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How does the summer accuse oil? How does the summer accuse oil?

? ? ? ? ? The beautiful eyebrow of oily skin people in summer oil goes out the most easily on this seasonal face, the meeting that always feels the oil on the face is oily lets beautiful eyebrow people feeling is to be fed up with very, beautiful to love beautiful eyebrow people for, a piece for nothing tender the thing that tender facial ministry is being enclothed by one layer upon layer grease is a special how terrible, so, want seasonable facial ministry to love to give oily place to undertake accusing oil, so how does the summer accuse oil? How does the summer accuse oil?

How does the summer accuse oil? How does the summer accuse oil? (1)


One, the summer charges oily means

1, chrysanthemum leaf controls oily standard

The faery in the is the autumn flower of chrysanthemum perianth person, it has the effect of detumescence of reduce internal heat of to be taken orally not just, the effect that still has spread, be here nevertheless, small making up what should teach everybody is not " apply " , however " rub " . Because the leaf of chrysanthemum has diminish inflammation not just, antibacterial action, in the meantime, it still has certain sorption, can the grease on effective adsorptive face.


(1) the chrysanthemum valve with right amount preparation.

(2) take right amount leaf in the hand, gently toward " T " rub of area of area oil field is kneaded.

(3) rub kneads 5~10 minute can see the effect, close people can insist to use this method everyday, because it still has,one fights anile action.

2, pumpkin accuses oil law

One respecting pumpkin, everybody can remember that appetizing pumpkin. Right, pumpkin is a kind of very delicate food, but, at the same time it also is the melon and fruit that has hairdressing effect very much, it contains E of rich vitamin A, vitamin and vitamin C, have fight oxidation to follow the effect that delays consenescence, not only such, its bovril still is had reduce effect of skin grease excretive.


(1) prepare a small pumpkin and right amount clean water.

(2) in connecting pumpkin bowl of leather dolly park, the clean water with right amount rejoin tries to mediate.

(3) direct apply is on the face, the 10~20 on apply minute can.

3, film of face glacial apply accuses oil law

Face film is to defend wet emergency treatment good method, but, to oily skin, it is better that the temperature of Facial mask wants the control of in a way to just be met.


(1) the cold storage division that puts the Facial mask of filling water type into freezer is freezing, if want fast children's footwear to might as well,put urgent aspic division 15 minutes, that meeting is cold faster.

(2) inside the limits that whether can the Facial mask paper after the test has frozen accept for skin, if too cold word, can place its indoor buy a little while again apply.

How does the summer accuse oil? How does the summer accuse oil? (2)


2, daily skin maintains

1, notice to keep apart and be prevented bask in

Sunshine has profit to the skin, the sunshine of Dan Taijiang force has counterforce only to the skin, it is the skin can become oilier, and age more easily. Go out so besmear prevent bask in frost to perhaps have prevent the segregation frost that basks in an index, dispute often is necessary.

2, filling water

If you often do not love to drink water, the skin of course won't water is become, so the trend is grease excessive secrete, must insist to drink water to be divided with compensatory water in great quantities so. Additional, want to use oily cosmetic less, in order to make the skin is more fat with pore jam, had better choose hydrous cent the more, cosmetic that has wet effect, result of filling water of cucumber Facial mask is right.

3, change protect with nature skin is tasted

Some friends like to use cosmetic of big shop sign, actually these products contain overmuch nutrient, can let skin choking. If you still are done not have, do not use those who have osmosis to protect skin to taste, it is only all round the eye and cervical the skin that use profit is tasted enough.

The means that the face charges oil is more, the commonnest method is to use filling surFacial mask to undertake accusing oil, the good part among Facial mask can promote facial ministry cutaneous to update, seasonable absorption a few redundant oil are divided, allow the condition that moisture poises on the face, still have should be in soup of dietary respect much edible kind, eat delicate food more.