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Does white vinegar wash a face harmful to the skin? Does white vinegar wash a face harmful to the face?

There are a lot of ordinary things in our life have very big use actually, e.g. white vinegar, normally white vinegar is to use as below condition flavor antiseptic, actually white vinegar still has a lot of other action, many people wash a face to pass with white vinegar, but someone says pair of facial ministry stimulation are too big, does then white vinegar wash a face harmful to the skin? Does white vinegar wash a face harmful to the face?

Does white vinegar wash a face harmful to the skin? Does white vinegar wash a face harmful to the face? (1)

1, harmful to the skin

White vinegar washs a face to be able to cause harm to the skin. Although contain some acetic acid among them blain of spot of bate cutin layer, can beautiful white dispel, antiseptic dispel, but acetic acid can is opposite likewise skin causes stimulation, scathing skin.

2, corneous layer attenuates

White vinegar washs a face to be able to help chamfer pledge, but if if be too frequent use,white vinegar washs a face, the acetic acid that contains among them can corrode the skin, bring about corneous layer thinner and thinner, the skin becomes more sensitive, appear even the problem such as red blood silk, allergy.

3, the skin quickens consenescence

Wash a face with white vinegar, the acidity material that contains among them can produce bigger stimulation to the skin, make skin deflection acidity, it is the skin loses stretch, flabby premature ageing easily.

4, easy color of skin not all

Wash a face to still may cause color of skin with white vinegar not all problem. The material such as the acetic acid that contains in white vinegar can help the United States die in vain skin, but gimmick is incorrect when if be,washing a face with vinegar or acetic chroma did not master good, cause color of skin very easily not all, bai Yi piece, Huang Yi piece.

5, white vinegar washs facial accentuation allergy

Itself skin pledges sensitive person uses white vinegar to wash a face, white vinegar itself has the material that corrodes action namely, although can antiseptic disinfection, but for flimsy sensitive skin, its are excitant too strong, very easy accentuation is sensitive, cause allergy.

6, white vinegar washs a face to grow fleck easily

White vinegar belongs to acidity material, often use quicken skin ageing very easily, bring about pigment easily still meanwhile ad cool-headed, cause fleck. When the white vinegar that when washing a face especially, uses is more. General white vinegar washs a face to need a two drop vinegar only can.

7, wash a face correctly with white vinegar

1. must use Wen Shui, 5-6 drop white vinegar drips inside, scarcely wants too much.

The 2nd pace washs 2. wash his hands first before the face, such can valid bacterium areas that avoid to get on the hand arrive on the face.

The 3rd pace begins 3. wash a face, the washs a face method with be mixed regular is same, namely as a child upgrade is washed, prevent furrow, wash 5, 6 or so can. Pour water next, resumptive the normal procedure that wash a face, wash a face with the grandma that wash a face.

8, white vinegar can dispel spot

1, vinegar of bubble of Job's tears benevolence

Prescription: White vinegar 500 milliliter, job's tears benevolence 300 grams.

Usage: Immerse Job's tears benevolence in rice vinegar, sealed 10 days or so can. Take 15 milliliter Job's tears everyday benevolence vinegar fluid can.

Effect: Dispel spot is whitened, especially the crowd with ad cool-headed pigment of appropriate and facial skin.

2, 5 dish vinegar square

Prescription: Right amount vinegar, the 5 Chinese cabbage that wait for a portion, cabbage, pumpkin, cucumber, carrot.

Usage: Will put inside the basin to add squeezing ramming of a few salt after 5 kinds of vegetable are abluent, acetic cold and dressed with sauce is used after 6 hours, this dish is OK often edible.

Effect: Go speckle, beautiful white skin, improve skin pigment to precipitate.

3, acetic egg fluid

Prescription: High grade white vinegar 500 milliliter, one makes an egg.

Usage: Enter the bubble after the egg is abluent vinegar in, carapace of the egg after 24 hours begins molten, after 30 days, egg carapace disappears completely. At this moment acetic egg fluid is OK and drinkable. Everyday 10 milliliter, 1 cup of cold boiled water mix add even hind take.

Effect: Skin of dispel spot embellish reduces weight. Appropriate purify is facial shading.

4, vinegar of dip of the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes square

Prescription: Rice vinegar, the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes each are right amount.

Usage: Enter bubble of the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes rice vinegar in one week later, juice extraction vinegar reserves. Facial stain handles paint of juice of vinegar of every daily expense, shading can let fade after period of time.

Effect: Face of disappear spot clean, apply to especially facial the person that has fleck and shading.