quick medicaments

Apply Facial mask appeared allergic circumstance, the medicaments that can fight allergy in the profess to convinced below the doctor's guidance will help alleviate unwell. Notice to drink plain boiled water more even additionally, food is delicate, eat less to stimulate smelling of fish or mutton to send content to wait a moment tartly, such can faster alleviate allergic and unwell.

5, how to prevent

Want to prevent the situation of occurrence allergy of apply Facial mask, must choose to accord with oneself skin to pledge, especially the person with sensitive skin cannot use Facial mask in disorder. Before using Facial mask additionally can check into travel skin after preexistence ear. The Facial mask that chooses namely on one hand additionally wants normal, have normal manufacturer production, wait a moment inside the expiration period.

6, apply face attention

1. holds apply range had better time

Is the optimal time of film of face of the apply in a day when? A: ? Before dawn comes when?2 3 when it is skin proper motion when repairing damage cell, because this is before this paragraph of time or the apply before sleeping is optimal, conduce to recuperate cent sending skin ground floor along with metabolism.

2. apply ensures the skin is clean before Facial mask

The cutin of ageing of smeary, Pi Zhihe that has a skin surface layer only is thoroughly cleared, skin just is true cleanness, the segmentation of base layer just can become active, skin just can draw more nutrient part. So before apply film, should first discharge makeup, wash a face, also can go first when necessary corneous. Nevertheless chamfer shoulds not be too frequent character, lest harm skin natural protective screen, basically with a month 2 optimal, sensitive skin in January enough.

3. apply ensures the skin is wet before Facial mask

Wet skin more can imbibe and nutrition, it is so before apply film, must maintain skin wet, drying skin can besmear the dot makes up first water, but if use department of face of hot towel wet apply 3 minutes again apply Facial mask, pore can be stretched, skin can draw the essence in Facial mask more, can promote apply facial effect more.