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How is facial ministry beauty done in vain? What key does ministry of beautiful white face have?

Everybody hopes his skin Bai Xi is bright, especially to female friend, the United States is a very important thing in vain, how does ability accomplish egg of beautiful white face then? In the life although a lot of people had tried ways of various beautiful Bai Fang, but the United States' white effect however not up to much, below, introduce the United States to have what key in vain to old furniture body.

How is facial ministry beauty done in vain? What key does ministry of beautiful white face have? (1)

1, how is cheek beauty done in vain

1 drink water less in the evening, drink water more by day, ; of film of filling surface of the apply before sleeping eats a fruit more, do not drink not to smoke not to stay up late, assure Shui Liang.

2 segregation frost must be brushed to reach before going out prevent bask in breast, return the home to remember to use discharge makeup product to drop the makeup look strip on the face immediately.

3 when washing a face every time, can undertake washing a face with Wen Shui first, reoccupy cold water washs a face later. Can make sure cutaneous is clean adequately so.

4 2 cups of water prepare to oneself after getting up everyday, among them one cup adds some of salt, can clear intestines and stomach, platoon poison is raised colour.

The 5 makeup with before sleeping, be used the cheapest cotton is added make up after water is soaked completely, apply is in 20 minutes on the face, every week 3, your skin can have the Shui Liangqing that cannot think of to appear!

2, small doohickey of ministry of beautiful white face

1 tomato adds lemon natural beautiful white face

Lemon and tomato can reduce cutaneous facial expression effectively, often use beautiful white skin. Above all, prepare two big bowls, the first bowl uses outfit tomato, mix tomato dolly? Teaspoon lemon juice mixes, be in their daub next your facial and cervical, maintain 20 minutes, make the skin sufficient absorb, clean skin is washed with clear water after.

2 use prevent the beauty that bask in frost villain ministry skin

Believe everybody knows, every time when sunshine strength is too great, ultraviolet ray also is very intense. Because of paint needing when this period goes out frost of a few segregation perhaps is prevented bask in frost to undertake preventing basking in. Of such very much to beautiful white skin helps.

The skin side that 3 green grape fruit juice allow to fair-skinned in vain

Drink delicacy to extract green grape juice in the morning everyday. The grape juice that insists to drink delicacy to extract after 3 months, you can see you are facial the skin bleached, can add what like sweet food a few candy. Rich antioxidant is contained in the grape, can promote the skin metabolism and fight oxidation.

4 be far from acrimony with deepfry food

Acrimony with deepfry food beauty white cutaneous overcomes a bit. Eat to be able to cause the skin with deepfry food tartly excessive and dry, cause facial ministry skin piece, record of spot, drop, on such faces grow a shading easily. Accordingly, much edible contains the food with flavor and little oil, can make your health beauty white.

The 5 ox that drink ginger suckle ministry of beautiful white face skin

Turmeric is best facial beautiful white greenery. Is before sleeping everyday one hour drunk a cup of warm milk and? The mixture of teaspoon curcuma pink. The word of bad smell, can a few candy comes render palatable, nurturance drinks the habit of turmeric milk for a long time, the affirmation after two months can see the effect of beautiful white face.

3, contain beautiful flour film

1 honey egg Facial mask

Effect: Dispel spot, beautiful white, close skin.

Raw material: Honey one spoon, egg, pink of polished glutinous rice is right amount.

Usage: Afore-mentioned raw material mix together, apply face, 20 minutes. 2 weeks are done can.

2 peach blossom are beautiful flour film

Effect: Spot of white, dispel, filling water protects the United States wet.

Raw material: Fresh peach blossom, delicacy is suckled.

Usage: Peach blossom 10, milk 4 small spoon, in loading cannikin, , the leaf peach blossom puts milk to go in mix is even.

3 watermelon skin is beautiful flour film

Material: Watermelon skin, honey.

Practice: Take watermelon Pi Kuo to measure volume, will outside hard thick green skin ream, extract watermelon skin juice next, mix with honey can.

Usage: Get on this film daub in the skin all round facial ministry directly, maintain 15-20 can clean clean after minute.

The effect: Can help facial and compensatory moisture, expect the result that drops in temperature quickly.

Yoke of 4 green tea goes knitting beautiful flour film

Material: Green tea pink 1 small spoon, yoke 1, flour 1 spoon.

Practice: After yoke agitate is participated in in flour, participate in green tea pink to continue to mix again.

Usage: Build the apply of film of green tea face of make it whole face department, spread on one again small wet face paper, stop to make an appointment with 5-10 on the face after minute, use cold water or Wen Shui is abluent. Apply the skin after Facial mask will be very sensitive, do not establish engrave makeup please. Although should make up,also want on one to besmear first thin thin makeup water or latex.

The effect: Finish after Facial mask, you can feel the skin is very smooth really, have very good beautiful white effect. Green tea fights oxidation everybody knows this, abstain film of green tea face to have go very well knitting the effect, and green tea does not contain acid, won't stimulate the skin.

Epilogue: Above is small make up those who be everybody introduction to concern at small doohickey of method of cutaneous of ministry of how beautiful white face and cutaneous of ministry of beautiful white face. After believing everybody looks, to this also is to understand somewhat, also knew a few methods that contain beautiful flour film. Accordingly, mean the word of ministry of beautiful white face, have those beautiful white methods above not only besides, oneself oneself also can make beautiful flour film. And the effect of Facial mask is special club.