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Is adolescence OK apply Facial mask? Is film of adolescent apply face fine?

Face film is the very common product protecting skin in the life, use appropriately can bring a lot of profit for the skin, but the place that also has a lot of wanting that notice, if protect skin undeserved, can bring to the skin very funny adverse effect, so is adolescence OK apply Facial mask? Is film of adolescent apply face fine? Adolescence is OK of apply Facial mask, specific content understands in detail below.

Is adolescence OK apply Facial mask? Is film of adolescent apply face fine? (1)

1, adolescence is OK apply Facial mask

Human body is secreted in adolescent hormone overmuch, facial grease is exuberant, the Facial mask that uses oil of a few balances appropriately is no problem, but choose and use frequency what should notice Facial mask.

2, how does adolescence choose Facial mask

Face film can be divided roughly according to effect keep wet noodle film for clean Facial mask, filling water, fight film of anile Facial mask, beautiful flour, chamfer to pledge Facial mask is waited a moment. And adolescent teenagers are lying development period, the skin is very tender, do not need to fight consenescence, chamfer is qualitative film of this kind of face, can use self-restrained pure perhaps floral to fill appropriately surFacial mask.

3, adolescence how apply Facial mask

Want before apply Facial mask first facial ministry abluent, and Facial mask has shoulded not be in the time that facial ministry keeps grow, be in commonly 10~20 minute between. Common and self-restrained after apply is over, Facial mask is to need to wash a face, and film of city sell side is operated according to service instruction.

4, the frequency of film of adolescent apply face

Adolescent skin has very good ego to restore ability, do not cross much use Facial mask, 2~3 of average a week second advisable, the ability that the skin absorbs nutrition is limited, film of too much use face can make the skin more and more sensitive, flimsy, cause even red, reduce cutaneous resistance.

5, allergy of film of adolescent apply face does how

When adolescence uses Facial mask must local skin uses preexistence, whether is observation put in allergic circumstance. The facial and aglow, Sao that if check use area as a result of unwary allergy,causes after film is urticant, long the circumstance such as a knot in one's heart, want above all Facial mask abluent, stop to continue to use, go to a hospital in time having diagnosis and treatment next.

6, adolescence protects skin to need to know

The first, clean the skin

The facial skin of human body is exposed all the day outside, want to often be cleaned so, before sleeping in the evening especially, should mix with Wen Shui wash the face is suckled or the dirt with will facial toilet soap and grease are washed entirely, and in the morning or it is OK to need to be cleaned with cold water only midday. If had grown acne, had better want to wash a face with Wen Shui every time, wen Shui can dissolve leather fat, make facial ministry is washed more neatly. If conditional word, had better want to bathe everyday, the sweat fluid that pours skin face with water, dirt.

The 2nd, notice food nutrition

Food and cutaneous health and beautiful be closely bound up, for example boy of oily cutaneous adolescence should eat the food such as vegetable, fruit more, and drying cutaneous boy suits to eat more tall adipose food, ability makes sure cutaneous burnish is lubricant. And plain boiled water is the hairdressing top grade with indispensable anybody, drink 4 ~ everyday 6 cups of plain boiled water, can make sure the skin is wet Guang Yan.

The 3rd, use appropriately protect skin is tasted

Secrete as a result of the sebaceous glands of adolescent boy exuberant, the skin that should be oneself appropriately so chooses to protect skin suitably to taste, and according to oneself cutaneous characteristic undertakes purposeful filling water or it is to go fat. For example the grandma washing a face that drying skin should use rich oiliness fat and lacteal frostlike powder; And oily skin can choose clean frost to wash a face, and 3 days two are ground with arenaceous cream the defilement inside thoroughly cleared pore and leather fat. Adolescent boy because be afraid of,must not use protect skin to taste by jest need not. Use appropriately protect skin to taste can make the skin is perfected, have charm more.

The 4th, morpheus enough

Adolescent boy is weighed as a result of school work pressure, have stay up late the habit that reads a book, arrived to be about to take an exam especially when, stay up late those who read is more, these have very great harm to the skin. If Morpheus time is insufficient in the evening 8 hours, with respect to meeting occurrence countenance gaunt, black rim of the eye even the skin is flabby wait for a symptom.