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Can flour Facial mask go black head? Can flour go black head?

Cooked wheaten food is a kind of food that a lot of places can eat, be in especially northward, so flour is used morer, flour is OK make it a lot of food, of course flour still has a lot of other use, many people should have made flour Facial mask, some people had felt, some people feel bad, can film of that flour face go black head? Can flour go black head?

Can flour Facial mask go black head? Can flour go black head? (1)

1, flour Facial mask can go black head

Flour Facial mask cannot go quite black head.

Black head is content of sclerotic grease block, using flour Facial mask purely is cannot help quite cleared of black head. But the corneous layer that flour Facial mask can help cleared massiness on certain level, be helpful for clearing black head.

2, go how should be black head done

(1) salt goes black head

Salt has very good antiphlogistic and antiseptic effect, and the effect that clean skin also can have when skinning with salt daub, the help is cleared black head.

Method: After using face of warm water clean first, take right amount salt place of direct inunction nose, till disappear,salt melts slowly.

(2) vaseline goes black head

The mineral oil composition in vaseline can arrive since the help deliquescent the effect of black head, auxiliary and cleared black head.

Method: After clean nose its one smear is generous goes up at the nose, cut to be able to cover next of whole nose size last film, will last film is stuck on nose half hours or so closely, will last film gets off, the club that take cotton down nose gently slippery past can push black head come out.

(3) egg white goes black head

Egg white has very good adsorptive effect, stick in black head office to be able to be helped epispastic black head is helped thereby cleared black head.

Method: Get ready make up cotton, tear down as far as possible next a the thinnest, next will thin thin makeup complete dip is in cotton fully the place that apply goes to black head in need after egg white is medium. About 15~20 makes up after minute cotton is completely fully dry, get off make up cotton, noticing way should be by fall and go up open, the juniorest travel is cleaned can.

(4) pearl powder goes black head

Pearl powder can help balance grease, clean skin, will jam the grease bilge cleanness in pore goes with the help black head.

Method: After using face of warm water clean first, take right amount pearl powder even daub goes in need the position of black head, use next show the abdomen dips in take a few clear water to do circle shape to make be massaged gently disappear completely till pearl powder.

3, do not suggest the hand pushs black head

Go black head when do not suggest to be squeezed with the hand, there is bacterium, dirt on the hand, easy infection causes red inflammation to the skin in the process of crowded black head. Crowded black head causes other the right hand side easily pore is bulky, time grows to bulky pore accumulates bilge dirty content easily and accentuate the circumstance of black head, acne.

4, how is black head eliminated

One, with rip the film that play a side and bazoo to stick

Advantage: Ripping the film that play a side and bazoo to stick is way of a kind of the most efficient black head purify, can clear an a lot of dirty stuffs.

Defect: Rip the film that play a side to make the pore on nose greatens easily become flabby, mainer is stronger skin adherent sex, can allow the skin damage all round pore, produce more inflammation.

Proposal: Want to notice those who receive pore to nurse quite at ordinary times, lest lets outside smudgy enter pore, time grows form black head. Stick best besmear to go up close skin water.

2, beauty parlour major is carried

The pricker that take powder is carried, have a plenty of those who take the instrument like small sucking disk to suck.

Advantage: Get effective fast, the effect is distinct.

Defect: Ache! Carry nose Gong Gong, and should lie between period of time to be carried, troublesome.

3, " the baby is fat " massage method (recommend drying skin to use)

Advantage: Fine fine massage is massaged, half hour can be pressed give, very successful feeling.

Defect: But too fat, very difficult abluent, it is very easy still to be used continuously jam a lot of red a knot in one's heart since pore, the loss outweights the gain.

4, fine skin cream + black head derives fluid + breast of face of fine skin clean

Advantage: According to the manual, do not wash a face to be massaged first, time of a few minutes feels ability bead having bead came out. Take clean face breast to wash a face next, it is condensation shape foamy cool still cool, pretty good. Next again bright skin, elite of T area smear.

Defect: The skin has resistance to the action of a drug, just began not bad, time grew to do not have the effect, and differ character according to skin, some people do not have the effect.

5, with suck black head machine

Advantage: Major goes black head tool, more complete.

Defect: Difficult operation, but maintain pore easily, and spend black head gently to use it with respect to waste one's talent on a petty job, the Yan that kill chicken uses the knife that slaughter a cattle.