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The can thin face with thin face true film? What harm does thin Facial mask have?

A lot of people want to have fine little face, the method of thin face has a lot of, at ordinary times dietary respect need adds an attention more, and the exercise that still needs to make a few thin faces, some film on market says is the effect that has thin face, but thin face of optical thin coating relying on a face does not rely on chart, use thin Facial mask to still have a few harms, what does film of so thin face have to endanger?

The can thin face with thin face true film? What harm does thin Facial mask have? (1)

1, jam easily pore

When thin Facial mask is being used if if be cleanness nurses,the job was not done good, create the situation that pore jams very easily, and because pore jams,pose the new skin issue such as long blain blain, acne possibly still.

2, skin resistance is reduced

Skin oneself to the outside be to have certain counteractive defence capacity, if be too frequent,use thin Facial mask the word of film of other perhaps side, reduce the resistance of skin oneself very easily, let the skin become more and more delicate and flimsy.

3, break cutaneous balance

The skin has oneself to maintain the functional system that water oil balances, although can help thin face,use thin Facial mask for a long time, but the balance that also may adjust to skin ego causes an effect.

4, the likelihood causes nutrition superfluous

Same meeting contains nutrient part in thin Facial mask, frequent and excessive if depending on thin Facial mask, the skin is finite to nutrient absorption also may cause nutrition superfluous, long adipose bead or blain.

5, how to avoid to endanger

Thin Facial mask has a harm but do not mean us cannot thin face of apply Facial mask.

1. is in film of thin face of paper quality of choose and buy when should select normal product, reduce the chemical material; that contains among them

2. abstains Facial mask to want to use new data, and use do how many;

Film of 3. thin face cannot be used often everyday, general 1 week 2, it is advisable to do not exceed 3 times;

Film of 4. thin face had better be the product that can choose to suit oneself skin to pledge, do not want film of blind apply thin face.

6, the cookbook of thin face

The ormosia taro of cate of 1. thin face soup

We know ormosia is to raise Yan Meirong's beautiful to taste. In addition it still has detumescence of clear hot detoxify, diuresis, aerate stop the effect such as have diarrhoea, have admirable help to all sorts of type oedema symptoms. And have vegetable and food the taro nutrition of double function is rich, can arise full bilge feeling, be helpful for acting eat of personage reducing weight. Beautiful eyebrow people drink ormosia taro boiling water more, thin to thin face body, beautiful flesh has very great help.

Practice: Ormosia is abluent, taro flay stripping and slicing, add clear water to throw skillet together, boil to feed capable person soft sweet quality of sodden, tea is great can.

The laver egg of cate of 2. thin face is beautiful soup

Treat laver as a kind of recreational snacks, in addition laver egg spends Shang Mei flavour to have nutrition. Although the iodic element of the laver after treatment still won't be destroyed. And the quantity of heat of laver is low, suit to reduce weight most.

The material of congee of balsam pear lean lean of thin face cate: The practice such as pig lean lean, balsam pear, salt: Go to balsam pear above all flesh is cut agglomerate, pig lean lean also is cut agglomerate, will turn on the water in boiler after be being boiled, put balsam pear to stew boil about 20 minutes, join pork to be stewed slow, thoroughly cook can. Thin face principle: This congee has effect of disappear fire antifebrile, in addition balsam pear still has go the effect of fat. Let your facial adipose and relaxed combustion, thin give beautiful rough sketch.

The celery bean curd of cate of 3. thin face is dry

Material: The practice such as celery, bean curd doing, salt, Chinese prickly ash, ginger, gourmet powder: Cut bean curd doing above all, celery is cut paragraph, enter the scald in boiling water boiler fish out. Next hot water of bubble of Chinese prickly ash makes water of Chinese prickly ash, peanut oil is added to burn heat inside boiler, put bowl of ginger silk boil in water for a while, fry into bean curd doing fully, issue celery again paragraph etc condiment, flourishing fire is fried to tender ripe. Add gourmet powder, tick off thin Gorgon euryale, drench bright oil, outfit giving boiler dish.