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How to contain film of dispel spot beautiful flour? Dispel spot apply what Facial mask is fine?

Long spot is female love the United States' flagrant thing, meeting length spot lets rectify piece of face to look color of skin is dark heavy, still can let others become aware to was not washed clean forever on your face, someone can say " use block defect! " some splash are product of use block defect also cover does not live. How to contain film of dispel spot beautiful flour? Dispel spot apply what Facial mask is fine? Look together!

How to contain film of dispel spot beautiful flour? Dispel spot apply what Facial mask is fine? (1)

1, the method with dispel best spot one

(Film of face of honey of 1) red wine

The honey that adds one cannikin red wine 2 spoon is moved to thick after stiff condition, even ground apply is on the face, after working 8 minutes, rinse clean with Wenshui. The bishop acid in red wine is fruit acid, can promote corneous metabolism, desalt pigment, let the skin more Bai Xi, smooth. Honey has the function that maintains Shi Hezi to raise. Commonly used can beautiful Bai Danban, still have the effect of the hairdressing that protect skin. But the beautiful eyebrow with allergic to alcohol film of face of honey of this red wine wants careful with Oh! Had better do a test with red wine first.

(Film of fat face of choice of 2) tomato rose

Tomato is abluent extract juice, transfer into right amount honey or milk and oil of an essence of rose or breast, add a few flour to be moved into again cream shape, tu Yu is facial get off after 15 minutes probably, wash with Wen Shui clean. Tomato can be beautiful Bai Danban, milk can be beautiful white, and prevent the skin dry ageing, the rose can make the skin moist, white tender, soft, use for a long time can help dispel spot divide knit. It is OK to use film of face of this honey rose for a long time effective desalt splash, the skin that conduces to you is exquisite fight consenescence!

(Film of face of honey of 3) towel gourd

Towel gourd insolation, after crumbing, grind fine not shape, the mineral water that increase a point mixes agitate together even, add honey again next. Get on its apply in the face after clean face every night, the bathe after 20 minutes is clean can. Honey is OK desalt furrow, but after adding honey, should not be pass the night, be about to clean after 20 minutes, the meeting is abate weak spot effect. A variety of vitamins, protein, carbohydrate and acid of the blood that fight annulus are contained in towel gourd, have very good tender white effect to the skin. Use for a long time, can improve the skin dark yellow coarse, become exquisite white tender.

Above introduced the method with best spot of 3 kinds of dispel for everybody, but no matter be method of spot of which kinds of dispel, can achieve get the result certainly, if can combine professional dispel spot product rub oxygen, can achieve the result of get twice the result with half the effort certainly, conditional word, can try.

2, long spot reason

(1) because,a of facial long stain of the woman main reason is endocrine maladjusted, the change of level of the sex hormone inside body is commonly between period and gestation, endocrine maladjusted when classics regular meeting has not stable sentiment, affected oneself metabolism function thereby, also can cause splash very easily to form, affect the generation of melanin.

(2) the main reason of stain of wrinkle of female factitious what is splash forming is the ultraviolet illuminate in sunlight, the skin has been been opposite in the face when much solarrer illuminate, skin can produce more black element grain, tutelar body is avoided suffer harm, but skin falls in ultraviolet illuminate, can make skin produces spot more easily below the circumstance of photosynthesis, at the same time ultraviolet illuminate can let original melanin deepen, stain more serious.

(3) long splash is important the heredity that the reason is euchromosome. Ecru comes cinnamon pinpoint the stain to size of grain of rice, distributing symmetrically in facial, or fleck grows to go up in nose.

(4) habits and customs carelessly, or the undesirable habits and customs such as inadequacy of pressure, partial eclipse, Morpheus, affect melanin to increase ceaselessly thereby. Life pressure is great, morpheus quality is bad, do not absorb nutrient material, can make cutaneous metabolization is reduced so, bring about stain again serious.