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Can you wash a face with toilet soap? Does toilet soap wash a face what to effect there is?

Toilet soap is very general and common in our life, a lot of people wash his hands at ordinary times via often can using toilet soap, besides, some people still can wash a face with toilet soap, it is the controversy that such practice aroused many people only, can you wash a face with toilet soap so? Does toilet soap wash a face what to effect have? Does toilet soap wash a face to an effect there is?

Can you wash a face with toilet soap? Does toilet soap wash a face what to effect there is? (1)

1, can toilet soap wash a face

Possible. The toilet soap that need not worry about basic position can injure skin, although normal skin is used,contain faint and alkalescent toilet soap, also can hold cutaneous burnish position. Bubble enters alkalescent hot spring, hot spring water is met slowly bate cutin layer, make glittering and translucent burnish proves the skin best namely.

Toilet soap can be divided from its property mix for weak acidity alkalescent. Because normal skin is of weak acidity, because this a lot of people are opposite,the alkalescent toilet soap that wash a face is held all the time " whether can harm cutaneous misgive " . Weak acidity sounds be opposite it seems that skin is very gentle, a lot of people are puzzled by such word place, and choose this kinds of toilet soap.

Often listen to a person to say " wash a face to must be rinsed clean with toilet soap, avoid toilet soap to remain to go up at skin. " really, want toilet soap to remain to go up in the skin only, because be in basic position,skin is met, and rough gradually. When we are washing a face, general metropolis rinses toilet soap clean. So, wash a face to make skin shows this paragraph of alkalescent time that only toilet soap stays on the face with toilet soap, after rinsing, alkalescent meeting is counteracted. And, there is a kind of factor that calls original state stability in the skin, can maintain skin to decide the property of condition in some. And even after be being rinsed clean with clear water, the skin is met naturally by alkalescent restore weak acidity condition. So, need not seek the toilet soap of weak acidity painstakingly, common toilet soap can help your cleanness skin euqally.

2, it is good that toilet soap washs a face

We use toilet soap to clean facial this world commonly corrupt. The decontamination force of toilet soap is a few more ambitious than clean frost, because of clean frost can on eliminate face smeary. The corneous layer that Dan Qingjie frost copes with those ageing not as good as toilet soap.

The decontamination force of toilet soap is decided by the fatty acid that contains in toilet soap, acid of this lipoid fat has make apparently bilge makes the skin little grain, the effect that makes its dissolve Yushui medium. After toilet soap is deliquescent, in among them sodium dissociate Yushui, so the aqueous solution of toilet soap is alkalescent. Alkalescent toilet soap aqueous solution is weak to be being shown all along the skin of acid reaction is harmful of course. But the basic ingredient in toilet soap can bate ageing corneous layer, must withhold basic ingredient when the toilet soap that make so. Nevertheless, if you wash the black fluid that gets on the skin thoroughly when the face to be cleaned clean in use toilet soap, need not stimulate the skin for its meeting and worried. Not be the toilet soap that the toilet soap with higher price has jumped over namely. Alkalescent component can have the effectiveness of bate cutin layer, but can stimulate the skin again at the same time, make there is calorific feeling on the face.

So, choose alkalescent weaker toilet soap had better. If you chose some kind of toilet soap, there is exciting feeling like the skin after using, did not continue to use. The toilet soap washing a face that uses everyday, had better choose those to be not contained mostly the light black of flavor or pigment, because often be met for a long time when the skin by flavor or pigment stimulation,be opposite ultraviolet ray is unusually sensitive, cause a lot of irritability skin disease instead. Additional, maintain the cleanness of towel please. Because bacterial assemble is right on wet towel cutaneous health is very adverse.

3, the accurate method that toilet soap washs a face

1. reduces stimulation for utmost, had better get on toilet soap in the hand first or the knead on sponge gives bubble, besmear again next go up at the face, and do not use toilet soap to come in the loiter on the face directly loiter goes.

Best control is in the time that bubble of 2. toilet soap keeps on the face one minute inside, rinse with water subsequently, notice must thoroughly abluent, the composition that remains otherwise may cause harm to skin.

3. because the character of toilet soap itself, the skin after using can have a few to stretch tight closely feeling, had better do with bright skin water farther cleanness and alimentary, next as soon as possible daub protects skin frost.

4, the harm of soap clean face

1, easy appear allergic phenomenon

Though the skin condition of everybody is different, have a plenty of oily, have a plenty of drying, still have a plenty of mixture sex, show in place of things of use clean face the effect that come out also is different, but if face of optional use soap clean, make skin appears easily allergic phenomenon. At this moment facial meet scratchy, dry, remove red dot to wait, once appear such phenomenon, had better use face of clear water clean.

To the crowd that irritability skins, must notice exceedingly when choosing clean face articles for use. Because the skin of this kind of crowd is right,the resistance of the outside is weaker, the clean face articles for use that had better choose weak acidity, this ability makes skin appears not easily allergic phenomenon.

2, make sebaceous glands is secreted mussily

Although do not use the things that protect skin everyday, skin also has the capacity of ego rehabilitate. A lot of females think the oil of skin surface is the metabolization content of skin, actually it also is a kind of when protect skin natural material. Facial skin has many sebaceous glands and sweat gland, be in all the time synthesize a kind natural " advanced hairdressing frost " , defend in what one forms to lose sight of on the skin film. It shows acidity slightly, have the powerful antiseptic effect that protect skin.

Be informed from this, these facial grease have protective effect already to skin, also have the effect of hairdressing. If use soap to go to the lavatory to wash a face, right the harm of skin is very great. Because of alkalescent soap not only the protective effect that destroyed it, and can exciting sebaceous glands is much " petroliferous " . You use soap the more " except oil " , sebaceous glands is petroliferous more, clear away hard finally. Visible, if the skin is not too dirty, ought not to clean with soap.

3, skin is met rough

People not only the skin that hopes oneself has Bai Xi, and also hope skin attenuate, is not coarse. If choose articles for use of wrong clean face. Skin roughs also is to be in anticipation. Because general soap is alkalescent, if use such soap for a long time to wash a face, because be in basic position,facial skin is met, and rough gradually. So, had better not wash a face with soap, can use what wash a face technically to wash grandma.