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Thin face of what Facial mask is the most effective? Can the Facial mask of thin face?

A lot of people can use Facial mask to protect skin, and besides can protect skin besides, of some Facial mask or the objective that can have to help thin face. But it a lot of people do not know to have what Facial mask is OK that a lot of people do not know to have what Facial mask thin face. So thin face of what Facial mask is the most effective? Can what does the Facial mask of thin face have? Thin face of what Facial mask? What does thin Facial mask have how are oneself made in the home?

Thin face of what Facial mask is the most effective? Can the Facial mask of thin face? (1)

1, film of garlic gram thin face

Material: Garlic 3 valve, gram pink 2 big spoon, honey 1 big spoon.

Practice: Will put into microwave oven after garlic flay, evaporate of medium baking temperature smashs slimy record after 2 minutes, join white of honey, gram next, shady and cool office is set after sufficient mix is even.

Usage: Face film is put cool later, clean face makes an appointment with Facial mask daub 15 minutes of fullback to be washed clean on the face can.

The effect: Garlic can help the blood-vessel that exciting face ministry skins, accelerate metabolism, metabolization face ministry moves adiposely, the ageing that purify skins is corneous, soft skin, achieve the result of thin face. Fat to oedema face ministry thin face effect is good.

2, film of face of close skin of detumescence of Yi of carry on one's shoulder

Material: Dry lotus leaf is right amount, job's tears benevolence 2 big spoon, water half cups.

Practice: Immerse lotus leaf in water, put about 2 minutes are boiled to come with small fire inside boiler remain a few water, close igneous refrigeration next, after taking juice, with Yi benevolence pink is put into the bowl together mix is even can.

Usage: After clean face this money side film even daub is made an appointment with on the face Wen Shui is used after 20 minutes abluent can.

The effect: Lotus leaf can help purify face department redundant and adipose, have very good clear heat, relieve internal heat or fever, raise colour action, match Yi benevolence is returned can purify dropsy symptom, tighten up skin.

3, film of thin face of tuckahoe the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes

Material: Tuckahoe, lustre have diarrhoea each 15 grams, the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes 20 grams, flour a few, clean water is right amount.

Practice: all Chinese traditional medicine material wear adds right amount clean water to be moved into together with flour after detailed pulverous account mushy.

Usage: Be in Facial mask daub after clean face after going up, the face makes an appointment with 15 minutes to be rinsed clean again can.

The effect: Tuckahoe is had very good alimentary soft skin, the effect with thin whitened face. Meat of surplus to decreasing facial ministry go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married has very good effect.

4, on the west film of shaddock thin face

Material: Flour 3 big spoon, grapefruit 1/4, clean water half cups.

Practice: Become the agitate in juicer is being put after grapefruit flay slimy state, add flour and clean water next sufficient mix is even can.

Usage: After using department of face of Wen Shuiqing clean make an appointment with Facial mask daub on the face wash clean with Wen Shuiqing after 15 minutes can.

The effect: Grapefruit has very good thin body effect, use this film to be able to contract facial and bulky pore, eliminate facial department redundant adipose, make a face more comely.

5, film of thin face of double pink egg white

Material: Pink of dry tangerine skin 1 small spoon, green tea pink 2 small spoon, egg 1.

Practice: Skin of will dry tangerine grinds wear is meticulous and pulverous, green tea also grinds account of delicate last stage, the egg takes egg white, good equipment stuff mixes tone to become entirely mushy.

Usage: After clean face Facial mask daub at the 10~15 after facial ministry minute clear water is rinsed clean can.

The effect: Use this film to be able to improve the symptom of skin dropsy effectively, make skin becomes tight send, moist. If be drying skin, can use yoke embellish skin.

6, protect wet noodle film how to be done

Banana honey protects wet moist area film

Material: Banana half (the banana that the choice is about to rot will be better) , honey 1 teaspoon (5ml)

Contain a method: Mediate honey banana, smash slimy record with spoon. After clean skin, get on Facial mask apply at the face 10-15 minute, reoccupy Wen Shuichong is clean can.

Effect: Protect wet moist. Banana is a kind of very good Facial mask stuff, smash banana slimy shape apply to be had on the face directly gentle cleanness and alimentary repair the effect that protects skin. I still added this Facial mask honey, protect in order to strengthen wet moist function, suit very much dry the skin that lacks water is used daily.

Papaya milk beauty is white filling surFacial mask

Material: Papaya 1/3, milk 3 greatly spoon

Contain a method: Put papaya stripping and slicing into fruit juice machine first, join milk to be hit into slimy shape. Dip in with pledget take papaya juice daub to be on the face. Apply face is washed clean after about 20 minutes can.

Effect: Papaya contains papaya ferment, have admirable cleanness and soft skin effect, often be used to beautiful white, moist skin. Papaya can be effective ground bate skin, make skin softness shining, match with milk can beautiful white skin.

Lu Hui keeps wet noodle film

Material: Orange juice, xian Luhui, vitamin E capsule, flour right amount

Contain a method: Lu Hui abluent, flay, smash slimy record, cut open vitamin E capsule with scissors, pour juice of vitamin E oily fluid, orange, flour into aloe mud, smooth, after clean face, daub of this good modulation money side film is on the face, notice to skin all round escape eye and labial ministry, after about 20 minutes, wash with Wen Shui clean can.

Effect: Aloe and orange are cleanness, moist cutaneous pure natural raw material, can keep clear of effectively facial bilge, this Facial mask can promote skin metabolism, moist skin, can form diaphragm in skin surface.

Pomegranate protects wet area film

Material: Pomegranate, honey, egg Qing Dynasty

Contain a method: pomegranate flay, take out pomegranate the flesh of fruit, put juice of the extort in juicer. Again with honey, egg white falls into Facial mask bowl together, mix sufficient agitate, reserve after modulation is even, with Wen Shui after abluent and facial skin, the paper Facial mask after the Facial mask that has made even Tu Yu has immersed, stick on facial ministry skin, after Jing Fu makes an appointment with 15 minutes, uncover this Facial mask gently by next upgrade, in order to rinse thoroughly abluent can.

Effect: Can generate on skin very thin transparent keep wet film, make skin absorbs water portion and nutrient, alimentary skin.

Cucumber fills surFacial mask

Material: Honey the small cucumber flay that 1 spoon, 2.5 centimeter grow 1 spoon, flour pounds 1 spoon, whole milk powder slimy shape.

Contain a method: Mud of honey, whole milk powder, flour, will small cucumber mixes smooth hind, even besmear is on the face. After waiting for 20 minutes abluent.

Effect: Very good antiseptic effect is had while deep-seated cleanness skins, but convergent and bulky pore, at the same time moist nutrition skins.