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How to contain film of dispel spot range? What should dispel spot notice?

A lot of schoolgirls grow spot on the face, the skin skin of some people pledges even if appear very easily of stain, it is easy that occasionally ultraviolet ray was basked in a little by force long spot, long spot affects facial appearance, need purify stain, make facial ministry skin more smooth fair-skinned in vain, can make the Facial mask of spot of a few dispel, how to contain film of dispel spot range? What should dispel spot notice?

How to contain film of dispel spot range? What should dispel spot notice? (1)

1, contain Facial mask relaxed dispel spot

Film of dispel spot range 1: Yoghurt is oaten spot of beautiful white dispel Facial mask

Material: Yoghurt, oatmeal

The method that make:

1, take yoghurt 2 spoon

2, take 1 spoon oatmeal

3, move both all hind apply at facial ministry, wash with Wen Shui after 20 minutes completely

Effect: Yoghurt contains hydrogen to offspring kind of ramification, can decompose cell of cutaneous ageing cutin, restrain and dispel pigment stain, consequently effect of very good dispel spot hairdressing. The active material such as yoghurt and the vitamin E in oatmeal is right the skin the action with dispel whitened spot.

Film of dispel spot range 2: Film of flour of almond coffee egg

Material: Almond, coffee pink, albumen


1, almond in order to heat up bleb soft, pound into mud

2, almond mud and coffee pink, albumen even mix, in be being put into airtight bottle

3, before sleeping every night, ministry of face of even Tu Yu, lie between a day to awake, reoccupy warm water is abluent

Effect: Embellish skin is divided knit, slack skin stretchs tight closely, desalt shading, let skin Bai Xi is bright beautiful

Film of dispel spot range 3: Chinese traditional medicine film of range of spot of beautiful white dispel

Material: Litharge of white monkshood, pearl powder, the root of Dahurian angelica, sheep is suckled.


1, litharge of will white monkshood, pearl powder, the root of Dahurian angelica each are right amount grind together wear end puts a sheep mix inside the grandma;

2, need to heat a hour, wait to cream into Facial mask shape when put cool hind, apply uses clear water scour off 20 minutes in facial ministry can.

Effect: Cloak skin blemish, beautification countenance, eliminate color of skin of facial dark and gloomy.

2, dispel spot wants to notice

1, beer dispel spot

(1) take a clean small bowl, enter beer. Beer of immerge of will officinal bombazine makes an appointment with 3 minutes.

(2) take out bombazine, small pigheaded, apply is on the face, skin of ministry letting a face gets be relaxationed thoroughly, apply about half hour.

(3) if the water in bombazine is divided by blot, after can immersing according to before two paces again apply.

2, fixed chamfer pledges

Of autumnal temperature reduce, the metabolism that can let skin becomes slow, corneous layer also because of this thickening. Although originally protective skin is not damaged cutin, can be corneous layer heavy panel, of greatly can abate skin appear a gender, weaken the skin absorption to active ingredient of dispel spot product. A week is used arrive twice, the strength when using wants light, wipe chamfer qualitative frost gently on the face first, keep the left and right sides 3 minutes, the massage means that encircles in order to hit again, let dead skin flake.

3, appropriately decompression

When human body feels pressure, can secrete adrenalin, do good physiology to meet pressure to prepare. If get for a long time the menace of pressure, the balance of human body metabolism can be destroyed, the nutrition that skin place needs is supplied tend slow, pigment mother cell can become very active.

3, what does dispel spot eat

1, tomato

Often eat tomato to be able to help spot of weak spot dispel, go up to the face especially the person of long fleck, the effect is better. Because tomato is medium,contained rich vitamin C can help those who restrain the melanin in the skin generate, help skin restores white tender. Also can make tomato tomato juice drinkable, the result is right also.

2, milk

Insist to drink milk to be able to help spot of beautiful white dispel. To the person of long spot, milk is drunk before insisting to sleep, body physical ability is enough the better nutrition in absorbing milk, raise to better hairdressing since colour, dispel spot beauty is white, delay anile effect. Before sleeping commonly half hours drink effect of a cup of warm milk best, still can improve Morpheus quality.

3, lemon juice

Often drinkable lemon juice can help desalt splash. The microelement such as many vitamin C and iron, calcium is contained in lemon, often drinkable lemon juice can help beautiful white skin, still can restrain melanin effectively to generate and precipitation, achieve effective the effect of spot of weak spot dispel.

4, cucumber

Often have cucumber can effective desalt because the skin is dry the spot that is short of water to grow. When the skin is in the condition that lack water to fall very easy because the skin is metabolic slow and quicken pigment ad cool-headed long spot, the many moisture content that contains in cucumber can help skin filling water not only, and many vitamin still is contained to be able to help dispel spot beauty in cucumber white.

5, carrot juice

Often juice also can help drinkable carrot spot of weak spot dispel. The many vitamin A that contains in carrot can be changed into vitamin A formerly, help moist skin, maintain skin youthful appearance. Often juice can help drinkable carrot desalt splash, make skin whiteness smooth.