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Apply of gram Facial mask want to wash? How is gram Facial mask washed?

Everybody takes the summer gram should be more, because gram has clear heat to fall the action of heat, so a lot of people like to drink gram boiling water very much, still many people are in the summer when Facial mask can be made with gram in the home, there also is off-the-peg gram Facial mask on market of course, also have pulpy stick piece, apply of film of that gram face want to wash? How is gram Facial mask washed?

Apply of gram Facial mask want to wash? How is gram Facial mask washed? (1)

1, apply of gram Facial mask want to wash

Want to wash.

Stick one-sided film commonly normally, facial ministry should be rinsed with clear water after apply is over, gram Facial mask belongs to daub type to contain Facial mask, have sticky sex, after been use accordingly, must want to be washed, not only such, still need the 15-20 after apply wash inside minute, lay out of gram Facial mask is too long can cause loss to the skin, more never mention it apply does not wash a face all night, that waits to destroy a look then simply.

2, apply is over not to wash a face to meet how

(1) skin becomes dry

The main effect of gram Facial mask is clean skin grease and pore bilge, if apply is over hind do not wash, its cleanness stays on the skin all the time into branch, cause the skin by cleanness excessive, become more dry from this lack water.

(2) skin resistance drops

Gram Facial mask also has certain purify effect to skin cutin layer, if long film of apply gram face is not washed, can make the skin corneous the layer attenuates, make the skin loses protective action thereby, come so cutaneous resistance also can drop.

(3) increases skin bacteria

Itself of gram Facial mask is made by gram namely and become, in made process, Facial mask hard to avoid can touch partial bacterium, connect the bacterium that there also is a lot of losing sight of in air after all, if apply is over hind do not wash, can make more bacteria are touched go up in Facial mask, bring about thereby increase skin bacteria, stimulate the skin, produce allergy even severely.

(4) jams pore

Gram Facial mask to the skin it is to have certain profit, but if the face is not being washed after apply is over, gram Facial mask can jam skin pore, bring about skin pore to greaten coarsen, and the addition as time, the certain part in Facial mask can be permeated even enter pore depth, bring about the skin to be harmed.

(5) goes against sequel to protect skin

After gram Facial mask ends, have a series of jobs that protect skin even, and if apply remains the same to wear on the face Facial mask, be cannot daub other protects skin to taste, if taking gram Facial mask,sleep at the same time, Facial mask is met likely still loiter arrives on the bed or on the pillow, increase a bacterium thereby.

3, how is gram Facial mask washed

1. is when film of face of the gram that make, we can wield stick of tool cover film normally, will have agitate Facial mask, when clean, also need to use it.

The gram Facial mask that gets on the face with Facial mask club blows 2. come down one part, can blow how to much blow, clean a little while so rise the meeting is more some more convenient.

3. scrapes after film of face of gram of the much on the face, more or less can still remain on the skin a few, need to use a large number of clear water only at this moment, clean the skin clean thoroughly can, need not use the other such as the grandma that wash a face to wash face product again.

4, what to do after washing gram Facial mask

Gram Facial mask has certain clean effect, because this is oily,the meeting after skin apply is over feels relaxed breathe freely, but drying skin or sensitivity skin apply are over to be able to feel the skin is a little dry dry, but no matter be skin of which seed coat, after cleaning gram Facial mask, should undertake protecting skin instantly, according to the right order that protect skin, frostlike powder of milk of ordinal daub water protect skin to taste can, such doing is to alleviate what the skin brings because of cleanness is close stretch tight feeling, 2 it is the nutrient in helping film of face of skin general gram is better chain.

5, gram Facial mask can dispel blain

One of reasons that blain blain forms, because skin cleanness is sordid,be, bring about pore to be jammed, ability wrinkle blain. And the gram in gram Facial mask contains oyster alkaline with different oyster alkaline composition, have outstanding clean, ensure wet result, the grease on can very good purify skin and bilge, and more deep-seated trash, achieve dispel blain result thereby.