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How is the fruit abstained to protect skin to taste in the home? Institutional fruit contains Facial mask

Learn the dietary way of nurturance science, so our body types or forms of literature will be some more healthy. And a lot of food in the life are the effect that has hairdressing to protect skin, we also should understand below, believe to also have many younger sister paper that like DIY to protect skin to taste people, like to use a fruit to protect skin, so, how is the fruit abstained to protect skin to taste in the home? Institutional fruit contains Facial mask.

How is the fruit abstained to protect skin to taste in the home? Institutional fruit contains Facial mask (1)

1, the fruit protects skin to taste self-restrained

Sunshine, insolation, oxidation, freedom radical. . . . . . Your skin is dark heavy listless, the skin that looks at oneself is increasingly anile, a lot of people must choose fruit acid to change skin this new and high science and technology will help his look for a self-confidence, perhaps use a few big cards protect skin to taste will complement cellular energy, fight oxidation, counteract freedom radical, look younger to let oneself namely. But, these product values do not poor. Actually, your home is best beauty parlour, with product of natural fruit vegetable, the effect can not do fruit acid to change skin to differ than going to beauty parlour! Learn together rapidly!

Citric and oaten bubble washs cotton condensation

Material: Oaten 20 grams, citric 1, glycerine 10 milliliter, mineral water 50 milliliter, antibiotic 0.5 grams, coconut oil blowing agent 30 milligram.

Make: Citric and abluent, flay and seed, put into juicer, reach mineral water in lemon juice, mix glycerine and swallow flour together entirely agitate, drip blowing agent and bacteriophage.

Use method: above material agitate even, wash the face first wet, preferential condensation is put in control knead to bubble, daub is on the face, after be being massaged gently, wash with clear water clean.

The editor comments on: Lemon contains rich fruit acid and vitamin, can defer the ageing of skin, quicken the metabolism of skin, have breathtaking beautiful white effect at the same time; Oaten Chinese a variety of vitamins are reached mineral, not only moist skin, still can purify old blind angle is qualitative.

Recommend an index: ★ ☆ of ★ ★ ★

Red wine stews malic hairdressing dietotherapy

Material: Apple, red wine is right amount.

Make: First malic flay, cut valve account. Put the apple into boiler again in, had done not have an apple into red wine can. Stew the apple that boil 15 minutes with medium baking temperature. Put the apple in red wine to immerse finally, the edible after two hours is best.

The editor comments on: The apple contains distinctive fruit acid, can metabolize quickly, reduce put oneself in another's position inside adipose. Can promote haemal words spoken by an actor from offstage to be generated corpuscularly, enhance the resistance of human body and immune power, promote nerve and endocrine function at the same time, conduce hairdressing is raised colour.

Recommend an index: ★ ☆ of ★ ★ ★

Tomato juice + honey vinegar / malic vinegar

Material: Vinegar of tomato juice, honey or malic vinegar.

Make: Vinegar of 1-2 spoon honey or malic vinegar are added inside tomato juice, add trifling lemon juice again, and agitate agitate divide evenly.

The editor comments on: Carotene, in the translate into inside body vitaminic A, can prevent whelk; Eggplant red element can maintain skin white tender, prevent stain and furrow.

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Person many Pi pear is moist and anti-creasing fluid

Material: Person much Pi pear is 50 grams, bright suckle 1 cup.

Make: Dolly of much Pi of officers and soldiers, filter with double deck gauze, mix juice and bright grandma, agitate mixes after divide evenly, can person on skin of Tu Yu of fluid of grandma of much Pi pear, massage 15 minutes or so gently at the same time, again clear bath is clean.

The editor comments on: Person much Pi pear contains rich vitamin A.B.C to reach a variety of filling wet amino acid and natural fruit acid, but moist, clean skin and beautiful white skin, fill wet reach stimulative skin metabolism, and except knit the effect pretty good also!

Recommend an index: ☆ ☆ of ★ ★ ★

2, the tea of the hairdressing that discharge poison

1, Lu Hui black tea

Aloe black tea needs a paragraph small to use fresh Lu Hui, a few do chrysanthemum, one packet black tea and right amount honey. Aloe must flay, we need to use the in plain boiled pork inside it only. Use the Lu Hui after flay and chrysanthemum small fire to be boiled slow first, the honey of bag of rejoin black tea and basis individual taste is OK after awaiting water boil. Often drinkable aloe black tea to gastric ministry unwell for the person, still raise gastric good tea.

2, preserve one's health discharges poison tea

Preserve one's health discharges poisonous tea to need to use material of 11 flavour Chinese traditional medicine, resemble Qi of hawkthorn, north, head black, lotus leaf should be used etc, shop of the medicinal material in wanting the beautiful eyebrow that tries to be inferior to goes enquiring this nostrum, it is OK that in needing to will catch good medicinal material to put bowl together only, 5 bowls of waters are added to boil a hour drinkable.

3, fig tea

Bubble rushs with boiled water directly after fig tea needs to crush fig only can, can love to join rock candy to flavor according to the individual. Often tea can help drinkable fig aperient platoon is poisonous.

4, dateplum persimmon hawkthorn tea

Wanting to drink this tea also is shop of the medicinal material in needing to run, catch rose, lotus leaf pink and definitely pine torch come back, put they and dateplum persimmon, hawkthorn into water to be burned together again, join lemon finally piece OK and drinkable. This tea can be helped eliminate redundant adipose oh.

5, Wu Mei Pu'er tea of dried tangerine or orange peel

The raw material of this tea is Wu Mei, dried tangerine or orange peel and Pu'er tea bag. Wrap Pu'er tea bubble to leave first, when waiting for boiled water occurrence yellow, add Wu Mei and dried tangerine or orange peel, it is OK to await 5 minutes drinkable.