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What Facial mask goes dying is leather effect good? How to abstain go dying leather Facial mask?

Human body metabolization can produce a few redundant cutin, namely the dead skin that we say at ordinary times, go dying the skin goes namely corneous, corneous and overmuch meeting poses problem of a few skin on the face, bring about pore to jam, can do at ordinary times a few have go dying the Facial mask of leather function, so what Facial mask goes dying is leather effect good? How to abstain go dying leather Facial mask? Look together!

What Facial mask goes dying is leather effect good? How to abstain go dying leather Facial mask? (1)

1, film of citric honey face

Material: Cheese 1 spoon, a few lemon juice, honey.

Practice: In putting cheese, honey, lemon juice the bowl, mix even.

Usage: Will make up cotton dips in take ready mixed liquor even daub is in facial ministry, can use next show the abdomen undertakes massage, lukewarm bath of the reoccupy after 15 minutes is clean can.

Effect: Lemon juice goes dying the skin is relatively gentle, the skin won't be injured when massaging knead, produce allergic situation not easily. But should notice lemon has photosensitive, use lemon goes lest blacken,basking after dead Pi Zhi.

2, film of algal glycerine face

Material: Algal pink 100 grams, glycerine 15 milliliter, mineral water is right amount.

Practice: Will algal pink, glycerine, mineral water mixes entirely, agitate is shown equably mushy can.

Usage: The good equipment Facial mask spread after clean face uses Wen Shuichong to be washed clean in on the face 20 minutes or so can.

Effect: Algal in contain rich vitamin, mineral etc, can be skin complement moisture, go dying skin while still can eliminate inflammation.

3, film of face of almond fine salt

Material: Almond pink 25 grams, fine salt 5 grams.

Practice: Move almond pink into with hot water mushy later the air after adding salt to mix is cool.

Usage: The daub after clean face is rinsed clean in Wenshui of about 20 minutes of reoccupy on the face can.

Effect: Fine salt can be helped grind arenaceous go dying skin, return can deep-seated cleanness, accuse oily diminish inflammation, the person that fits neuter or oily skin to pledge particularly goes dying the skin is used.

4, corn olive oil Facial mask

Material: Corn flour 10 grams, olive oil 3 milliliter.

Practice: Add corn flour a few clear water are mixed mushy later join olive oil agitate even.

Usage: The both hands after clean face takes right amount corn to paper daub to be on the face, undertake massage gently next, t word place can be added more massage, wash clean with Wen Shuiqing after 5 minutes can.

Effect: Corn olive oil goes dying leather Facial mask can help contractive pore, purify dead skin, bright and clean skin, suit to mix gender, oily skin to use particularly.

5, film of chestnut honey face

Material: Chestnut 5, honey 10 grams, flour is right amount.

Practice: Pound of the flay after thoroughlying cook chestnut becomes mud, join next right amount flour, clear water is mixed mushy hind rejoin honey.

Usage: Wenshui of 30 minutes of reoccupy rinses the equably apply face after clean face clean can.

Effect: This film can help purify dead skin, tighten up pore, invigorate the circulation of blood is protected wet, burnish skin, suit neuter or oily skin to use particularly.

6, film of face of fabaceous pink tea

Material: Gram pink 1 big spoon, tea wraps 2, boiled water is right amount.

Practice: In putting tea package into filling the container that has boiled water to immerse to join gram white boiled water to refrigeration hind, agitate submits slimy form equably.

Usage: With the tea that was stained with gram mud the bag flaps gently facial, after about 5 minutes again come again, 3 Wen Shui is used after alling over thoroughly abluent and facial can.

Effect: Film of face of fabaceous pink tea can help poison of antiphlogistic, clear heat, platoon, help the dead skin with effective facial purify, the circumstance of inflammation of ministry of delay knead dough.

7, brown sugar olive oil Facial mask

Material: Brown sugar 20 grams, olive oil 30 milliliter.

Practice: Mix brown crystal sugar, olive oil even can.

Usage: brown sugar olive oil even daub is after clean face on the face, the means that encircles with hand point at after about 5 minutes undertakes massage, later abluent can.

Effect: Shape of brown sugar grain can effective purify dead skin, and quality of a material is had blandly ensure wet result very well.

8, film of ormosia yoghurt face

Material: Ormosia pink 3 small spoon, yoghurt 3 small spoon.

Practice: Mix ormosia pink, yoghurt adequately agitate to be become equably mushy can.

Usage: After abluent face, the Facial mask of mix up even ground daub is on the face, escape eye ministry, lip ministry skins, 10 minutes of or so Wen Shui are abluent can.

Effect: Ormosia pink can help conserve skin, with yoghurt operable, have very good clean effect, apply to the cleanness of T word place especially.

9, go dying methodological measure of the skin

1, go the true measure of dead skin

Go to the skin is the measure with need to abide by certain dying. Can undertake according to the measure below commonly:

The first pace: After using cleanness of depth of clean face product to skin first, chamfer simple product right amount daub uses the kind that draws a circle to undertake be kneadinged gently next on the face;

The 2nd pace: Can strengthen area of word of oily to going out easily nose ala place, T to undertake the key is massaged, rinse clean face ministry with clear water next;

The 3rd pace: The water breast that goes having filling water to defend wet action after cutin on daub, cream can.

2, go the right time of dead skin

The optimal time that dead skin goes to in the day can be put in the late evening, this time goes dying after Pi Zhi the ego repair capability with skin normal itself is stronger, the absorption that tastes to maintaining capability is stronger, and go dying in the evening after the skin the skin blackens not easily also.

3, go the correct age of dead skin

Dead skin wants purify, do not have strict age limit, it is according to cutaneous need decides commonly. The skin that wants him discovery only commonly is relatively coarse, when daub protects skin to taste cannot very good osmosis skins depth, can, the consideration undertakes going dying skin.

4, go the correct frequency of dead skin

Go dying skin cannot too frequent, general what we pledge according to skin is different, go dying leather frequency is OK also somewhat difference. For instance, drying skin is OK 3~4 chapel undertakes going dying skin, and oily skin is OK 1~2 Zhou Jin dies all right skin. If be the word of sensitive skin,should wait for a month to undertake 1 times at least.

5, go after dead skin nurse correctly

Go wanting to notice pair of skins are more attentive after dead Pi Zhi nurse. Most the most important is to noticing to avoid light is prevented bask in. Go dying after Pi Zhi cutaneous cutin layer attenuates, right now the light penetrates more easily skin, make skin blackens, it is generation shading even. Go out must notice to avoid smooth, prevent bask in.