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Citric is an apply face fine? Citric the effect of an apply face and action

Lemon is the fruit with special delicious nutrition, a lot of people are cut a bubble lemonade via regular meeting at ordinary times drinkable, and some people are to be able to use lemon piece come apply face protects skin to use, because a lot of people think making the skin so is very beneficial, so citric is an apply face fine? Citric are the effect of an apply face and action specific what be? Citric is an apply face fine?

Citric is an apply face fine? Citric the effect of an apply face and action (1)

1, citric the action of an apply face

A few lemon drip in the plain boiled water that drinking everyday, drink healthy gain go in. For example sore throat or when itching, drink a cup of lemonade to be able to maintain your throat. Come up against bilge gas, constipation, a Ma also can tell you possibly to go bubble cup heats up lemon juice.

Be in even bittern flesh when squeeze some of lemon juice, can reduce pair of salinity and fat absorb, and the flesh is qualitative more delicious. Citric acid can reduce the meat again kind bear rising candy, can saying is the good food with diabetic antagonism. Contains citric acid returns conduce to stimulate liver to discharge poison.

Besides to be taken orally, it is OK still outside brush. Movie average sees with lemon piece come apply face, fruit acid is OK really desalt stain, still have convergent effect; You still can cut lemon touch a point partly saccharic, wait for coarse skin surface to knee, elbow, calcaneal, have very good chamfer qualitative effect.

2, citric the effect of an apply face

Citric a beauty with having better's white effect, the proposal is direct after using citric slice, apply is on the face, what can see the skin is apparent after 15 minutes commonly is whiten.

Because of lemon piece in contain rich vitamin C, vitamin dispute often allows Yimeibai, can reduce the precipitation of the melanin of human body, apply face can have with lemon after if be,basking so.

Citric apply face also is the effect that having better filling water, it is OK so use everyday, and it is more natural did not harm.

3, citric an apply face is fine

Many vitamin C is contained in lemon, and vitamin C is the cutaneous melanin precipitation that can help human body, having better beauty's white effect so. The word that has apply face via commonly used lemon can have better beauty's white effect. OK and direct a face of citric section apply, crowded perhaps come out it is can better that lemon juice adds the pearl powder word effect that has apply face. At the same time if rise every morning later should hollow drink a cup of lemonade, such word can help stimulative intestines and stomach absorb and excreted function.

4, film of face of citric rice wine

Raw material: Citric 1, rice wine 200 milliliter.

Practice: Rice wine is put after will citric slice inside sealed a month. The ministry of face of daub of lemon juice fluid that reuse has immersed, withhold 10 minutes of above, and can undertake facial ministry is massaged.

Effect: Can help beautiful white facial skin, make facial skin keeps Bai Xi, exquisite. If be oily cutaneous the person is OK reuse of eliminate of will citric skin.

5, film of face of citric orange juice

Raw material: Lemon juice 2 spoon, green lemon juice and 2 orange juice each 1 spoon, yoghurt 1 cup.

Practice: Mix the material of above together entirely mix is even, after clean face apply hey on the face 10 minutes or so wash clean with Wen Shuichong can.

Effect: This Facial mask can help oily skin purify effectively redundant grease, oil of help adjustment water is balanced.

6, film of citric honey face

Raw material: Citric half, honey a few of right amount, flour.

Practice: Honey, flour is joined after extracting lemon juice even mix is moved into mushy can. Direct daub is after clean face on the face apply face.

Effect: This Facial mask can help the bilge of cleared face ministry, can the dead cell on the skin on effective purify face, improve coarse skin, maintain skin delicate and smooth.

7, film of citric yoghurt face

Raw material: Teaspoon of half and half of lemon juice, honey, yoghurt 500 grams, vitamin E is right amount.

Practice: Vitamin E drips after mixing lemon juice, yoghurt, honey number drop is smooth into mushy, daub is abluent after 15 minutes are made an appointment with on the face after clean face can.

Effect: This Facial mask can help improvement the skin is dark heavy, defer skin consenescence, maintain skin smooth white fair-skinneding condition.