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Does milk wash a face what to milk use? It with what milk wash a face is good to with what milk wash a face?

Milk is us the very common drink in daily life, a lot of people can drink milk everyday, classics tipple milk has a lot of profit really, of course milk besides direct and drinkable outside, still have other action, many females wash a face to pass with milk, but milk washs a face to want to choose appropriate milk, does that milk wash a face what to milk use? It with what milk wash a face is good to with what milk wash a face?

Does milk wash a face what to milk use? It with what milk wash a face is good to with what milk wash a face? (1)

1, it is good that pure milk washs a face

Pure bright milk does not have peculiar smell, and show even fluid, without precipitation, without condense, without foreign matter, without the eyewinker, without ropy phenomenon, such milk is used wash a face to be damaged to the stimulation of skin can reduce the smallest, have the very good effect that protect skin.

2, it is good that defatted milk washs a face

What contain in defatted milk is adipose less, wash a face with such milk, can reduce adipose remain to be on the face, decrease thereby appear the circumstance of adipose bead.

3, it is good that glacial milk washs a face

Put milk on the ice wash a face again, can defy effectively the red phenomenon of because of insolation generation. Milk itself contains some ferment component, can achieve antiphlogistic, detumescence and slow cutaneous effect, the milk after iced more can effective slow and acetanilide.

4, avoid to use expire milk washs a face

Overdue milk had better be to be not used wash a face. On one hand its nutrition value is reduced greatly, the effect that has to skin sells at a discount greatly, the lactic acid bureau that contains among them on the other hand still has one a bit biology to may make skin is infected with bacterial dirt more easily, go against instead protect skin.

5, milk washs a face to want dilute

Wash the circumstance that long adipose bead, long blain appears after the face to avoid milk, dilute can have milk before use milk washs a face: milk and clear water according to 1: The scale of 1 washs a face again after dilute is even.

6, milk contraindication is tie-in

(1) milk + orange

Drinking milk around 1 hour or so, unfavorable eat orange.

Because of milk medium protein once with orange medium fruit acid encounters, can happen caky, the assimilation that affects milk thereby and absorb, in this time Duan Li also shoulds not be eat other and acidity fruit.

(2) fruit juice + milk

The protein in milk 80% for casein, the acid-base value of milk is in 4.6 the following when, many casein can produce agglutinate, precipitation, digest hard absorb, serious person bring about indigestion or diarrhoea possibly still.

Should not be in milk so add the acidity drink such as fruit juice.

(3) milk + candy

The lysine that contains in milk is heating can react with fructose below the condition, generate poisonous fructose base lysine, deleterious human body. Bright milk does not add candy when boil, boil good milk to wait a bit some cooler hind add candy again not late.

(4) milk and chocolate

Milk contains rich protein and calcium, and chocolate contains oxalic acid, both feed meeting union to become together not dissolve sex oxalic acid is calcic, the absorption with great calcic influence. Appear even hair sere, diarrhoea, grow slow wait for a phenomenon.

(5) milk + medicine

Somebody likes to replace plain boiled water to take drug with milk, actually, milk can affect the human body absorption to medicaments apparently.

Because milk is formed easily in the surface of medicaments,one covers film, the calcium in making suckle, magnesium mineral as chemical as medicaments happening reaction, form blame water-solubility material, affect medical effect thereby release reach absorb.